The following are the recorded responses of Eyazahrid to the feedback he received on the above listed chapter and the story in general for the week following. This document is to serve as a replacement to the traditional Author’s Note at the beginning and ending of chapters and will be kept separate from both the above listed chapter and any future chapters unless deemed sufficiently important.


A constantly growing family.



Will the lemon be available for fanfiction after two weeks or is it only a patron exclusive?
Can’t wait for more
Please continue
Awesome chapter

To avoid going against’s terms of service, the lemon will not be posted to their website.


‘really really loving this. When will Asuma find out about Naryuto already. I want it to be like old man Sarutobi going like oh yeah did I forget to tell you that Tsukuyomi is actually Naruto. or something like that.’

I’ve recently come up with how he’ll find out. Should be fun.


‘Why not call the discord ‘The House of Wolves?’ Makes the most sense to me… The chapter’s f*** great, by the way’

That’s very, very tempting but I think I’d like to go for a shorter name.


‘Loool kakashis is way ahead of everyone when it comes to plans for strenghtening naruto and starting a civil war in their own home just so naruto can rule it over sounds like a really good idea xD specially if then they make Anuma take care of it as revenge haha, and Hana is definitely on to something since her mother was already more than willing to sleep with Mai with she did, so if she wants to have the chance again she is either gonna have to compete with naruto over it or just do as they say: if you can’t beat them join them hehehe and I wholeheartedly prove of that since I love harems xD and damn tsunami is proving to be really thirsty for naruto, so he will have to take care of her, thankfully he now has 3 bijuu and his uzumaki stamina to carry him on since his number of girls will just keep growing more and more.

And Merry Christmas man thanks for the chapter.’

That’s Kakashi for you.

I can neither confirm nor deny any of the rest of your conjecture.

And a merry Christmas to you as well.


‘always nice to see Naruto adding people to his family LOVE Isobu as a kid calling Naruto Daddy and that cuddle scene was just beautiful’

She makes a very good child, I think.


‘Kakashi absolutely made this chapter. He’s as insane as they come and my god do I love it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – your decision to embrace the “powerful ninja are crazy” aspect of Naruto and run with it has truly made your fic.’

Yeah, he’s great. Hands down one of the best to write.

It works too well to not be accurate, I think.


‘So instead of using a henge to simulate clothes he does what is called a pro gamer move and strolls around in the nude? Holes in his seal sound like something terrible that he should address immediately…

Kakashi is such a troll and I love it…

Naruto x sealkeeper mito ot wife of the 1. Hokage mito?

And could we pls get a more detailed description of SMOL isobu? Mito and karura are easy since we have a template but we don’t have much on isobu…’

Hell yeah he does, he’s the fuckin’ Daimyo. If he want’s to walk around his palace in the buff he damn well will.

Wife of the first- cannon Mito…..sorta. It’s slightly modified cannon not connected to Sealkeeper in anyway other than the rather popular pairing.

I believe there’s one in the next chapter but I know I’ve added a few to the 108/109 mess. There should be at least one in 108 after I figure out which scenes are going where.

Aaaaaaaand I forgot the update again. We were getting better but I suppose it’s not surprising it didn’t last long.

The good news is that there shouldn’t be too much to cover which is fortunate considering I need to be leaving for work here soon. So, what do we need to cover?

First matter, I guess, will be the Discord. On January First, 2020 the Eyazahrid Community Discord will be available to the public through links provided on thsi site, my Twitter at Eyazahrid, and on chapter 107.

I’d go into more detail but it was covered in the AN of chapter 106 and if you skipped that there’s a big chance you’re not reading this either.

I finally finished that Naruto x Mito lemon and it’s available for Patrons on Just like the Discord, it will be available to the public on the First of January.

Other than tat, we’re still making pretty solid progress on chapters. Chapter 108 is technically at like 15000 words right now because I’ve jsut been writing scenes as they come to me. I figure that after I hit 20000 I’ll figure out what scenes will stay in 108 and what will become 109. The order is going to be the most challanging as I figure out my own damn timeline but I’ll figure something out.

I have a couple other things I’m trying to work on but considering how little progress I’ve actually managed to make I won’t even bother mentioning them here. Wouldn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up if I end up scrapping the ideas.

But I think that about covers it for this update.

Happy Holdidays and until I next have attention,


Another on-time update? it must be the end of the fucking world. What’s more, I actually have something I need to talk about this time.

I’ll give you a moment to recover from your heads exploding.

We’ll start with progress- it’s, well, its’ not been anythign exceptional but I did finish 108 and 107-A goes live next week so I have a bit of a lead. Notas much as I’d like, but it’s not too bad.

Of course I don’t think the scens I finished will necessarily be the ones for 108, so I may have simply done half of 108 and a quarter of 109. We’ll have to see how everythign goes.

Beyond that, well, I think we only need to cover the item I planned to.

On January First, Two-Thousand and Twenty [2020.01.01] the Eyazahrid Community Discord will be open to the public. Not completely, mind you, as some of the existing channels will be restricted.

Channels such as the spoilers for the early access- the reason for which should be obvious- or our many, many NSFW channels. Discord asks users if they’re 18+ but having them have to go through both Patreon and Discord is just an extra layer of security.

It’s also a good incentive to pay a dollar.

Kind of like all those $1 all-access ads I keep getting, but legitimate and without all the viruses.


But even without that you’ll have access to the most used channels in the server- well, the NSFW are pretty damn popular- which means a community of fellow fans and really, really easy access to yours truly.

Really, I spend too much time conversing in the Discord instead of actually gettign work done.

Will having more active members make that worse? Probably. Do I care? Not really, I’ll just have to buckle down and get more work done.

Preparations have already been made for this transition including three Moderators and a posting of the Rules for easy reference. Hopefully it will be enough as we get started.

Well, that’s about all I had- oh, nope, wait.

I’ve “finished” the Mito x Naruto lemon I was working on. I still need to go through and edit it for spelling and the like but if everything goes well I might have it ready tomorrow. I haven’t decided how it will be posted, but I’m thinking as a timed release on my Patreon page. Probably set it to be available publicly on January 1st as a sort of celebration, so look forward to that.

Probably not the best lemon, but it is better than my last attempt.

And with that covered we’re done.

Until I next have your attention,


The following are the recorded responses of Eyazahrid to the feedback he received on the above listed chapter and the story in general for the week following. This document is to serve as a replacement to the traditional Author’s Note at the beginning and ending of chapters and will be kept separate from both the above listed chapter and any future chapters unless deemed sufficiently important.


“I’m surprised people haven’t claimed him to be a fertility God, or God of pleasure lol.
tsukiyomi God of Moon and the kinkyness.”

Don’t give Anko ideas, please.


“great chapter but could you atleast add the English translation for the names because i have no idea what the hell they were talking about taking over”

While I did that the first time, I forgot to add them to this chapter. I’ll try to remember next time.


“why don’t you use Uzushio”

There are a few reasons. Naruto doesn’t claim his Uzumaki ancestry anymore, it’s rather cliched, and- most importantly- it’s not marked on my maps so I can only guess which island it actually is.


“With as many women as Naruto does the deed with his doctors should check for certain illnesses…
This chapter seems more… Juicy than usual… “GASP!Will we finally get a lemon?
I would be so pissed if Narutos Chakra was even further damaged glad this is not the case…
Hope that yu kuni takeover won’t piss off the fire daimyo…
I assume next chapter we will see SMOL isobu? (I wonder if she has a shell on her back like bowsette…or an eyepatch since the sanbi seemed to have only one eye)”

…..That’s a fair point actually, he probably should get himself checked out.

No, there will not be a lemon. Not as part of a post on, anyway. I might write one on the side at some point.

That would be telling.

I do believe she’s in the next one, yes. As for her appearance, well, you’ll have to wait and see.


“Is he gonna accidentally recreate Kaguya? Kinda what I’m thinking”

You know, that’s kind of tempting. That wasn’t the intention but I’ll hold onto that idea. Thanks mate.


“Another fun chapter as always. I quite liked the geopolitical discussion that cropped up when the Wolves started talking business. Gives your world a sense of weight beyond the rather simple view offered by Naruto canon.

Naruto and the many, many women in his life. Tsunami taking her shot was amusing as hell (especially with the constant references to Kakashi from both her and Naruto’s perspectives.) I do have to ask though… how fucking short is he? I can’t recall his age exactly, but barely reaching Tsunami’s chest when he’s a teen makes him WAAAAY below average. At age 14-15 you’d expect him to be around 64 inches or so, which is also the average height for a woman (using US averages here, but ratios are similar regardless of where). So if he “at least” reaches her bust he’s absolutely tiny (even if she’s just tall, he’s still really short.) I admit the surprisingly prevalent short-protagonist trope hasn’t amused me outside of FMA so I really hope you allow him to hit the age-befitting growth spurt soon. Until that happens my mental picture of him is absolutely mangled.”

I do love a bit of world building. Glad you enjoyed it.

I sent you a PM about this, but I’ll leave a smaller version here for the sake of the commentary . He’s not small but with the way he’s been described he’s not exactly tall either. I’ll work on fixing that.


“Heh tsunami seduced her boss, she definitely is one naughty milf hehe, oh I am sure she will fail to resist doing it again, after all she has already tasted what naruto has to offer and oh boy she definitely liked it by the looks of it so of course she will “attend” to him over and over and over again even when he is with Anko to make a nice threesome, and to think that was just the beginning of the chapter xD anyway it’s good that naruto is finally healed and he can use his chakra again once he rests for a week, or at least that’s what I understood wich I hope I am right because it will make naruto unstoppable hehe, because this is where things will get rough for him and his wolves by destroying one of the four remaining most powerful countries even if it is temporary, so opposition will be hard at least for a while and naruto knows it wich is why he is planning ahead, and so of course he is gonna take over another country xD man he seriously is gonna rule the world one day, I can’t wait until he goes to kumo to seduce Yugito Samui karui or Mabui or preferable the four :3 after all I don’t want Yugito and fu to die to akatsuki so of course he has to save them hehe, after all seducing fu and making her leave the village that hates her will be easy but that is still way into the future if at all depending on what you wanna do.
But first they need more wolves to have complete control of their next new country wich soon will be theirs, oh and naruto has to go meet his new bijuu too after his play date with Anko. “

I don’t think thins are going to go that far- for any of it- but I suppose we’ll just have to see how things end up going.

General Response and Closing

There wasn’t a lot of feedback this week, which was odd, but it did let me get through this pretty quickly which is good because I spent way too much time doing Server Maintenance for the Discord earlier.

I don’t really have anything else to say here so I’ll see you all in a week for the next update.

Until I next have your attention,


An update on time for once- it must be a damned miracle, huh?

As amazing as that fact is, I really don’t have much to say as we get into this week’s update. I said that last week too- late- if I recall, but unless I end up coming up with another organizational system I’m probably not going to adhere to the chances of this being very long are quite slim.

And on that note, let’s talk about the amazing progress my new schedule has propagated.

Nothing more than I was already doing, really. Earlier I was finishing up the first half of chapter 108 and reached the 5000 for the cutoff. The scene isn’t completely done but that’s as far as I got.

For context, I was at 4600 and change this morning. I managed a whopping 400 words before calling it quits and wasting my time on games despite having dedicated an entire day for that.

No one to blame for that but myself and I am less than pleased with the bastard. I’m somewhat tempted to simply get rid of all my games and disconnect from the internet when I sit down to write just so I won’t be distracted but I can;t see how I’d go through with that when I can;t even stick to a schedule for writing time.

I know that part of it is that I’m too damn comfortable at my desk and that if I sat down in the lobby of a restaurant I’d probably get more done. I don’t really want to do that, but will be saving it for a plan E or so.

The first thing to try would be, naturally, making my work space less comfortable. I guess that starts by cleaning it up. Honestly, that would probably help quite a bit and, as I write on a wobbly little sidetable I have set up next to my gaming rig- I should probably either get a lower desk or a higher chair.

Writing is much easier when I don’t have to reach up to hit the keyboard, probably because it feels better.

Or I could, you know, find a way to make this table less wobbly and just keep using it. It could work, if I was in any way mechanically inclined. It was not designed to be used in this manner, as my drink is making quite clear to me.

Hmm, actually, I moved my ‘work’ desk outside my room because in the summer my room is a fucking oven and I figured the opportunity to cool down would help me get more done. Now that it’s cold again, maybe I’d be better off moving the gaming rig out there and setting up this desk for my work.

I’d need to clean both rooms and both desks, but this might help increase productivity.


I’m grasping at straws here, honestly. My will and self control are just about nonexistent, so I’m looking for any boost that could help me get more done in the small amount of time I can actually bring myself to do what I’m supposed to.

The worst part is that, since starting my Patreon, writing is part of my job. No one really likes to be working even a single job, let alone two, but it’s far from a difficult job- I’ve been doing it as a hobby for years- but my pride does sting knowing I’m falling dramatically short of what I know I should be able to do.

If this is how I manage it as a part time job, maybe it’s a good thing it’s unlikely it will ever become full time. That would probably just be a disaster.

I’ll probably spend what’s left of my evening trying to get things rearanged, then, because after doinfg thsi writing I’m probably not going t oget any more doen tonight.

It does make me wonder why I keep writing these, really, becasue I know there’s only a handful of you out there who care to read them. That time could definately be put t obetter time writing and, now that I think about it, the money I spend on thsi site could probably be put to better use too.

I know the renewal for the site is coming up soon and I’m trying to decide if I’m going t okeep the site at all. If I do, though, I’ll probably jump down to one of the lower tiers simply because no one’s really going to know and it will cost me a lot less.

All these updates really are these days is a chance to vent and I can either do that in a regular text editor and save it to my computer or get my shit together and stay on top of everything I need to be doing.

So we may or may not continue these updates and I may or may not continue with into 2020. The only real purpose it serves is hosting the Commentaries but, like my updates, hardly anyone cares for those either.

I’m sure I can find an alternative. Like, you know, responding to reviews directly. Gods, when was the last time I did that?

I’ve got some time to figure it out- a month or two- and I’ll at least have two- possibly three- updates as we finish of the year.

I guess we’ll just have to see how everything plays out.

That should about cover it for this update- hey, look at that, it ended up way bigger than I had expected- so I suppose it’s time to wrap everything up.

Oh, yeah, Sealkeeper has just had it’s anniversary recently. It’s now four years old and, honestly, I have no idea how close we are to a finish. There’s a good chance we’ll hit five years before we’re finished.

Let’s hope it’s a good one.

Until I next have your attention,


And to no one’s surprise, I am once again late wit hthe Update. Sometimes I wonder if it would make more sence to turn Thursday into Update day, so that I’m on time, but paert of me- the paert that knows me- tells me that it will juist end up being me writing the same damn thing every friday havign completely forgot to write it the night before.

I also wonder why I continue these at all. These past few weeks there hasnt’ been much to talk about, much in part- I suspect- because I’m regularly interacting with a lot of you in the Discord. By the time I’m witing it here it really doesn’t register as havign been something new or interesting.

And, really, there aren’t many of you reading this anyway.

I’m sure you’d much rather have me writing the next chapter than tellign you how behind I am because I foolishly took a break t ospend some time with Menoly and ended up with no time left to write.

The recent release of Halo on PC isn’t helping, nor is my recent return into Warframe, but I’m more tired of being behind than you are of hearing me mention I’m behind- and I’m sure you’re right sick of it by now- so I’m trying my damndest to remain focused on my work.

I suppose that is somethign new. It’s just a resolution at the moment, but progress is progress.

Probably more realistic than waking up an extra hour early- and going to bed an extra two early- to go on a walk/run/jog/thing every morning. That’s just not going to happen, no matter how many times I try to start doing it again.

To help with this new resolution, I’m going to write down my work schedule here- so that it’s both written down somewhere and so that if anyone cares to you can call me out on not following it so I get back to work.

What I’m listing below will not include anything else I may be doing regularly, but it should help me know where i stand for this job- which, really, should help me take everything more seriously. I just need to keep reminding myself that this is, in fact, a job and I am, technically a professional- so I can feel good about being on track and like a massive shithead- and not in the Tayuya affectionate way- when I’m not.


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Sunday, Alt.

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  • Recovery day- Post by 10:30am (Local). Writing work starts at 12:00PM. 4:15-4:45 break. 9:00PM End Day.
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  • 3000 words mininum towards next update, 5000 goal.

Monday, Alt.

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  • 3000 words mininum towards next update, 5000 goal.


  • Personal- No work, no writing. Home Tasks, Menoly Time, Weekly TTRPG Meeting.


  • 9:00AM Writing Start
  • Finish Next Update- Minimum 2000 words. If chapter completed Monday, 2500 Mininum towards next Chapter.
  • 12:00PM Lunch
  • 12:30PM Weekly Update
  • 1:00PM Resume weekly writing. If goals reached acheived in the morning, an additional 1500-2500 before End of Day.
  • 5:00PM End of Day.


  • 1000 words towards next chapter or progress towards side project (750 word minimum)


  • 1000 words towards next chapter or progress towards side project (750 word minimum)


  • 1000 words towards next chapter or progress towards side project (750 word minimum)

You know, it actually feels really good to have that written down. So good, in fact, I took a break to print it out so that I can’t neglect to check this post later- and, you know, grab a bowl of icecream and a large glass of the cheapest red wine I have in the cabinet- hopefully it helps.

Huh, I guess these are good for something still.

But with that covered I don’t really have anything else to say.

Until I next have your attention,


The following are the recorded responses of Eyazahrid to the feedback he received on the above listed chapter and the story in general for the week following. This document is to serve as a replacement to the traditional Author’s Note at the beginning and ending of chapters and will be kept separate from both the above listed chapter and any future chapters unless deemed sufficiently important.


“So far I’ve really enjoyed the story. But personally I’m getting a bit annoyed with all the females walking all over him. I really hope if Mai decides to make an issue out of it, that Naruto will put her in her place, as he’s still the leader. Good intentions not withstanding, she’s second in command, and her withholding the news of those wolves that died in Kiri, deserved a punishment. When Naruto decided to take up his mantle and actually go to Kiri and be the leader he is, I got really excited and what you had him to do up until now was a joy to read. Just please don’t have him revert into the passive bureaucrat he was before!”

I’m sorry, but I can’t really recall anyone walking over Naruto. He indulges a few of them- mainly Anko- and you’ll meet someone who has him wrapped around her finger in a few chapters- but no one really takes advantage of him or fails to follow commands he gives.


“Kisame’s POV had me cackling. The way you write him is hilarious.”

I’m glad you enjoyed it, he’s quite fun to write.


“Aight I was wrong about what I thought would happen with Mei after Yagura’s demise, Naruto totally just said f*** you to the rebels and the entirety of Kiri damn.

Glad to see that Naruko finally gets some screen time, even if that screen time was as tiny as a crumb.

Also, the whole Mei and Zabuza scene just had me face palming with how unecessary it was.

Hope the story continues with this pace and doesn’t fall back to that snail race that it was before this arc.”

That he did.

We may be seeing a bit more of her soon.

I’ve heard a lot of people upset with Mei and Zabuza, though I’m not entirely sure why. I hadn’t been planning on it but it seemed to fit as I was writing so I kept it.

I’d like to point out that this arc started in the late 80s and we’ve just seen it end here at 104. If you consider that speed, I think we’ll be fine.

I hope.


“Only tsukuyomi can hurt tsukuyomi, ki same thinking that shows that he has already put him on a pedestal (maybe he thinks about pain(Nagato) similarly?
If you are gonna mention mitos parting words you could at least flashback to them that chapter was from when? A year or so ago? Yeah.. My memory is nowhere near that good… Did Mei not realise that Naruto stole the sanbi? In that case why aren’t they preparing for its… resurrection I guess is a fitting word? Maybe reappearance fits better…
Also poor Kaguya getting… What’s the right word c*ck blocked or cucked?
Hah! That’s karma for karura and that goes 100 times so for mito, narutos words were true as well she killed someone who took only a little bit of his attention with lovers around he can’t trust her ever again (that’s like letting your yandere ex near your harem in anime terms…) it’s nice to see how proud he is of Nami becoming a city (at least that is what I felt him asking if it was really Nami meant) can’t wait for loli isobu and asumas reaction to everything! Hope jiraiya/kushina won’t do anything drastic with narukos seal since that could harm Naruto”

That sounds better than making up excuses for why he was tossed away like a doll, so we’ll go with the “pedestal” angle

.The chapter Mito left on was ten, I believe. Ten or eleven. Definitely before twenty, though, which means it’s from at least three years ago. I suppose I could have included the quote instead of mentioning them, but I don’t think it would have fit very smoothly.

Assuming Mei has no idea the Sanbi was stolen, despite watching it happen, she would know that she has three years until she has to worry about it. She’s more concerned with keeping things together for those three years, because otherwise it won’t matter.

It was part pride and part confusion. He’s amazed to see it as a full city and confused to be waking up there when he was last conscious in a different country.

I can’t wait to see how Smol Isobu is received.

No promises.


“Pouting sharkman.”

I’m half tempted to make that my new spirit animal.


“So did Naruto not absorb the Sanbi? Or is that something your leaving to a future chapters to reveal lol.”

He very much did so, yes.


“Hope we see more of Mito from now on.

Hmm, doesn’t make much sense that a clone would have existed in Naruto’s mind. Memories would just be absorbed, but nothing of the conscious should/would remain. It would be a huge problem if it did, especially if used in numbers.”

We might see her a bit more, but she won’t be any sort of main focus for a while.

The clone’s presence as an entity within his mind is a representation of the thoughts, experiences, and memories that had not yet been absorbed. Together they were still Naruto’s clone but once Naruto had them too there was nothing to distinguish them from another and the clone ceased to exist.

It’s also important to note that the sealscape is a representation of the seal as understood by his mind. While the clone did have weeks worth of memories, time doesn’t matter in the mind and he very well could have existed for only a second of real time as he was absorbed.


“That phyrric victory for kiri…lol.”

It’s been a while since I last heard that word, very appropriate.

Rankin de Merthyr

“The amount of older women getting screen time is rather glaring. Author, we’re not getting a sneak peak into your fetish, are we?”

First, I make no attempts to hide any of my kinks.

Second, who’s to say I’m not focusing on the women around my age?


“Well that was something that’s for sure haha, but damn so much happened on this chapter first with naruto and his wolves burning kiri to the ground for the rebels to get whats left, sounds exactly like something naruto would do xD oh and they looted the place for all of was worth including the Kages desk where naruto and lots of his girls are sure to have fun hehe, next we have sabuza finally getting laid, wich personally I didn’t like but it was mostly because I wanted naruto to take mei as spoils of war too :v meh I am the kind of guy that wants all the girls for the mc so just ignore me xD

And then Karura asking Miro for help in healing naruto and how Miro went from annoyed and disinterested to all out worried seeing naruto in such a bad shape, but now at least they are talking again, and she is right it’s gonna cost her a lot to regain narutos trust, but this time she will not throw it away for anything because she will work hard to earn it unlike last time where it fell on her lap, so if she has to share him with a lot of women then so be it because at least she will be with him once again :3

Oh and naruto will have a lot of his time claimed by a pissed Tayuya and a very eager Karura now that he is conscious once again hehe, but considering that Karura and all the other bijuu are most likely and hopefully all virgin then I am quite certain she was very eager to losing it with her beloved, so he is on the menu now xD”

That seems to be a common sentiment, you’re certainly not the only one who wanted Mei to get with the man supporting her mortal enemy.

Calming down Tayuya might end up being an entire arc in itself. She has one hell of a temper.

I’ll admit, I fail to see the significance of their virginity. Why would it matter?


“Amazing story! Your OC is done perfectly.” -Chapter 1

“Your depiction of Orochimaru perfectly depicts an unstable psychopath!” – Chapter 18

“what your done with the whole “clan war” thing is pretty amazing. You make it seem believable and you’ve created a whole new culture / custom for you story. AMAZING!” – Chapter 23

To be perfectly honest I have no idea if you’re referring to Tatsuki, the OC introduced in this chapter, or if you’re calling Naruto an OC. If it’s the second, I also don’t know if you’re being genuine or facetious.

Either way, I suppose, thank you.

I’m quite pleased with my Orochimaru, I’m glad you like…them.

It’s quite refreshing to get positive reviews on earlier chapters. Thank you.


“I threw up in my mouth. is it too much to hope that some sanity eventually snakes it’s way into the story? or maybe naruto kills orochimaru soon and takes over his organization and it makes it less squicky? or naruto finally gets some administrative help, sees Tsunade, gets his chakra issues figured out, and stops being the weakest character? I’m having shadow clone withdrawal over here.” -Chapter 75

I don’t know what to tell you, mate. You’re on chapter 75 and wondering if the story is going to become sane? My story isn’t the only thing lacking it, I see.

Not sure how killing Orochimaru would fit into the current plot, he’s quite fond of her.

Naruto has administrative help- Mai and Sai. He simply needs more.

His “Chakra Issues” are as “Fixed” as they can be.

The point was never for him to be the strongest. I’m really getting concerned if you hadn’t picked up on that after reading most of the story so far. Naruto isn’t strong by himself, his strength comes from those he commands.

General Response and Closing

The two biggest responces that stood out to me were dissapointment- to disgust- about Mei and Zabuza havign soem fun and joy at Mito’s return.

I can understand the second one- she was a favorite from the start and you’ve all begged for her back for quite some time now- but the first one doesn’t make much sense to me. As much as you’d like it, I can’t pair everyone with Naruto, at least not permanently, and if I’m not pairing her with Naruto- who, you know, was supporting her mortal enemy against her- then who else would be an appropriate choice?

Zabuza felt right which means he got lucky- and Zabuza normally doesn’t have much luck- so give the man a break. They didn’t get married or anything.

Other than that, most or the feedback was pretty positive. Let’s see if we can’t keep it that way with chapter 105.

Until I next have your attention,