2/26 Update

Going to have to keep this one short because my shift starts soon, but chapter 71 just hit the 50% mark. At this rate it’s looking pretty likely that I’ll manage to have 72 done by 3/4 when I post chapter 70. I might aim for starting 73, but I need to figure out the […]

2/25 Update

Well, it’s Monday so I’m sure you all know what that means- New chapter! Well, it has recently. We’ve definitely improved from an 8k chapter every couple months so let’s keep this momentum and continue churning out chapters for you to enjoy. The chapter isn’t up quite yet- as soon as I finish this I’m […]

2/23 Update and “On The Subject of Suffixes”

Taking a break from chapter 70 to update everyone on its progress. Not sure what’s gotten into me but I’ve managed to resist my first mistress yesterday and today- thus far- bringing chapter progress to a nice 40%. Again, this is for the standard 5k chapters but with how often I’ve been able to post […]

2/21 Update

Technically, chapter 69 has just been finished. I mentioned in the last update that I was having some trouble ending one of the scenes and while I finally managed it, well, it takes up the rest of the chapter. It’s scene two. I had been planning on about five. Now, I could continue writing those […]

2/18 Update

I had been posting these updates every two or three days but my first mistress needed some attention so I spent the majority of my time this last week playing through Skyrim again and giving Warband a try. I have no idea how I hadn’t played it yet when it’s such a fantastic game and […]

2/12 Update and Thank You

Well, it looks like I’m already due for another update. Don’t actually have a set schedule for these, but every few days feels right, especially when I’ve been writing. This update is here to inform you all that chapter 69 – yes, I did decide to stick to my standard chapter length to increase post […]

2/9 Update

Finished a scene yesterday- actually this morning if we want to get technical- that had us above the 5k words mark, so the chapter can be considered “complete”.  Did have some more scenes I had intended to cover and with a few more days until I post 67 without review I’ll continue writing them. Not […]

2/6 Update

Still making progress with chapter 68, now somewhere between 36 and 72% done from a pure word-based standpoint. Nowhere near where I hoped to be for scenes but I may end up splitting it into two chapters if I can’t fit it all into one. Npcfan hasn’t had free time yet so 67 is still […]

2/3 – 2/4 Update

So, the chapter’s been done since January 28th but ncpfan is currently busy with some things in his personal life and as such hasn’t had a chance to look things over. I’d prefer to have them look it over before posting, but I also know you’re all eagerly awaiting the next chapter. Today marks one […]

1/27 Update

Alright, this probably won’t end up being a daily thing but I happen to have another update to keep you all in the loop. I’d say I made some pretty decent use of my day off [And my time today before work] because while chapter 67 isn’t quite finished it has now grown past 10k […]