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“I never considered it but will Naruto make a new identity for the high priest or become high priest as tsukuyomi?
I think tsukuyomi’s right hand serving a different deity (same for the high priest) could lead to complications…

Do we now what juugo’s mission is and why he was chosen or is this a future plot point?

Kushina is only a bit taller? I thought this Naruto was short (or at least Canon sized)

A very nice chapter, that laid ground for a few interesting points in the next.”


If Naruto says that he serves a deity I have no doubts that the Wolves will accept it without question. There’s nothing that says one god cannot serve another. Hinata no Mikoto is a perfect example of that for them already.

“No, the real tricky part was going to be somehow managing to climb up high enough through the ranks that he was able to obtain what he’d been sent here for.” He’s been sent to obtain something here by Jirobu. It has been quite a while since Jirobu made an appearance (chapter 115), but I will say it’s directly related to what Jugo is currently working on.

Naruto was established as being taller in one of the first chapters, if I recall. I do believe I said only Shino was taller. While he gets a lot of his physical traits from his mother, the angular shape of his face and his height he gets from his father.

“Mai returns! is it bad that I want her to feel guilty for basically running off for a Holliday? not that she didn’t deserve one but still… Her constantly stating how loyal she is but turning around and questioning her love for Naruto the next is bothersome. She loves him, time for her to accept it and move on.”


Can’t really blame you, I’ve always been a fan of Angst/hurt/guilt in stories -When it’s not the main character, that is- so no, it’s not bad at all.

Her loyalty to her lord and love for Naruto are two completely separate things. As much as she does love him, she’s recently come to feel as though he’s keeping things from her and doubts her future in the House of Wolves. She also knows that if it’s true she’s partly at fault for it due to keeping the events in Kiri a secret from him.



Yes, I’ve ben quite enjoying writing Juugo scenes.

“Hello my name is Mr./Mrs. Not Important

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Please help us spread the word.

This is not a prank”


I have absolutely no idea what would prompt someone to comment this but I also can’t say I particularly believe your Bio stating you’re a 7’2″ 17 year old whose been in a coma for 3 years with a 195 IQ and have only managed to reach 9th grade being homeschooled. Oh, yeah, and your girlfriends died in a car accident.

Best of luck with whatever your trying to accomplish, but I think we’ll just be moving on.

A lot of reviews on this Chapter ended up being about the quality of my posted chapter – even after I replaced the chapter with a further edited version- and everyone seemed rather confused as to why my edit was not up to the regular standards. I guess the note that I had just finished editing the chapter while sitting in my worktruck went unnoticed. Apparently doing the edit on one’s phone is ill-advisable.