Chapter 76 is done- and I cant’t wait to see how everyone reacts to 75 and 76, Kukukukukuku- so I should be starting 77 later today.

Or tomorrow when I work 4 hours after the meeting we have. Lovely.

This laptop I got back in November really has made it much easier for me to find time to write and is probably the biggest factor in providing you all with regular updates.

But you didn’t come here for updates on my writing- well, actually you probably did- because what you really care about are random thing’s I’ve thrown in here

Other than the fact that on March 25th we got an absurd amount of views- and I don’t know how or why, unfortunately, so I can’t do it again yet- there hasn’t been all that much going on with the site and I just spoke about Asuma a few days ago.

In fact, that was probably the 25th. It may be related, but who knows. Didn’t actually get any feedback from “On Godaime Asuma” either, as I recall, so I have no idea what people actually thought about it.

Well, if those views are anything to go by it was received well, but I’m also pretty damn sure most of the views were just to the home page so may be not.

Regardless, let’s get into the things you really want to see.

Like my Bonsai again.

Was changing the soil yesterday because it’s been like three months and i decided to make use of the Christmas gift I received from my sister. That should be the Jacaranda Mimosifolia based on the marker, but I’m pretty damn sure it’s actually Delonix Regia.

Despite being the smaller of the two, it’s roots were much longer and I think I lost a fourth of them in the old soil.


Seems to be okay though- I suppose we’ll know for sure in a week or so- which is good because it’s my favorite of the two.

You’d probably prefer pictures of my cat, but I’m saving those as a last resort because despite having very little story-related for the update I do have more I can ramble about-

Like the results from last nights tweets.

Fifteen or so games over a period of almost three hours and I managed a single kill because I got the last shot in.

We got our asses whooped.

Which was to be expected. I’d never played before and my BR experience is three matches of Fortnite when it first came out. XExplodedKarrotX was with me the whole time and we had two other coworkers jump in with us.

Together, I think we got some 4 kills.

Yeah, we’re not the greatest. Didn’t help that it was like three matches in that I figured out running. Turns out the left analog stick on my Dualshock is damaged so I could move but it wouldn’t continue running. Luckily I had a spare controller, which helped a lot.

Overall, I’d say Apex isn’t a bad game. It felt a lot better then Fortnite and went very smoothly, but I’m not sure how I feel about either dying instantly to someone who got a gun first or spending twelve minutes without seeing anyone just for them to flank you.

Didn’t get much combat experience last night.

Did catch plenty of bullets to the side of my skull.

Did boot it back up earlier to play with randoms.

Performed a lot better, actually, when the jumpmaster actually directed us to our chosen location and not into a swarm of three squads away from all the loot.

That match didn’t last long.

They didnt’ have mics, either, so I am seeing a direct coralation there.

I’ll probably get back on for a bit (Playstation, if you missed it) and then move on t oeither my Season 16 Necromancer in Diablo or boot up a ‘Shits ‘n’ Giggles’ Skyrim game. [You know, one I’m not making notes with for my eventual story].

Will probably just go around slaughtering everyone and everything with a character named “Death”. Then again, I have been meanign to get back into ESO and I did just purchase Risk of Rain 2, so maybe one of those.

Huh, Melony is getting quite a bit of attention today.

I’ll try to spend time with Muse -my third mistress- starting chapter 77 later today but I’m not sure how likely that is. Have to get to bed early so I can be up for our meeting tomorrow. Well, I call it a ‘meeting’ but its’ actually two hours of training for the entire store.


Ending this here so I can get back to killing things, but I’ll see you all next time.

Until I next have your attention,


I had completely forgotten what day it was yesterday so when I went to tweet about having finished chapter 75 I realized I was due for another update- and that I was supposed to post chapter 73 today.

It’s posted, don’t worry.

In that tweet I mentioned I’d find something to talk about- plan B was just going to be a picture of my cat- but minutes later the idea came to me in the form of a review for chapter 72 calling Asuma “the most mediocre of the Hokages…” [daniel2610994] which got me thinking that I obviously haven’t portrayed him well enough in the few scenes hes’ been in.

Admittedly, that may be in part because I’ve already written scenes containing him- like today’s- and the comments I’m getting are from people who haven’t read them yet. I also can’t dismiss the possibility that I’ve simply failed so at the end of this update I’ll talk a bit about our Godaime Hokage.

It should be coming up pretty soon.

On the subject of, you know, updates- which really should be the focus- we’ve just posted chapter 73 and have two more ready to go. With one week until the next post, I need to get at least two chapters finished to ensure we maintain positive growth. With that goal in mind- and widely disregarding today as I’m writing this before work instead of starting a chapter- I should have chapter 76 done on Thursday [March 28th] and 77 done on Sunday [March 31st].

At that rate, I should have the five reserve chapters in three weeks which is much longer than I had expected it to take. I thought my free time was limited before, but this promotion has really cut it down further.

Seems there might be some truth to the idea that those who have more things to do have more time, because I didn’t get nearly as much done just a couple months ago.

Anyway, chapter 74 should be up on April 1st- and, again, that’s not a joke- and based on reviews should be very much anticipated. Then again, you didn’t really want to see Inoichi get his body back or Shizune and co. realize just how wrong they had been, did you?

Yeah, didn’t think so.

That about does it for Sealkeeper updates, so a bit more before we move on to what you’re really here for- huh, that is quite backwards, isn’t it? Maybe they should have been separate posts.

While there wasn’t much response to my comments about Skyrim and telling you all about my adventures there was positive response to both that and the possibility of trying my hand at a Skyrim fic. It’s low priority compared to Sealkeeper- so I have to have at least 5 reserve chapters built up before I can even start- but I am looking forward to starting a new project.

The Skyrim fic will probably be a lot shorter because I’m not going to cover all of a game I’ve never even finished the main questline of. Instead, I’ll probably devote smaller stories to the various faction I interact with. Not sure if it counts as an OC or a self-insert if I gave him the name Eyazahrid.

Might have to change that.

Based on what I’ve done so far- and I haven’t really played Skyrim recently- the first part will be based around the Winterhold college. Hopefully I do well, because I’ve only read like one Skyrim fic and I’m pretty sure it was a crossover.

Well, one where they were in Tamriel, at least. Read a couple crossovers based in the other fandom.

I guess we’ll find out.

Speaking about my first mistress, however, I have settled on a name for her. And yes, I spent way too much time on it.

Basing her name off the names of my second and third mistress- again, pretty backwards- I decided that as two of them had matching first consonates she would too.

So, from now on everytime I mention the name Menoly, know I’m speaking about my games and, more specifically, the temptation to play them.

I usually give in.

My other two mistresses, Mydia and Muse, tend to be a bit less needy but to be fair I give them attention more regularly.

Let’s see. Sealkeeper si covered, upcomign stories is covered- ah!

I’ve been meaning to add more posts to the sight that aren’t based on my progress, so I have two things I may be posting soon. The first is my personal pantheon of gods, which I was toying with adding to a tribal-Uzumaki sort of story. I haven’t really done any work on it yet, but I like the idea of the Uzumaki being an island tribe and will eventually write a story that includes it.


Anyway, I was thinking about posting both the pantheon and a timeline for Naruto. Now, to get this out of the way immediately the timeline I post will not be my own original work. Well, not completely. There’s only one decent timeline I’ve found for Naruto and there was a single flaw I found that sort of detracts from the way it feels.

Make no mistake, it’s just about perfect, but the way they went about it is less worldbuilding and more keeping track of everything. You may have realized this, but I love the worldbuilding aspects of writing. More on that when I eventually get around to working on it.

Those should be up somewhere between having five reserve chapters and starting on that Skyrim fic.

Now, I believe that covers the ‘update’ aspect of this post- I really should have broken these up- so let’s get onto the subject of Konohagakure’s Godaime Hokage.

Page break!

————-This Is A Page Break————-

On Godaime Asuma

I hear quite a bit about Asuma and his stance on the Wolves, so I thought I’d address both that and his position as Konohagakure’s Godaime Hokage.

First, to make it perfectly clear, Asuma doesn’t have anything personal against the Wolves.

He also has no desire to be Hokage.

Despite both of those, Asuma is Hokage and the Wolves, though they’re based in Nami no Kuni, have a heavy presence in Konoha.

It is Asuma’s responsibility to keep Konoha- and to an extent Hi no Kuni- safe. The Wolves, while a part of Hi no Kuni, represent an unpredictable element as demonstrated during the invasion. Asuma wants as few uncontrolled variables as possible to better be able to lead Konoha.

Despite not wanting the position, he takes it very seriously. He has the expectations of his father, the safety of his family, and the well-being of every person on Konoha on his shoulders. Organizations such as ROOT and the House of Wolves aren’t just a presence he has to watch carefully in Konoha, but both are groups that operate internationally.

That means actions they take in other countries could potentially come back to Konoha, regardless of Konoha’s involvement. That is not a bit of paranoia, it’s a very legitimate concern.

The House of Wolves took over a country, betraying their former employer, and Danzo used ROOT to support Hanzo the Salamander in Amegakure.

Those are not the kind of groups you want in your village when you know for a fact you shouldn’t be Hokage- because as much as you might think he’s not a good choice you can bet he’s more than aware that hes’ not qualified.

The Sandaime is still teaching him the position, after all, and Asuma is really only there because there weren’t many other choices. Tsunade is more or less a hermit in her compound, Jiraiya is Jiraiya, and Kakashi. Well, he’s Kakashi.

Unless you want Maito Gai as Hokage- which would be as amusing as terrifying- Asuma’s really the only choice at the moment. The fact that his father was able to wrangle him into the position helped quite a bit.

With no other options- and no good prospects at the moment- Asuma’s doing everything he can to solidify Konoha’s position as the strongest village to deter anything from the other villages. As soon as he’s confident in their position he’s immediately going to split his efforts between building his own strength and cultivating Hokage prospects so that he can get out of that chair as soon as possible.

In the end, his heart is in the right place but because he doesn’t understand how the House of Wolves think- which we can’t exactly blame him for, they’re a strange bunch- he can’t know that they take Konoha’s protection just as seriously as he does because Naruto considers it his home.

So, as long as Asuma thinks the Wolves might jeopardize the safety of Konoha with their presence and actions he’ll do his best to hinder them.

How that might play out, well, you’ll see.

Until I next have your attention,


I’ve missed the March 21st Update by 26 minutes, but that only makes us more in need of an update. Despite what I would like to be able to convince myself, a lack of progress doesn’t absolve me of my responsibility to keep you all informed.

In this case, keeping you informed is just letting you know I slept until noon, went to work for a meeting, ended up covering an interview for my boss, took care of things in the office for a bit, and dropped off a package on my way home.

Oh, and I wrote a bit after I got home.

We’re at a whopping 30%.

I probably would have been closer to 70% if I had managed to resist the temptation of my first mistress- I haven’t received any suggestions for her name, so maybe something like Natalee [Which is what I started calling my Flame Atronach in Skyrim]- but she managed to drag me away to play Darksouls for a couple hours before I became weary of running past the same enemies just to die again.

After that I realized both that I needed to get to bed and that I hadn’t posted this earlier like I was planning. So, here we are. I could tell you about today’s Darksouls session, or ramble on about my history with Darksouls- actually, that would only take a few paragraphs- but I’ve almost finished my wine [Blackberry Merlot, currently my favorite] and it’s taken me a good twenty minutes to write this because I started going through the notes of my Skyrim playthough looking for a better name to refer to my first mistress by.

I use “First Mistress” quite a bit, actually- one of the reason’s she needs a name- but I don’t think I’ve mentioned the others. Don’t think I will just yet, either. My second mistress already has a name, though, and my first is more than a little jealous.

Once again I’ve managed to rambled on about nothing and, having realized this the other day while driving home from work- or was it to work?- I’ve decided you deserve something with a bit more substance.

Actually, you probably don’t. Not in an Update, anyway. I need to start posting things that aren’t updates again- supplemental material, personal things, maybe some strange ideas that have popped into my head, and the like- but that’s for another day.

Huh, probably say that more often than I should too, probably why I don’t get nearly enough done.

Regardless, I’m going to add something more to this update than a disappointing amount of progress on chapters and the fact that I have trouble resisting the call of Natalee.

Hmm, not sure if I like it. Think it’s missing something.

Anyway, to add substance to this late night- early morning- post I present you;

Pictures of my Bonsai!

Well, the box said they were Bonsai. I got them off Amazon for like $20 when I was doing Christmas Shopping back in November of 2018, so there’s a rather large likelihood I’m just growing trees in tiny-ass pots I keep in a windowsill.

Either way, this post now has pictures and you’ve learned something completely random about me. Congratulations.

Oh, and if anyone is familiar with Delonix Regia or Jacaranda Mimosifolia can you please let me know if I’ve managed to get them backwards? I’m 90% certain that the bottom picture- my favorite of the two- is actually the Delonix Regia but as it’s not a bright red- and the top one isn’t purple- I can’t know for sure that I’ve fucked up.

Actually, I can. I just won’t admit it until I absolutely have to.

It’s now been forty minutes for me to write all this- I don’t think it takes as long to make this much progress in Sealkeeper, but maybe I just don’t notice- so I’ll end it here.

If there’s anything specific you’d like me to talk about or random pictures you’d like to see please feel free to let me know. I have to fill these updates with something when I haven’t been getting enough writing done.

I’m kidding.


But seriously, let me know if there’s something about me, my gaming, or my writing you’d be interested in. I’ve noticed recently- though it’s been this way for years- that people seem somewhat hesitant when they reach out to me, like I’m going to be upset with being disturbed.

I won’t be.

If I didn’t want people to be able to reach out to me I wouldn’t have posted the story- and would have missed out on the fantastic ego boost that is having people tell you how much they enjoy it- or I’d disable private messaging.

I’m more than happy to answer questions or discuss an idea you have.

And if those questions are about me, well, you’ve come to the right place. I like to consider myself an expert.

We’ll end this here before I start rambling again.

Well, rambling more.

Until I next have your attention,


Well, in 18 minutes or so this will be a March 18th Update, so let’s try to get this out quickly.

I haven’t been updating quite as much as I had been previously- I think I’ve gone from three days to four- but at least I haven’t stopped. The new position I have at work is taking a lot of my time and just about all of my energy, so when I do have the occasion to write it’s usually an attempt to catch up on Sealkeeper rather then letting you know that I haven’t made any progress.

I can guess which you’d rather I be using my time on and Twitter rather conveniently let’s me tell you I’ve made little to no progress without risking me rambling on about nothing.

Today, before work, I managed to hit the 50% mark for chapter 74 which means I somehow managed to knock out 40% of it while at work. I wasn’t on the clock yet, but that normally doesn’t stop work from keeping me busy.

Like yesterday, when I got there early and had to do a bank run because they had no change. Didn’t get any writing done before that shift.

Moving past that, I had hoped I might be able to knock out some more during my break but as is common these days my break is more an exception than rule. Managed to get most of the crew a break- I think- but I didn’t have that luxury.

Not normally a problem, I’ll finish up the chapter when I get home. Only problem with that is that I’ve been off on Mondays which means I have all day to do one last look over the chapter- really, I’m just fixing as many apostrophe mistakes as I can find- and then post it.

Lately that’s been early afternoon because I’ve been sleeping in, but I think I got a morning or two in there as well.

Tomorrow, however, I work so I’ll be going to bed in…nine…minutes or so and waking up around 8am- I hope, I cannot stand the thought of being late- and leaving for work at about 8:30. I’ll get to work around 9, realize all the things that I need to take care of and assign as much as I can to whatever manager is currently there. I’ll try to then get some writing in, but depending on the store’s state I might end up jumping on to help.

Sometime around 11am I’ll officially clock in and I’ll clock out 9pm-ish, which means back home at 10pm.

I can hazard a guess here, but I don’t think many of you want to wait until 11pm on March 18th for the next chapter of Sealkeeper. Feels like we’d be cutting the whole “Monday Updates” thing kind of close.

Instead, I just went over the chapter and uploaded it into the Doc Manager so that when I wake up all I have to do is choose a name for the chapter, post it, send out a tweet, and post it.

And then I spent the rest of the time I had tonight writing this.

Yeah, you’d probably appreciated the chapter more but I want to keep you all in the loop.

It helps me stay focused, which I’m sure you all prefer.

Then again, I just spent some of my precious writing time telling you my standard work schedule, so “focused” is up for debate.

Maybe “motivated” is more fitting.

Either way, update tomorrow -eight hours or so from now- on 3/18. Chapter 73 is done -well, I still need to edit it- and will be posted 3/25. Chapter 74, as previously mentioned- is halfway done and will be posted 4/1.

And no, that is not an April Fool’s joke. Have some faith, please.

Seriously, I promise.

Clock just switched over to saying 3/18, so I’m out of time for the night-morning- and will have to end it here. I’m sure you’re all grateful.

I’ll see you all in a couple hours with the posting of chapter 72.

Until I next have your attention,


It’s been longer than I had anticipated, but I’m finally back with a progress update. As you may know, I’ve been kept pretty busy by work- you can go read the last update if you were unaware- and so I haven’t made nearly the progress I wanted.

Even with two days “off” recently – and I say “off” because I still ended up spending a lot of time at work- I had only managed a measly 10% of chapter 73. That’s a far cry from my desire to build up a stockpile of ready-to-post chapters.

Even so, I have two more days off- today and tomorrow- so I can at least have 73 finished and be working on 74. The plan would then be to have 74 done by 3/18 when I post chapter 72. I would have two chapters in advance and a week to build up more. I’d like three more from it, realistically it would probably be two.

So despite this setback, we’re still making progress into our reserves so I don’t have to worry about deadlines as much and you don’t have to worry about another three months of silence between chapters.

But, back onto a more positive note, I was able to type up 40% of the chapter today after my meeting- so, yes, I was at work again on my day off- between glasses of wine which brings us to 50% (Well, just about 55%, but who’s counting?).

I’ll probably call it quits for the day at this point so I can give my first mistress- I still don’t have a name for her, so if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them- some attention.

The wine, too, is probably not the best for my writing. Really enjoying this Blackberry Merlot I found, though.

Don’t really have much more to say at the moment, so we’ll wrap up.

I’ve mentioned it before, but if you want to support the site- and my alcoholism- all you need to do is click an ad. Without clicks, those ads don’t actually generate any revenue so despite seeing ads on my site, my hopes of having the site pay for itself is quite far off.

If you want to instead donate, well, tough luck. I’m not to the point that I’ll take your hard-earned money. Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll be desperate enough some day.

Wow, from chapter progress to wine and finishing off with money. I may have had a few too many glasses this evening. I know I’ve also said it, but I will continue to keep this site up and active no matter what, so don’t feel obligated to click those ads or turn off your adblocker.

If you do want to though, go right ahead.

Really hadn’t intended to write that with this update- admittedly, I hadn’t planned what I was going to say at all, you just deserved an update- but I guess it’s there now.

If you have any suggestions for the site, things you’d like to see and the like, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Until I next have your attention,


Have to make this quick- I can only grab a few minutes to stuff my face before I have to get back to the store- but I promised one and this is the closest to a break I can get.

That is what I had managed to write yesterday, but I startwed typing, shoved half a burrito into my mouth, and had to get back to work. It was not a fun twelve hours, but that’s what I get for accepting a promotion to what is more or less a salary position.

Typing this at work again and like yesterday I have to keep this short because someone called out and we need to get everything ready.

Chapter 72 is done and will be up on 3/18. Chapter 71 is still scheduled for 3/11. I haven’t even started chapter 73 despite wanting to be finishing it up today.

It may take longer than I realized to build up a good number of reserve chapters.

I’ve received some feedback on my comment to start writing about Skyrim, but instead of just letting you all know what I’ve been doing in the game they suggested writing a story on it.

That might be my next project.

You know, when I can find the time.

I will admit, however, that I have spent some time with my first mistress. You may have guessed, but we enjoyed some Skyrim again to wind down.

I have to say, the game is much slower when you keep stopping to write things down but it can make a character feel much more real when you have what is essentially a diary of their adventures.

I’m at eight pages of just notes, so I wonder how much I could write using that.

We’ll find out eventually, I suppose.

Need to end things here so I can jump on early and make sure we’re good to go at the store, but you can all look forward to that chapter tomorrow.

Until I next have your attention,


A little later than I had intended, yesterday’s meeting took up a lot of time and I ended up taking care of things at work afterwards despite it being my day off.

By the time I got home I just wanted to relax and my first mistress was more than happy to help. Naturally, that means I ended up starting yet another Skyrim game and ran around trying to stick with whatever story I was making up for them in my head.

As usual, the success was largely a matter of opinion.

Considering my intended Wizard became a Spellsword -which I suppose is a Warlock, actually- well, you can guess what my opinion was on the matter.

But you didn’t come here to listen to me talk about my Skyrim playthrough – though if you’d be interested in that sort of thing I can always start writing it down somewhere as I play and maybe it can be used as the base of a story later – you came because you want to know what the hell is going on with Sealkeeper.

Or, that’s what I’m assuming anyway. I’ve been wrong before.

On the subject of Sealkeeper, however, you’ll be pleased to know we’ve reached the 40% mark of chapter 72. I may write some more before work tonight- I might be able to get it to 70 or 80%, actually- but the goal is to have it done tomorrow so I can start 73 on Friday.

Hopefully with that I can have the chapter done by 3/11 when I post chapter 71. That would mean I have the next two chapters ready to go and I hope to get to the point where I always have 5 chapters in reserve. Not only would that cover me if something happened- like my mistress feeling especially needy. She’s calling me now, actually, and the temptation is hard to resist- but it would give me some leeway to perhaps start on some other stories.

I’ve had a lot of ideas over the last three years but I’ve always been scared I might distract myself from Sealkeeper and make it harder to actually finish it. With 5 chapters in reserve, however, I don’t have to worry so much and can try something else for a week or two just to see what comes of it.

If I can still manage to maintain 5 spare chapters I may even start posting other works to for you to enjoy.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. “Eyazahrid, you’ve barely managed to get yourself to the point where you’re consistently updating a single story weekly with small 5k chapters, what the hell are you thinking?”

And I agree completely.

I’ll still probably try it though. If it doesn’t work, well, that’s what the reserve chapters are for. Gods above know I have enough trouble juggling work, my mistress, and this story as it is, throwing another story into the mix would certainly be interesting.

And who knows, maybe instead of another fanfiction I’ll try my hand at an original work instead.

Okay, you can stop laughing now.

Seriously though, even if it’s crap I only need one book on Amazon for $0.30 to be a published author. I can put it on a business card or something.

It won’t mean much, but it will look impressive. Sometimes that’s all you need.

I’ll end this here but I’d love to hear your opinions on the matter, so please feel free to use the comment button, contact me through the contact page- I still don’t know how it works, actually, or shoot me a PM on

There are other options, of course, but I don’t have the time to list them all. if you want to get creative with reaching out to me go ahead, it should prove amusing.

Until I next have your attention,


So, lots has been happening lately and it hasn’t been focused around chapter progress. We had been on such a roll, too.

I suppose it was inevitable that I’d have to eventually move to an actual site for full functionality and, more important, the ability to get live help. Ah, the benefits of opening your wallet.

It hasn’t forgiven me for that yet, but perhaps in time it will.

I’ve pretty much covered my site issues in the March 1st Update (part one and two) but I’ll just give a basic recap here.

I’ve mentioned my plans to make Sealkeeper.Eyazahrid into Read.Eyazahrid and had enough wisdom- thankfully- to know the chances of me fucking things up was high.

So I decided to make the change early to give myself time to fix everything that might go wrong by 3/4, which was the original plan for the change.

Tuirns out, this was one of those rare times that I was right and I managed to mess everything up. First it was some of my connected accounts- a consequence of cobblign together free services- havign issues and then when I tried to get around it I screwed up the name servers.

Because of that, I’ve spent the majority of my time migrating everything here and chapter progress has suffered.

Even so, we’ve hit 80% for chapter 71 which is planned for release on 3/11 so there shouldn’t be any delay as I work to have a couple chapters in reserve in case something comes up.

I have to admit though, I kind of like the new site more.

Please don’t tell the old one, I still love it.

Not much more to cover in this update and my break is almost over, so I’ll try to keep it brief.

I’ve been trained for a higher position at work for a few months now but still working at the lower lever waiting for a position to open.

Well, it’s opened. Great news for my wallet and my resume, not so great news for my free time because I’m going from 40 hours (though I usually spent 45-50 hours in the building) to 50 scheduled hours.

Hopefully I don’t end up spending 60 hours a week here, because that would slow me down tremendously.

Now, last subject.

I’m kind of hesitant to bring this up and just thinking about mentioning it has me uncomfortable, but it’s something I should mention.

No matter what, I do intend to continue with the site. It is, however, costing a pretty penny with the package I chose- and the fact that I have to pay a year in advance- so if you’d like to support the site all I need is for you to click one add before you leave.

That’s it.

I’m not going to ask for your hard earned money, but if you could click one of the ads every time you leave it would help me tremendously.

If not, well, I just got a promotion.

I’ll make it work.

Until I next have your attention,


I was wrong, it would seem, because the old blog is no longer up at or I guess changing the name servers has it now redirecting to the top-level domain which is not what I had been wanting it to do but I guess I don’t have much control over it.

I’ll try to get the site you’re all used to back up, but as I’m migrating to anyway- because gods know my attempts to both cobble together free services and then migrate my content between them failed completely- I’ll admit that I won’t be trying all that hard.

I think my old blog posts will be moved to a static page here in case anyone wants to view them and I’ll get started on getting my old stories up here too. May use Google Drive like I had been planning but I’ll have to check out the options available on this site first.

As it turns out, paying for a service provides more features and benefits. Who would have known?

I’m going to use the rest of my break here to explore that and I’ll start migrating things in about five hours when I get home.

Progress on chapter 71 has, unfortunately, ground to a halt as I try to resolve this but the good news is that 70 is already done and will be posted on the fourth. Despite the issues I’m finding, things are going pretty well for us.

Maybe not my wallet, but I’ve been abusing that for years.

I think it’s starting to like it.

Until I next have your attention,


Going to have to keep this one short because my shift starts soon, but chapter 71 just hit the 50% mark. At this rate it’s looking pretty likely that I’ll manage to have 72 done by 3/4 when I post chapter 70.

I might aim for starting 73, but I need to figure out the best way to get my older stories so I’d best leave myself some time for that.

Some of you have probably noticed- and I intended to mention it in the last update- but we’re getting very close to the 500k mark. If I remember correctly, we’re at 480k [and change] so within the next month we should reach that milestone.

Considering I had never expected this to get past 100k, well, I’m still having trouble wrapping my head around it.

Most of what I had envisioned for the story did focus on Pre-Shippuden so I don’t have too much planned for afterwards. That’s probably a good thing, but even then I think we’ll probably hit 700k by the time we’re done.

I really hope it’s not more, I have too many other stories I want to start.

I’m going to end this here because I’m out of time, but I should have another update in the next day or so- hopefully it’s to say the chapter is done.

Until I next have your attention,