March 29th Update

Chapter 76 is done- and I cant’t wait to see how everyone reacts to 75 and 76, Kukukukukuku- so I should be starting 77 later today. Or tomorrow when I work 4 hours after the meeting we have. Lovely. This laptop I got back in November really has made it much easier for me to […]

March 25th Update and “On Godaime Asuma”

I had completely forgotten what day it was yesterday so when I went to tweet about having finished chapter 75 I realized I was due for another update- and that I was supposed to post chapter 73 today. It’s posted, don’t worry. In that tweet I mentioned I’d find something to talk about- plan B […]

March 22nd Update

I’ve missed the March 21st Update by 26 minutes, but that only makes us more in need of an update. Despite what I would like to be able to convince myself, a lack of progress doesn’t absolve me of my responsibility to keep you all informed. In this case, keeping you informed is just letting […]

March 17th Update

Well, in 18 minutes or so this will be a March 18th Update, so let’s try to get this out quickly. I haven’t been updating quite as much as I had been previously- I think I’ve gone from three days to four- but at least I haven’t stopped. The new position I have at work […]

March 14th Update

It’s been longer than I had anticipated, but I’m finally back with a progress update. As you may know, I’ve been kept pretty busy by work- you can go read the last update if you were unaware- and so I haven’t made nearly the progress I wanted. Even with two days “off” recently – and […]

March 10th Update

Have to make this quick- I can only grab a few minutes to stuff my face before I have to get back to the store- but I promised one and this is the closest to a break I can get. That is what I had managed to write yesterday, but I startwed typing, shoved half […]

March 6th Update

A little later than I had intended, yesterday’s meeting took up a lot of time and I ended up taking care of things at work afterwards despite it being my day off. By the time I got home I just wanted to relax and my first mistress was more than happy to help. Naturally, that […]

March 3rd Update

So, lots has been happening lately and it hasn’t been focused around chapter progress. We had been on such a roll, too. I suppose it was inevitable that I’d have to eventually move to an actual site for full functionality and, more important, the ability to get live help. Ah, the benefits of opening your […]

March 1st Update Part Two

I was wrong, it would seem, because the old blog is no longer up at or I guess changing the name servers has it now redirecting to the top-level domain which is not what I had been wanting it to do but I guess I don’t have much control over it. I’ll try […]

2/26 Update

Going to have to keep this one short because my shift starts soon, but chapter 71 just hit the 50% mark. At this rate it’s looking pretty likely that I’ll manage to have 72 done by 3/4 when I post chapter 70. I might aim for starting 73, but I need to figure out the […]