Here we are again nearly two months later with another update. Work is still taking up huge portions of my time and the schedule hasn’t managed to stabilize fully yet either. Which is to say on days I work I do nothing but work and sleep but at the same time my schedule keeps having stupid changes-

Changes like the fact that I’m currently not on the schedule because there was a delay with some paperwork. No idea what the delay was caused by (I’m pretty sure it wasn’t my fault) and there’s absolutely no word on a resolution yet so, for the time being, I might as well be out of work again.


So I’m using all this extra time to be more productive, right?

I’ll be honest- I have no idea where this day went. I worked on one of my many, many projects bound for failure and abandonment, ran a single errand, bought some food, and now its nearly eight in the evening. I’m sure by the time this is posted it probably will be.

I’ve managed some progress with Sealkeeper chapters- as Patrons should know- and I actually started another writing project- wait, hang on, don’t be getting upset too early- an original story. That means I have the first two scenes done and several pages of notes that came to me during one of my shifts and managed to last until I got home to write them down.

I’m pretty excited about some of the ideas so hopefully I’ll be able to make progress on both Sealkeeper and my own story. With any luck I’ll have that one finished in the next few months and then, well, maybe I can get it published. We’ll have to see how everything goes.

Back to the topic of writing, I do believe I’m two behind for Commentaries which I intend to address immediately after this goes up. There’s also a 50/50 chance I’ll be re-motivated to get more Sealkeeper done as I read through the reviews again so fingers crossed.

The only other thing was that other project- the non-writing one- I was working on and, well, what’s a good way to put this? Ah, yes, I made a porn site. As you can imagine this is absolutely doomed to failure but the ideas been nagging at the back of my mind for months and I finally went about and got things set up. Spent probably eight hours getting things sorted out today- which I guess was “productive”- and it’s probably going to be all for nothing.

Except, you know, experience, maybe.

If this thing eventually manages to break even I’ll consider it a success but taking into account the fact that this site doesn’t even break even- you may have noticed the fact that I gave up and no longer even bother running ads- the chances are pretty goddamn grim.

Then again, this site doesn’t have any porn on it, so that might make all the difference.

That’s about all I have for today. I’m going to try to keep working and keep awake to put my body back on my normal schedule so I’ll see you all in the next Update.

And in the Commentaries I’m about to start working on.

And in any Sealkeeper chapters I post.

So, somehow, I’ll see you in the future but until I next have your attention, I remain,