The following are the recorded responses of Eyazahrid to the feedback he received on the above listed chapter and the story in general for the week following. This document is to serve as a replacement to the traditional Author’s Note at the beginning and ending of chapters and will be kept separate from both the above listed chapter and any future chapters unless deemed sufficiently important.

“The Hyuuga Clan: Hinata-sama is a god!
The Wolves: Foolsih peons, your brain is just too small to see the REAL god is Tsukuyomi-sama!
Orochimaru: I will actually f*** murder god to please Naruto.
Au: I. Am… conflicted. And slightly bitter what the f***
Naruto: lmfao lol godhood go brrrr”


I don’t know why, but I found this far more amusing than in any way appropriate.

“Reaver:I honestly forgot that Mai and Tsume went on a vacation together. As much as I liked her in the beginning the two dumb love triangle drama you had for her and Naruto really soured her character to me. Had to do a double take when she had a small focus in this chapter because even though not a lot of time has passed since her vacation in this story it has been months in real life so my eyebrow involuntarily raised when she still held the title as Naruto’s second in command when for some reason I assumed all this time that she got written out of the story and Hanabi took her place.

Its incredible how much Naruto controlled the conversation with Asuma, it really surprises me that Naruto is still supposed to be barely a teenager here because he already has 100 speech. Hope things speed up when Naruto leaves Konoha because man its been slow.”

-Reaver (Guest)

No, she is still very much Naruto’s second in command. Hanabi is currently filling in for her due to the vacation but Hanabi is only Mai’s assistant. Of course, both may be in for promotions soon….

“”Don’t presume to threaten me, boy”…Damn! Naruto is such a savage and I love it!

And casually threatening Civil War! I can’t stop grinning! (good that it’s night and a holiday were I currently am)

Deep cells? Hope for some exposition on that or at least bits and pieces that one can puzzle over to reach an adequate conclusion?

Naruto the Maelstrom that devoured the gods, sure has a nice ring to it… (if he decides to seal God’s into himself)

I see we’re getting to know more about different gods!

Just not to get the world building confused can we once more now how the bijuu and the sage of six paths fit into this? Are the bijuu still pieces of the juubi? (which in Naruto Canon was also called Daidarabotchi (a giant in Japanese folklore) Ame no hitotsu kami (one eyed God)
Datara (some kind of youkai I think) Kunizukuri no kami (nation building God) so if the juubi existed in this world and was indeed a God it would smooth some things out and pave way for some future events I think?

Man Naruto bering seen as a God /inhuman bering by his enemies and them hating themselves for it will never get oldWhat now though? Will he take the hyuuga with him or give them orders for his absence (the first thing he is using the hyuuga, Konoha’s currently strongest Clan? For, being also their last order for a while is kind of sad though it also show how well off Naruto is)

Overall very nice chapter”


The deep Cells were first introduced in chapter 64 during a conversation between Dosu and Zaku so it’s understandable that you may have forgotten about them. They will be making future appearances, too.

It depends on what you consider a god, really. As I understand it- and I may be wrong- “Kami” is used to refer to both deities and other spirits in japan. I take this to mean that Kami simply refers to spiritual beings and that there are simply some spirits far greater than others. Lesser Kami, Kami, and then Greater Kami would be what we consider deities. Following that, each child of Au would be a Kami in their own right, just lesser for the majority of them.

“Oh man this chapter was just great, I enjoyed it all the way, from the beginning to the end. The only question I have now, is when the Wolves are leaving Konoha, wouldn’t that also include Hinatas guards. Even if Asuma doesn’t know of them right now, it could create frictions with him at some point. Also what of the Inuzukas they’re much more involved then the Hyuuga, where only Hinata really knows of his involvement. Hanas reaction to this would also be interesting, she already looks up to him as a father.
The reaction of Hanabi to Akishi was funny, that Akishi doesn’t get why the wolf is staring at her was also good. The best parts were the ones where Orochimaru thought about Naruto as an illegitimate son, the reaction and thoughts of Hiashi and Hinatas guard. But especially the talk between Naruto and Asuma and how it escalated in the scenario, if Naruto didn’t pull out his forces.”


Kind of hard to guard Hinata if they leave Konoha, no?

“Sealing a god into a person? Is that foreshadowing I smell?”


I can neither confirm nor deny.

“I really enjoyed the outcome bereden Naruto and Asuma.
Although I’m not sure if Asuma caught the underlying threat in the words of Naruto, referring to the wars Hiruzen has been through and Asuma might catch up given the years.
Though I might just read too much into it, with you there is no knowing if.

Keep up the good work and thanks for this gem of literature, that should honestly be it’s own anime by now.”


Not actually what I was going for with that, but a good way to look at it.

“Great as always. I wish I could pay you but the wife wouldn’t have that. Much love. Brantley Reach.”


Don’t worry about it, keeping her from kicking you to the couch comes first.