2019.12.26 Update

Aaaaaaaand I forgot the update again. We were getting better but I suppose it’s not surprising it didn’t last long.

The good news is that there shouldn’t be too much to cover which is fortunate considering I need to be leaving for work here soon. So, what do we need to cover?

First matter, I guess, will be the Discord. On January First, 2020 the Eyazahrid Community Discord will be available to the public through links provided on thsi site, my Twitter at Eyazahrid, and on chapter 107.

I’d go into more detail but it was covered in the AN of chapter 106 and if you skipped that there’s a big chance you’re not reading this either.

I finally finished that Naruto x Mito lemon and it’s available for Patrons on Patreon.com. Just like the Discord, it will be available to the public on the First of January.

Other than tat, we’re still making pretty solid progress on chapters. Chapter 108 is technically at like 15000 words right now because I’ve jsut been writing scenes as they come to me. I figure that after I hit 20000 I’ll figure out what scenes will stay in 108 and what will become 109. The order is going to be the most challanging as I figure out my own damn timeline but I’ll figure something out.

I have a couple other things I’m trying to work on but considering how little progress I’ve actually managed to make I won’t even bother mentioning them here. Wouldn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up if I end up scrapping the ideas.

But I think that about covers it for this update.

Happy Holdidays and until I next have attention,


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