The following are the recorded responses of Eyazahrid to the feedback he received on the above listed chapter and the story in general for the week following. This document is to serve as a replacement to the traditional Author’s Note at the beginning and ending of chapters and will be kept separate from both the above listed chapter and any future chapters unless deemed sufficiently important.


“Nobody expects the redneck inquisition.”

No, no they do not.


“Ahh, I just love the ordered chaos of this story”

Thank you, chaos is always more fun to write.


“So great progress with Mito. I’m genuinely starting to root for her now. The general fluff was appreciated but I feel sorry for Naruto whenever he’s completely worn out by the women in his life. Maybe it’s time for some seal based stamina boost so that it’s other people keeping up with him for once (he’s gonna need it too at the rate he’s going)?”

Perhaps at some point. In the immediate future he has an….alternate solution. Of sorts. We’ll see how it all plays out.


“One yelow and one blue eye? That’s sounds like the nibi more than the sanbi? But I guess the human forms can look like whatever they want them to be…
Maybe mitos Chakra would allow for a dozen clones (the way you depicted them in this fic Canon Naruto levels of clones seem impossible for any none juubi level characters) that way he would have a lot more time and could maybe even get a bit of training done (his children dying should have inspired the wish to become stronger as well especially after he needed to rush things in Kiri after fighting only a bit…

Does it? I cant’ really remember much about the Nibi. I ended up giving Isobu different eyes because I’m pretty sure she had lost one in cannon and I didn’t want to do that to poor Isobu-hime.

In Sealkeeper the Kage no Bunshin is a forbidden technique. Jounin would be able to perform it- as would skilled Chuunin- but the point is rendered moot as they aren’t permitted to learn it. It’s in the “forbidden” scroll, after all, not “Clones for Dummies”.


“It’s really nice that Mito is starting to accept that naruto has a family and if she wants to be a part of his family once again, then she is gonna have to be a part of the whole family and not just with naruto, thankfully she has sisters that she can start with for now (ω) even if one of them is more like a nephew/lil sis kind of deal haha, oh and Yugao finally went and asked kakashi for advice, too bad her only option is to be narutos loyal spy from now on to repent for her sins even if it means betraying the village, after all f* Asuma and his hokage office xD And let’s not forget that Tayuya finally got her naruto time so now she is no longer a virgin hehehe, good thing narutos body is now healed, otherwise he would collapse one day, thankfully he has his clones to ask for reinforcements once he is spent…or if he is dealing with Anko to make a hot g* hehehe.”

I think having a family to support her will be good for Mito, she’s never really had people there for her. I’d be lying if I said her personality wasn’t a big factor in that.


“Nice to see more Mito. Wonder how things are going to progress on that front, though her situation seems to be improving and she seems to like the idea of family. Hmm, if she isn’t a d*** Karura might actually help her out with Naruto.”

That is indeed a possibility. We’ll see if she can swallow her pride and ask for the help.

123 (Guest)

“This was a long read, but an enjoyable one. Kakashi is by far my favorite character in the story and earlier I had trouble differentiating which sections were Kakashi and which were Orochimaru, which is amusing on its own.

But yea good stuff and it was definitely interesting seeing how… escalated everything became. A street rat to a lesser daimyo and destroyer of Kiri is a lot to think back on. I’m not really sure what to read now that will compare to this, but maybe I’ll just go for a short story.


He is quite enjoyable to write and yes, things have changed quite a bit since the beginning haven’t they? Every so often I look back at what I started writing and wonder how I got to where it currently is.


“:20 chapters i and the only premise for the whole premise of all 20 chapters have been everyone feeling guilty and ready to bend over backwards for naruto and naruto, the emo queen is pretending like he has the worst life or something.
Woe is me, i hab sad laifu. You should feel guilty. There.. 20 chapters summerised in 3 sentences.”

Twenty chapters in? I’m pretty sure he’s started a war by then, if I’m remembering correctly. And ended up killing Inoichi’s sister. He might even have a small army by then, too, but I don’t feel like goign back to check.

Yes, the fact that his family suddenly disappeared on him is pretty significant considering it’s what’s prompting his new growth but there’s much more than that happening.

I’m not sure where you’re getting this self-pity from either but based on this I don’t think I really care to have you reading my story in the first place. Cheers.