Commentaries – Sealkeeper 124

The following are the recorded responses of Eyazahrid to the feedback he received on the above listed chapter and the story in general for the week following. This document is to serve as a replacement to the traditional Author’s Note at the beginning and ending of chapters and will be kept separate from both the above listed chapter and any future chapters unless deemed sufficiently important.

“Poor Naruto, I hope you decide away where his work load burden is lessened, he seems so worked down these days and its highkey Sad AF”


It was rather unfortunate that everything ended up happening at the same time for him, but he should have much more time to focus on other things soon enough.

“I wonder when the IRG will get a better name. Perhaps the two strays could put in more work and become a part of some medic branch of the wolves?”


Technically Shizune and Rusty are the medic branch.

…..And now, trying to come up with a name to suggest for a Shizune Team I’ve realized that Tonton has ceased to exist. If I find them again, maybe we’ll have a Team Tonton serving as the Wolves’ medics.

“Naruto sounds like he is too young for this crap… lol.”


Quite. Maybe he should have considered that before becoming a father so young. Always remember to wrap it, kids.

“Awesome chapter. The continued lack of sleep for Naruto is both funny and depressing.”


Fatherhood does that, so does pretending to be two separate high-ranking individuals within an organization during a missive transitional period while your primary assistant is on holiday. Really, a collection of poor choices hitting at once. At this rate he’s going to need a vacation- like that will ever happen.

“Naruto can’t even track what happened on which day? Very good example of how burned out he is!

Ha! Naruto wants to kill a God so the gods decide not to let him nap!

Another great chapter, though I really hope Naruto doesn’t fall unconscious out of nowhere any time soon though I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened…”


Between that and the fact that Mai would usually be the one to keep track of that sort of thing, I’d say.

An interesting way to look at it I suppose.

I think that last suggestion is unlikely as he doesn’t have any clones out and about at the moment…I think….

…Actually, there might be one from when he went to go have breakfast with Orochimaru. Forgot about that.

“:What fool pays for this s***? Lol
Horrible and bizarre content”

-From: Guest

No one pays for it, Sealkeeper content is completely free. There are, however, ninety generous individuals who receiver earlier releases in thanks for their support. I suppose that as “Horrible and bizarre” the content is there will still be people who enjoy it.

“If your gonna give me filler…like give it to me in a hige chapter or just summarize everything…the first 80 chapters were full of action on and off the field amd character development..Naruto even stopped training.. he’s now just an overglorified pencil pusher amd worst part is the huge waste that is the sealkeeper..this story has just become bland…like pick the action up and do something. I don’t need to know his daily proceedings over a whole 5 chapters..the f***”

-6lakH2O SA

Ah, yes, the first 80 chapters in which there were some that Naruto either didn’t feature in or completely dominated despite there not being a single piece of diologe. Those “full of action” chapters, yes?

I’ve said it before, but this is not an action story. It’s a story about Naruto and what he does. To that end you’ll see- surprise surprise- the things he’s doing. Even if you don’t think him reaching out to various factions in preparation for his upcoming exodus is important I would much rather go through it than throw in a sentence in a chapter saying “Naruto made all the proper arrangements and knew everything would proceed smoothly as they left Konoha.”

I know my writing isn’t the greatest, but that would be far worse.

“he really need stop plotting and planning for time so that he and wolves figure out their paperwork ,structural systems and such so when they decided to expand they have systems already inlace to work from leading to more effective and adaptable system .
If Puppeteer Red sands at this rate might choose leave Akatsuki for opportunity work need Puppeteer projects that Naruto keep coming up with .Pretty sure right that man his alley of enjoyment plus he leave legacy make some most break through new research into artificial limbs ,puppetry and possible invention of golems and other artificial contructs .”


They’re currently in the process of reworking everything, unfortunately everything else decided to happen at the same time.

With how integrated Sasori and Deidara have become with the Suna Siblings, I think it’s pretty likely that Naruto will make use of such resources. They don’t exactly have a choice, at this point.

“Roygun:You guys remember when Naruto was an actual shinobi doing shinobi stuff, fighting and generally having an exciting time?

Yeah me neither, it’s been quite a while.

Now we have this shell of person constantly bogged down by paperwork and the pressures of running a dysfunctional organisation that doesn’t even know how to delegate work and responsibilities properly and evenly leaving our boy to pick up the slack at such a young age too.

Makes me sad, reminds me of how canon Naruto turned out in Boruto becoming a Hokage who can barely make time for his family.

As if that wasn’t enough now he has to deal with Snake people, packing up the Wolves and leaving Konoha, having his identity exposed because of a little slip-up he did to Haku that came back and bit him in the a** and those are just the recent events. There are still a myriad of issues that haven’t been mentioned for a while now which will definitely show up later.

No wonder he acts so mature and calls his subordinates his children, I wouldn’t even be surprised if stress overwhelms him one day but me and I am sure many other people hope to see the return of the badass shinobi Naruto and not this corporate pencil pusher shell of a main character.”


Ah, yes, all…five?…outings. This is not an action story, I mentioned such pretty early into it, and as such it’s not always going to have action. Right now Naruto- while he’d like to be perusing a more proper Shinobi lifestyle- has other priorities to attend to and he’ll always put his children before his personal dreams.

Seeing as this Naruto is addressing his workload now, he’ll have much more time for his family soon enough. Despite this, he’s not exactly going to be throwing himself headfirst into being a Shinobi when he doesn’t have a village generating missions anymore.

He will, however, continue to act in the best interest of his children- preferably in ways that allow him to get out and stretch his legs.

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