Commentaries- Sealkeeper116

The following are the recorded responses of Eyazahrid to the feedback he received on the above listed chapter and the story in general for the week following. This document is to serve as a replacement to the traditional Author’s Note at the beginning and ending of chapters and will be kept separate from both the above listed chapter and any future chapters unless deemed sufficiently important.

While we do not see the polarized responces that the last chapter recieved, this commentary will also be smaller due to the low number of responces in general.

“I just started reading this last week and am now all caught up. I like what you have going so far and look forward to seeing where it goes. I like that Naruto seems to have issues forming solid and define relationships as far as Romanticism goes because that would make sense for the type of Life he’s led up until now. I’m guessing Naruto is going to be throwing himself into training sometime soon since now that he has three bijuu and akatsuki will target him. Well once they managed to find out that is.”


Naruto sees relationships in a very broad, unfocused sort of way. He doesn’t consider the specifics of any relationship he has and he doesn’t really try to define them nor does he typically initiate them. He reciprocates what those whom he cares for express and lets them determine what they want from it.

Like you say it can make the relationships feel quite loose and perhaps even a bit disingenuine and he doesn’t really realize it. Everyone he cares for is part of his family, some of them simply end up being more if they want it enough to take that sort of step.

As for training. Well, he’ll be doing something like that.

When will Naruto meet aū?”


It’s coming up. Not immediately, but the Snakes will be making a reappearance soon.

“good chapter.
So look, naruto identity as tsukuyomi will be revealed to kiri and konoha.
It was time that naruto achievement and true strength was finally known by everyone.
Hope it will happen in the next chapters, can’t wait to see konoha people reactions (especially naruto’s family, jiraiya, tsunade and the hokage)”


“:Asuma gave a file on one of his shinobi to a foreign kunoichi, as long as they promise not to use it against any of his Konoha? W!? This is so f* stupid. He’s the head of a f* ninja village, he would never give information like that out. And tell her that their not to use it against Konoha, is he completely oblivious to what shinobi/kunoichi are or just that f* gullible?”


Yes, Asuma gave basic information about a very specific Genin whom he knows without a doubt has ties to a foreign military that just laid waste to one of the Five Great Villages to that village in question who also happens to be his ally. He knows exactly what he was doing.

They can’t really use it against Konoha, he was reminding them that Genin Naruto is still a Konoha Shinobi and that he wont tolerate them trying to go after him regardless of his ties. He’s releasing this information so that if Naruto goes to Kirigakure on “Konoha” business they’ll be able to identify him. His ties to the House of Wolves makes him a person of interest and, quite frankly, someone Asuma understands Kiri probably doesn’t want in their village.

“Hoho, I can’t wait to hear more of the story Mito was telling the kids.”

-Senyor Fier Mensheir

That should be incorporated into my next story, which will start to become available as Sealkeeper reaches the end of its run. Hopefully that’s a while yet because I’m still brainstorming for it and the parts in this chapter are quite litterally all I’ve actually written story-wise.

“:…I’m done.”


Hi done, I’m Eyazahrid. Not sure what you expected from a review like this. You didn’t provide a name, you haven’t mentioned anyti ng about the story, and quite frankly this isn’t actually something anyone needs to know. Good luck with your search for something more suited to your tastes.

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