2020.06.07 Update

I’m going to have to try keeping this one brief as I should be heading out the door any minute now for work, but I know I need to take care of this before I forget again.

I wish I could say this update was completely positive news- at least for my readers- but I know that’s really not the case.

First- No, I’m not dead. Nor do I intend to be. Until proven otherwise just consider me immortal.

Second- No I’m not leaving, taking a break, going on hiatus, or abandoning my work. Calm down.

Now that we’ve settled those two points I’ll elaborate on what is happening. As you may have seen in my Patreon post- or probably not- the Patreon has been paused for the next billing cycle which I intend to maintain going forwards. More detail can be found there, but as part of me trying to get my shit together I’m looking for a second job and the lack of time may make it more difficult to reach tyhose deadlines for early chapters.

Hell, it might make it hard to reach the deadlines of regular chapters too. Going to have to remember to do an AN in the next public chapter.

For example, tomorrow’s chapter isn’t done yet. I think I’m like halfway there but I’ve been busy trying to get my life in order and I’ve been trying to get a friend of mine back on her feet. Almost done on that front, so once she’s settled again it might be a bit easier for me to get the things I need done.

To help me focus on all the things I need to be doing I have taken leave of the Eyazahrid Community Discord and my overall internet presence will be greatly reduced. As it is, I’m honestly considering packing up my gaming rig so it can’t tempt me away from everything I need to do.

Or, at the very least, removing the external drive I keep all my games on and hiding it at the back of my closet.

The only other thing I really need to address might be more possitive than negative for my readers but I’ll leave that up to you to decide. Due to Corona-Chan my company is currently in a hiring freeze and so to fill a recently opened warehouse position they have to look internally. It’s a bit pf a paycut but the hours are slightly more reliable and the ob itself is generally a lot less stressful.

No heat, no heights, no customers, and no sales? Yes, please.

Chances of getting it are good and with it being, well, an easier job I hope that I can come home and not bee too exhausted to write. At least then we can still be making some reliable progress even if it is slower.

I’ve used fifteen of the five minutes I had, so I’m going to end this with a thank you to all of you who have supported me over the years as I’ve worked through Sealkeeper. Without you I never would have had the drive to get me past the first six months and who knows what my writing would be like- or if I’d even still be writing at all.

Thank you, I hope to see you all again soon.

Until I next have your attention,


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  1. Take care of yourself and the rest will come after. Can’t write if you’re dead. You may also have issues uploading chapters from a cardboard box, I hear the WiFi is terrible in those.


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