Commentaries- Sealkeeper Chapter 100

My Will Be Done – Posted 2019.09.30

The following are the recorded responses of Eyazahrid to the feedback he received on the above listed chapter and the story in general for the week following. This document is to serve as a replacement to the traditional Author’s Note at the beginning and ending of chapters and will be kept separate from both the above listed chapter and any future chapters unless deemed sufficiently important.

Wicked A.

“How long has that clone been active for and how long do they need to be active (for lack of better words at the moment) f*ck Naruto up upon dispelling?
Me Reading the Naruto Mai scene… 0_0 (this story DEFINITELY needs an MA rated version somewhere…)
This chapter was great!
Tsukuyomis will be done!”

I think we’ve seen that having them active for an entire day manages to fuck him up. He’s not going to have fun when the current one dispels.

If I thought I could do it any justice I would most deffinately have an 18+ version of Sealkeeper. As my one and only published attempt will show, however, I cannot. Had I more time, perhaps I could practice.

Tsukuyomi’s will be done.

Burning Midnight

“What are you so conspicuously trying to hint with the changing eye colours,?”

Unless I have a typo somewhere I don’t know about, no one’s eyes have changed. I suspect you may be referring to Naruto and his clone who possess different colored eyes because the Ichibi’s Chakra used to create the clone gives it golden eyes.

saiyan prince1

“And so it begins. I am expecting mizukage to try something right about tone. He is under control of another so it would make sense.”

As Tobi is Mikoto in this story, Yagura is not under the control of anyone. Everything he’s done and is doing is fully of his own volition.


“Well? Would they still try to mate?”

Well, Orochimaru might try but I don’t think Naruto will be quite as receptive. He’d probably be willing to cuddle, though.


“When Naruto’s clone was explaining to Mikoto how he was in fact a clone, I felt pretty certain that Mai would have either overheard them or walked in mid-through their conversation. Although considering what she and Naruto had just done prior to him talking with Mikoto, it makes sense why she still does not know about the clone. There’s still the situation regrading Danzo and how he still needs to talk with Naruto over who he houses, and perhaps maybe some more comedic effect? Beyond that I’m curious as to whether the wolves will catch the rebels by surprise and it will simply be a slaughter, or if perhaps the wolves will still find themselves cause a slaughter, for they do have the upper hand in knowing their location, but at the same time I doubt they will go down quietly or easily as a matter of fact. Then there is still Yagura to factor in and how he reacts to the situation should he choose to merely observe, assist the wolves, or perhaps attack the wolves once they either”

You have no idea how close I was to having Mai figure it out that way. I’m not entirely sure why I didn’t, actually. I probably had a good reason but i can’t for the life of me recall it.

Oh, I was wondering what scenes I might be forgetting in chapter 101. Thank you.

Naruto and Yagura don’t think highly of the rebels, but they have managed to continue their little rebellion for quite a long time. They are not complete idiots.

Of course they also stayed to fight a long, bloody war against the rightful government with scarce supplies, low manpower, and without first securing the support of a benefactor of any kind.

That is to say, they make poor decision but manage to survive them- even if only just.

The beginn of Red Dawn

“I really tried to read thies stories, but there is so much wrong with it. I dont even no where to beginn with it. most of the time i dont know from which point of view is the stories being told. I also do not understand how someone who is so often disappointed, to trust someone in the next second. People whose trust was abused would never do this.”

I would argue that there are many people who have their trust abused over and over again because they are desperate to find someone they can trust. Naruto is certainly not at that stage, but just because he’s been betrayed before doesn’t mean he can’t try-and fail- again.

And, to be fair, a lot of the hardships he’s faced have been his fault. He’s well aware that he doesnt’ always have the best judgement.


“Why am I surprised by your weird kinky stuff still? No judgement”

Is it sad that I’m not actually sure what you’re referring to? I’m going to assume it’s Mai and Naruto getting it on next to a sleeping Mikoto., but I really don’t consider anything that happened in the chapter ‘Kinky’.


“I read the commentary on your website… Pls pls pls pls make Isobu a child. Pls pls. I always see Isobu as a little kid with scraped knees and missing his front teeth… He can call Naruto Tou-san.. As in he reminds him of his father Hagoromo… Or something like that. It could add more tension between Yagura and Isobu, for sure.”

That’s an interesting idea, though being me I was already thinking about making Isobu- wait for it- female. Big surprise, right? I can certainly see a young girl with dark greed hair in a braid wearing a light blue sundress and wearing a straw hat.


“Mai, Mikoto, Anko, and even Katsuri all in one chapter? What a nice treat. Also, I’m just going to go ahead and say that I’m counting down the chapters until Mikoto has sex with Naruto. Both of them are already tempted and Anko Mai exists in their lives. No way in hell they abstain from partaking of the other for too long.
Such vague language in regards to Naruto’s plans for Mizu. I understand that it’s to avoid spoiling what is to come in the next few chapters, but it nevertheless reads in a very… awkward fashion. You cannot convince me Naruto doesn’t already have plans for Yagura, so to see such nebulous wording around his plans really does feel like an author trying to avoid informing the audience. In the future either a different character perspective or a more third-person approach would aid the flow of the story.”

Hmm, I don’t know. I can always turn it into a running gag……

I’m kidding, it’s inevitable.

I’m sorry, I was not aware that it seemed vague. Naruto’s planning that either the Rebels will learn of his actions and it will result in them making a final stand- which would make it easier for him to wrap up his business in Mizu no Kuni- or they will remain ignorant and he’ll take them by surprise one base at a time.

If they do make a final attempt to overthrow Yagura he’ll head back immediately, but he doesn’t care which side ends up winning because he can mop up whoever survives.

As he tells Katsuri, he wants to burn the country to ashes. He intends for the Wolves to be the only living beings walking out of this war.


“:Yo, we get it alright. Naruto is the super Chad and f*** a lot of girls.

Every recent chapter has had this crap in it, when a plot point is happening it is cut off because every girl around Naruto is creaming at the sight of him and constantly needs his d***.

It was entertaining at first but now its repetitive and annoying, the story could have progressed much more if they weren’t constantly interrupted and jumped around.”

Indeed, I’ve been using the situations he finds himself in to interrupt some of the things he’s doing. Have you, perhaps, questioned why? Believe it or not, it does serve a purpose. You know, like helping me match events up in the timeline when I’m jumping back and forth between perspectives and across countries.

Shit takes time, I have to get the pieces where I want them somehow. As for my chosen methods, I don’t really know what to tell you. Everyone else seems to be entertained.


“:The story is starting to get very boring. The last 10 or so chapters felt all the same with nothing getting done.”

I had to go back and check the last ten, but you’re right that things haven’t finished. Mainly because ten chapters ago is when Naruto left for Mizu no Kuni and the arc hasn’t reached its conclusion.

I do intend to wrap it up with chapter 101 which I’m sure many of you will be pleased to know.

Other than that, I don’t have much of a response for you. Two of the twenty thousand people to read this chapter over the past week were disappointed enough to leave me a review saying such. Everyone else was either entertained or left to find something that would entertain them.

General Response and Closing

One hundred chapters, we’ve reached one hundred chapters.

Granted it’s taken nearly four years when it technically should have taken two, but we’ve made it.

I’d like to thank all of you who have supported me over these last hundred chapters, I still find it ridiculous that there are so many of you who enjoy my work.

I’m hoping we don’t have 100 chapters ahead pf us- especially as I transition into 10,000 word chapters – but who knows where this story will take us. Whatever it is, I’m looking forward to it.

Until I next have your attention,



    1. We might hit a million words, that’s definitely a possibility at this rate, but I don’t think I can survive adding a million words to a story six times larger than I had anticipated. My darling muse would strangle me for not working on all the other ideas she’s gifted me.


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