Commentaries – Sealkeeper Chapter 94

Ready the Wolves – Posted 2019.08.19

The following are the recorded responses of Eyazahrid to the feedback he received on the above listed chapter and the story in general for the week following. This document is to serve as a replacement to the traditional Author’s Note at the beginning and ending of chapters and will be kept separate from both the above listed chapter and any future chapters unless deemed sufficiently important.


Elements from some of the movies may be present later, yes. Will I tell you what I have planned? Maybe when I’ve made solid plans.


We’ll have to see what happens, won’t we? I would like to bring up one part of your review in particular, though- Why would Mikoto have any reason to suspect Naruto isn’t living comfortably in Konoha?

As far as she’s aware he hasn’t left since his trip to the capital of Hi no Kuni.

Shock Value

Adis left a guest review on chapter 44 mentioning that what I did within the chapter was for “Shock Value” and is what turned them away from the story. While I didn’t go back to see what happened in the chapter I can make a pretty good guess from the chapter’s name – Blood of My Enemy.

I am assuming Adis is referring to the Wolves and their allies consuming the blood of Inoichi but that left me somewhat confused. Shock value? Why would that be something shocking?

It was meant to be symbolic, ritualistic, and even a bit cultish. At no point was it intended to provide sensationalism to the chapter or story.

But it did get me thinking about how it could be mistaken for that and I think I’ve managed to figure out the issue- to me, cannibalism means very little. Humans are animals, seperated from the rest only by our advancements, and to consume them is not much different than having beef for dinner.

Now, if I was to choose between having beef and having human I wouldn’t choose human because a cow is far more limited in its uses. The human, having more potential, would be wasted in that instance.

If the human was dead, however, the cow would hold more purpose because it can still produce milk and reproduce. I would eat the human.

Value is determined by usefulness and potential. It’s not about who you are, it’s about what you can do.

Perhaps this thinking is a far cry from the attitude and beliefs of many others, something I realized when thinking about this review, but is what shaped that part of the story.

The parts removed from Inoichi were symbolic, Naruto speaking about each one, and so was the consumption of the now otherwise useless flesh. Perhaps there was no real benefit in eating it, no advantage to be had, but it represented the Wolves overcoming those standing against them and that is what gave it value to the participants.

It is entirely possible you disagree. That’s fine.

I am well aware that I see the world in ways that may not make sense to others and maybe that was what allowed me to bring about the Wolves.

Regardless, I hope this can help shed some light on why I decided to include ritualistic cannibalism to the story and I hope this insight into my beliefs did not scare any of you away from my work.

Consuming Abyss

While I’m please to learn that you were still able to enjoy my work after reading it again, I would not recommend re-reading all 600,000+ words with the release of each new chapter.


To the Guest who left “Seriously?” as a review on chapter 4.



I have absolutely no idea what you’re asking about but there’s a good chance I did indeed do…well, whatever it is you’re referring to.


I’ve heard mixed opinions on Itachi’s death and they’re divided about equally from what I can tell. For those pleased with it there’s not much to say, I’m glad you liked it.

For those less than satisfied, however, I will take a moment to go over my thoughts on the matter.

First, Itachi is not really a part of the story. We’ve seen him a few times and they’ve pretty exclusively been in scenes involving Mikoto. The only times he has been brought up are during Mikoto’s thoughts or conversations and I think once when someone compares a young Naruto to him.

Aside from giving more reasons for Mikoto to be in the Akatsuki in place of Tobi, he doesn’t really serve any purpose in this story.

Next, while Itachi is Kage-level {Or thereabouts} that does not make him some unkillable warrior-god. Despite what anime may wish you to believe, the human body is not nearly as resilient as they might portray it.

The human body is by no means delicate, but there are some things that will simply kill you and your strength and skill don’t matter once it happens.

It will certainly help you avoid those situations if your strong, fast, or observant but you only need to be distracted for a second for something to go horribly wrong.

When you think you’re finally going to get some from a woman you’ve lusted over for months? Yeah, you’re probably not considering that they may want you dead. I don’t blame the guy.

A Kunai through the throat? Unless they manage to miss everything important you’re dead. Well, no, you’re not necessarily dead from that but if you don’t have a medic on hand you’re as good as dead.

Last I checked the Akatsuki did not have a medic and Mikoto was definitely not calling in the others to help Itachi.

One of the reviews mentioned that they were dissatisfied with who killed him, saying that Mikoto was more or less a mook. I’m aware that she hasn’t done anything combat related within the story, but Zetsu didn’t approach her to join the Akatsuki just because she had a pretty face.

Well, it probably helped…..

Of all the Uchiha who could have been chosen it was Mikoto because she was capable and, while retired, had been in ANBU. At minimum she was A-ranked and the Sharingan, while complete bullshit, provides a huge boost in combat.

Now, both of them had Sharingan and -while I first dismissed the thought- it was likely that Itachi had his activated.

Because really, if you had a chance to remember that in perfect detail for the rest of your life you would be fucking doing it.

With both of them in possession of that Doujutsu neither really has a distinct advantage and Mikoto still has the element of surprise on her side. I find it entirely feasible that she could manage to plunge a knife into his neck and skip down the halls covered in his blood.

Having considered this issue, I’ve realized that the execution of the event may also play a part on some of you being dissatisfied. I had debated the merit of actually writing the scene but decided it wasn’t actually something people wanted- or needed- to see and that I really didn’t want to describe her seduction of her son any more than I absolutely had to.

For that reason it was done off-screan and, because it tickled my fancy, I turned it into a joke. I suppose I could have turned it into an ongoing joke by having her fail and flee as Orochimaru did and then every so often another member of the Akatsuki- for whatever reason- ends up trying to kill him and having to flee as well.

That actually sounds pretty good now that I’m thinking about it. Pein could notice that everyone seems to hate Itachi and that his presence is severely limiting the Akatsuki’s operations, those who tried to kill him could meet up in one of Orochimaru’s smaller bunkers and turn it into an “Itachi-Haters” club, or we could have a depressed Itachi wondering why no one who joins the Akatsuki wants to be his friend and why he keeps scaring them all off.

Might have to save this for a Crack-esque oneshot.

For the final thing, however, I would like to propose a question- Who else in the Akatsuki would have felt better killing him? He had to die, Mikoto’s role in the story demanded that her subplots be wrapped up eventually {I guess they could have ended in a non-favorable manner for her but that just didn’t feel right.}, so he needed to be killed.

Or die of VD.

Goddamnit, that’s a missed fucking opportunity now.

Having someone like Deidara, for example, being the one to kill him would have been far more unsatisfying and the more respectable members are too level-headed {Odd description to use when talking about the Akatsuki} for me to come up with a good reason for them to want to kill him in the first place.

Mikoto was always going to be the best choice and as soon as I placed her in Akatsuki she became the only choice.

After all, Tobi is a good girl.


I was going to try addressing this review- and I saved it for last- but I don’t actually have time and this commentary is overdue. I’m going to try to remember to address this in the upcoming Update and hopefully I don’t forget.

General Responce and Closing

Overall the feedback for chapter 94 was positive, a trend we’ve somehow managed for quite some time now. I may need to change the days for Chapters, Updates, and Commentaries now that my schedule has changed a few time. It wasn’t much of a problem the first time but now that I’m working somewhere else it isn’t working too well.

I’ll probably talk more about that in the upcoming update- another thing I need to remember- but for now it’s safe to assume everything will continue as it has been.


Until I next have your attention,


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