2/18 Update

I had been posting these updates every two or three days but my first mistress needed some attention so I spent the majority of my time this last week playing through Skyrim again and giving Warband a try.

I have no idea how I hadn’t played it yet when it’s such a fantastic game and I’ve owned it for years.

It’s a damn good thing I had a chapter ready to go, yeah?

You’ve probably noticed by now that the chapter’s already posted and there’s a good chance you’ve read it too.

Next chapter’s almost at the 5k mark, I’m just stuck trying to end one of the scenes, so hopefully I can drag myself away from the games long enough to figure that out and start making progress again.

I haven’t received any comments about it so far but I did want to talk about the way I had Tayuya addresses Naruto in this chapter.

Originally I was just going to google “Prince” in Japanese and use that, but the result “Oji” was close to Princess “Ojo” so I did go back to make sure I wasn’t accidentally using the wrong one. Of course, that lead to me actually looking up proper forms of address and I eventually ended up looking at court titles and ranks for the SCA.

Naturally, most Anime/Manga typically keep things much more simple but now that I had the information I just couldn’t bring myself to not use it. I consider myself pretty lucky that I had- on a whim- added the fact that Naruto was more focused on past customs than current ones into the story.

It allowed me to say that these titles were perhaps once used but you don’t see them now because they’ve fallen out of fashion and don’t apply to the current political structure of the world. Which, I guess, it pretty true in reality too.

Then again, I’m not in any way associated with any sort of Japanese court, so maybe they are still used frequently. At least they aren’t used much in the Japanese media I’ve enjoyed over the years.

“Denka” is used as “Highness” so I did make use of the official title “Ō” to differentiate him from a crown prince. In the “Modern” times of the story, the crown prince would just be the Daimyo’s son and would just be known as a prince. Naruto being a “Territorial Prince” means that he’s a ruler in his own right but still answers to someone else. As he’s a Daimyo who has voluntarily placed himself below another Daimyo when he created an alliance I felt that it was more fitting while still letting Orochimaru-and her subordinates- call him a prince.

I may have, in some way, fucked it all up. Feel free to let me know if that’s the case.

I like to make some use of Japanese in the story to keep that connection to its roots but I’m certainly no expert on it.

Or anything, really.

Realized while at work- my break is almost over so I need to finish this quickly- that while I don’t like mentioning reviews in my ANs I can mention them here without artificially inflating the wordcount of my story and scaring everybody off.

With that in mind, two reviews have caught my attention.

First, for those of you now shipping Naruto and Tayuya, the position of captain has been claimed by The Crimson Apocrypher- whether they realize it or not. If you’ve decided to board the H.M.S NaruTayuya you answer to them now.

The next one was from flamingsword108 who suggested Naruto losing his V-card in chapter 69. Really wanted to get that in myself and did consider having he and Tayuya share that but I have decided on something else. It will, however, be happening pretty soon.

Like, within the next three chapters soon if everything goes to plan.

That should just about do it for this update. So far the only feedback I have for the site changes was someone agreeing with me so the subdomain will probably change soon and you may start seeing posts that don’t really have anything to do with Sealkeeper. Hopefully they’ll still be entertaining.

Until I next have your attention,


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