2/21 Update

Technically, chapter 69 has just been finished. I mentioned in the last update that I was having some trouble ending one of the scenes and while I finally managed it, well, it takes up the rest of the chapter.

It’s scene two.

I had been planning on about five.

Now, I could continue writing those scenes and just have a larger chapter, but I’m quite liking these quicker updates. It’s going to feel slow because the two scenes are happening within an hour or so but hopefully the fact that it’s been a week and not three months will help alleviate the feeling.

The scenes will still be written of course- I would start tonight but I’ve been spending my free time finishing this chapter and would like to spend the rest of my last day off with my first mistress- but now it’ll just be an early start to chapter 70.

Not sure if that will be Mount and Blade or Skyrim, but either way it should be fun.

Back to the topic you guys actually want to hear about.

Mondays seem to be pretty good luck so far, so chapter 69 will be posted on 2/25. It also happens to be the day my bank clears my paycheck, so that just makes Mondays even better.

I’ll do my best to get progress made on the chapter but I go into work tomorrow- 2/22- and my next day off isn’t until 3/4 so time might be a little scarce between then.

Actually writing that now has me thinking I’d probably be better off just starting the next chapter- just in case- but my mistress has been patiently waiting for me all day and I really don’t want to upset her.

Maybe I can pull myself from her embrace an hour or so before bed and get some work done.

Wish me luck.

If I want any chance of things going to plan I’m going to need to finish this up here.

Until I next have your attention,


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