March 3rd Update

So, lots has been happening lately and it hasn’t been focused around chapter progress. We had been on such a roll, too.

I suppose it was inevitable that I’d have to eventually move to an actual site for full functionality and, more important, the ability to get live help. Ah, the benefits of opening your wallet.

It hasn’t forgiven me for that yet, but perhaps in time it will.

I’ve pretty much covered my site issues in the March 1st Update (part one and two) but I’ll just give a basic recap here.

I’ve mentioned my plans to make Sealkeeper.Eyazahrid into Read.Eyazahrid and had enough wisdom- thankfully- to know the chances of me fucking things up was high.

So I decided to make the change early to give myself time to fix everything that might go wrong by 3/4, which was the original plan for the change.

Tuirns out, this was one of those rare times that I was right and I managed to mess everything up. First it was some of my connected accounts- a consequence of cobblign together free services- havign issues and then when I tried to get around it I screwed up the name servers.

Because of that, I’ve spent the majority of my time migrating everything here and chapter progress has suffered.

Even so, we’ve hit 80% for chapter 71 which is planned for release on 3/11 so there shouldn’t be any delay as I work to have a couple chapters in reserve in case something comes up.

I have to admit though, I kind of like the new site more.

Please don’t tell the old one, I still love it.

Not much more to cover in this update and my break is almost over, so I’ll try to keep it brief.

I’ve been trained for a higher position at work for a few months now but still working at the lower lever waiting for a position to open.

Well, it’s opened. Great news for my wallet and my resume, not so great news for my free time because I’m going from 40 hours (though I usually spent 45-50 hours in the building) to 50 scheduled hours.

Hopefully I don’t end up spending 60 hours a week here, because that would slow me down tremendously.

Now, last subject.

I’m kind of hesitant to bring this up and just thinking about mentioning it has me uncomfortable, but it’s something I should mention.

No matter what, I do intend to continue with the site. It is, however, costing a pretty penny with the package I chose- and the fact that I have to pay a year in advance- so if you’d like to support the site all I need is for you to click one add before you leave.

That’s it.

I’m not going to ask for your hard earned money, but if you could click one of the ads every time you leave it would help me tremendously.

If not, well, I just got a promotion.

I’ll make it work.

Until I next have your attention,


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