Well, I’ve just come up with the end for chapter 83. It was nearly done for a while but I got distracted and, well, it got kind of weird. I don’t think it’s too out of place, but I certainly hadn’t planned on…actually, no. That’s chapter 83 so we’ll avoid talking about that for now.

Maybe in the next update. This update I’ll throw in a tidbit from 82, seeing as we covered 81 in the last and it’s been like four days.

With the completion of 83 we do have a solid five chapters in reserve which means I can start workign on that Skyrim story once I finish a week’s chapter. As I was getting two chapters and change done a week for a bit there, hopefully I can maintain a single chapter of Sealkeeper, make some progress in the new story- it needs a name still – I want to try, and dedicate a little more time to Menoly.

Then again, she does get quite a bit of attention already. So does Mydia and Muse when I think about it. Huh, maybe I’ll use that time for one of the other projects on my list. Speaking of that list, I should probably write it down at some point. Meh, I’ll get to it eventually. We’ll see how the writing goes first.

With the writing progress and planning covered, let’s focus on some of the other things’ I’m up to before I give you that little peak at chapter 82.

Actually, that almost exclusively means streaming because I don’t really do anything else besides videogames, writing, and work.

So, onto streaming!

Unfortunately something came up and SaintAngel22 wasn’t able to join in a game of Borderlands so instead Thursday’s stream was another session of Moon Hunters. Think I’m at like 10 hours already and I’m still enjoying it- and trying to figure out what the fuck I need to be doing differently- so we’ll probably continue visiting it pretty regularly. Friday’s stream was, well, an absolute mess.

We started by playing Risk of Rain 2 where MexViking- my DM, actually- joined us for three -I think it was three, maybe it was just two- doomed runs. Normally I can at least get to stage three but together we couldn’t get past stage two.

From there I ended up booting up the first Elder Scrolls game, Arena, but I couldn’t do it for long. Not only did something about it keep interrupting the stream and causing connection failures- though I can’t imagine how- but just looking at the world gave me a massive headache.

Daggerfall was the same -maybe I’m just spoiled- and Redguard, while better, felt incredibly strange to play and committed the grievous sin of not letting me randomly attack people. Could have booted up Battlespire but by then I was just done with DOS games.

We ended with some Morrowind, where everything except pests was able to slaughter me. Seriously, if it wasn’t a mudcrab or one of those larvae things it killed me. Managed a Guar right before I got off, but it took almost all my life.

Really need to find some armor and a sword that does some damage.

I do want to continue with Elder Scrolls games so while my plan of starting with Arena and working my way through them all may have been tossed aside because I lack the necessary willpower to slog through it I will try to get through Morrowind and Oblivion. Skyrim will have to wait until I’ve finished the story – and maybe that adventure will become a second story in the future- but the other two games should provide plenty of time for that, especially if I alternate between them and Moon Hunters.

But with that covered it’s time for your treat-


That’s right, you get the pleasure of seeing the progress of my lovely little Bonsai. And the other one, I suppose.

We’ll start with the lesser-

And then move on to the one your really want to see. She still needs a name, but I haven’t been able to come up with anything good yet.

I suppose you want that little glimpse into chapter 82 as well, don’t you? Fine, I suppose I can give you something.

Let’s see;

Sai shows why he’s in command, Team Seven receives their first mission, and Anko gets stabby.

Yes, that should work nicely.

Well, that should about to it for this update.

Until I next have your attention,


Has it really been almost a week since my last update? Whoops. Time seems to be flying lately and I’m not entirely sure why. Luckily, that flying time doesn’t seem to have impacted my writing too much.

Chapter 82 is “done” at some 90-something percent (96%, if i recall.) because I couldn’t come up with some short ending scene for it. Chapter 83 is at 20% while I write this and needs to be at least 40% complete by the end of the day if I want to have any chance in hell of getting it done on time- which would be by the end of tomorrow. technically i have until Monday to have it done, but that doesn’t leave me any time for that Skyrim story before I start working on chapter 84.

Normally wouldn’t be too much trouble- especially because a meeting I had scheduled for tomorrow has been canceled- but I actually have other things planned tomorrow, which is weird.

My Genasi Warlock needs to carve more eyes into the flesh of his enemies tomorrow morning and I’ll be streaming Thursday night. This has become semi-regular at this point, but SaintAngel22 -the only person to say anything on the stream other than Supernowy- should be joining the stream tomorrow as we play Borderlands on the PS4. Not sure if it will be Borderlands 2 or the Pre-Sequel and I’ve never actually streamed from the PS4 so I guess we’re winging it again.

Seems to be working thus far, we’ll keep it up until improv fails us. Shouldn’t be too long now.

Then again, we haven’t actually talked about it since he was downloading the game a week ago- should be done by now, I think- so maybe that will end up being Friday instead.

When I do get a chance to try the Skyrim fic in the next few days, I’m not sure what the update schedule might be or if I’ll even have one. I could do it as chapters are finished, wait until that story is done and just post the whole thing, or adapt the same strategy I’ve been using for Sealkeeper.

It would probably help if I knew how long it was going to end up being- or if, you know, I actually knew what I would be covering throughout the story- but I guess I’ll have more insight towards that by Monday the 29th. If all goes well hopefully I can mention it in chapter 78’s AN.

Bonsai’s still doing very well- she needs a name- so I’ll probably post another picture of her in the next update.

And speaking of updates, the April 16th Update [And I’ll be honest with you, I considered linking it there but decided it was too much work so I spent time typing this instead when I could have already had it done by now.] gave a little teaser about chapter 80 which I like the thought of.

With that in mind, let’s throw you another little scrap from one of the chapters I have done. Yeah, don’t forget that I have a stack of chapters already complete just sitting here waiting to be read. Things have already happened in the story and you won’t have any idea for weeks.

Kukukukukuku, it’s good to be God.

Now, before I end up loosing myself to one of my ego’s powertrips, here’s a little insight into chapter 81;

We meet the Wolf who’s been so helpfully expanding the apartment, the fathers of Otogakure’s future Hyuuga and Uchiha clans pass eachother in a hallway, and we see the results of Anko’s uniform request.

Hmm, that was actually a lot more detailed than the snipit about chapter 80 and yet it’s told you just about nothing.


Even better than the fact that I have all these chapters ready is the fact that I’ve started giving insight to chapters further away so that by the time you read the chapter you’ll have forgotten and won’t remember until you read the part I had mentioned.

It’s fantastic.

Well, that should about to it for now. I need to go work on chapter 83.

Hopefully I’ll see you during tomorrow’s stream but I’ll definitely see you on Monday for chapter 78. Remember to follow me on Twitter @Eyazharid [And Twitch too if you feel like it, I suppose] and to visit back regularly for more updates.

I’m usually a lot better at keeping these pretty frequent. It was the whole point of the site, after all.

Until I next have your attention,


Well, that didn’t go to plan.

I ended up sleeping in way later than I had been anticipating so I rushed to work and only had time to type a few paragraphs. Still, I’m writing this just after finishing chapter 80 so definitely some good news.

I say “finished”, but technically it’s only at 96%. I finished a scene and realized I couldn’t add anything after it without destroying the mood I had set. More like stumbled upon, really, but what really matters is that it was there.

I also immediately typed up the next scene for chapter 81 and have that at 5.84% so it’s all there, just not all in one chapter. It’s like DLC, but free!

You just have to wait.

My proposed schedule for chapters is in tatters, so I’ll whip up a new one and hope I can stick to it. Chapter 76 was just posted earlier- yesterday, by the time I’m writing this- so I need chapter 82 done by April 22nd in order to have five chapters after posting 77.

This seems, well, entirely doable actually. Huh, I think we’ve made it.

Chapter 81 needs to be done by the 18th and chapter 82 can be finished on the 22nd at the latest which means that if everything goes to plan I’ll be having chapter 83 done by the 25th and be able to use the 26th, 27th, and 28th to start that Skyrim story.

Damn, writing something new? I don’t know if I’m more excited at the idea or terrified that its’ going to be a horrible mistake. Should entertain you lot either way, I suppose.

I had been wanting to include a little discussion- I say that, but with just me talking it’s more of a lecture- about Kurenai and what my plans had been for her and her story but I really need to get to bed. So, on the next update I’ll include it so you can all see what my intentions had actually been.

You know, because you’ll never actually see them in the story at this point.


Anyways, because I’m not able to include that I will give you something else as, well, a consolation prize I suppose.

First, we have a picture of my lovely little Bonsai.

As you can see, she’s taken to the new soil very well. The other one hasn’t really changed at all but I don’t really mind because this one here is my favorite.

You know, if the fact that I actually gave this one a pot wasn’t enough indication.

The second thing I’m going to share with you all is something you’ll probably appreciate much more- the most vague, uninformative spoilers I can come up with.

Chapter 80 ends with Mai’s return but she still hasn’t settled things with Naruto at all.

And we’ll keep that our little secret, yeah? A reward for those of you who actually read these. See? There is a reason to keep up to date with Eyazahrid.

Now if only Eyazahrid could get his shit together and provide them more regularly.

Only a few more things to mention here.

First, thanks goes to the lovely nameless person who pointed out that one of my April updates had been titled as a March update.


Think I’ve fixed that- which means I couldn’t find it when I went to go check Twitter- and I’ll try to be a bit more vigilant in the future.

Thank you very much for bringing that to my attention.

The next thing I want to mention is that I did indulge Menoly on Thursday and Friday by spending a few hours playing some of the games I’ve been meaning to get to.

Because I was already not writing, I figured giving you the option to watch me procrastinate was only fair. I believe a few of you stopped by- including SaintAngel22 whom I spent both streams chatting with- but most of you were scared- or bored- away pretty quickly.

I suppose that’s fair, I’m a much better writer than speaker and I’m pants at live entertainment.

If you missed it and want to check out either stream they should be available at Twitch.tv/Eyazahrid. Not sure how long they’ll be there- I should probably check- but I’ll try to have them posted permanently somewhere.

You know, eventually.

I believe that about does it for this update so we’ll bring it to a close.

Until I next have your attention,