I don’t suppose this will be a very long post considering it’s pretty much just a link I need to put here, but We’ll see if we can stretch it out a bit so it’s not too sad.

First, the important bit. Click [Here] for the link into the server.

And, well, that’s really all you need.

But before you leave, some tips!

Read the Community Guidelines, those are the current rules. Things may need to be changed depending on how this goes but when they do change it will be on that page.

Mute the channels under the Tatsumaki category. Tatsumaki is one of the bots on the server and those channels used to have a lot of activity as people made use of it. Not sure if they still do, it’s been muted for like two months on my end.

The “Imperial Wolves” are our Admins, Mods, whatever you like to call them. A basic overview of how they’ll handle those who violate our guidelines can be found in the same channel, though the more detailed version is in their private channel.

Other than that, well, just know that the channels under the Personal Domains category can get a bit weird. Enter at your own risk.

That should do it for tips and now we have a proper looking post.

Until I next have your attention,


Another on-time update? it must be the end of the fucking world. What’s more, I actually have something I need to talk about this time.

I’ll give you a moment to recover from your heads exploding.

We’ll start with progress- it’s, well, its’ not been anythign exceptional but I did finish 108 and 107-A goes live next week so I have a bit of a lead. Notas much as I’d like, but it’s not too bad.

Of course I don’t think the scens I finished will necessarily be the ones for 108, so I may have simply done half of 108 and a quarter of 109. We’ll have to see how everythign goes.

Beyond that, well, I think we only need to cover the item I planned to.

On January First, Two-Thousand and Twenty [2020.01.01] the Eyazahrid Community Discord will be open to the public. Not completely, mind you, as some of the existing channels will be restricted.

Channels such as the spoilers for the early access- the reason for which should be obvious- or our many, many NSFW channels. Discord asks users if they’re 18+ but having them have to go through both Patreon and Discord is just an extra layer of security.

It’s also a good incentive to pay a dollar.

Kind of like all those $1 all-access ads I keep getting, but legitimate and without all the viruses.


But even without that you’ll have access to the most used channels in the server- well, the NSFW are pretty damn popular- which means a community of fellow fans and really, really easy access to yours truly.

Really, I spend too much time conversing in the Discord instead of actually gettign work done.

Will having more active members make that worse? Probably. Do I care? Not really, I’ll just have to buckle down and get more work done.

Preparations have already been made for this transition including three Moderators and a posting of the Rules for easy reference. Hopefully it will be enough as we get started.

Well, that’s about all I had- oh, nope, wait.

I’ve “finished” the Mito x Naruto lemon I was working on. I still need to go through and edit it for spelling and the like but if everything goes well I might have it ready tomorrow. I haven’t decided how it will be posted, but I’m thinking as a timed release on my Patreon page. Probably set it to be available publicly on January 1st as a sort of celebration, so look forward to that.

Probably not the best lemon, but it is better than my last attempt.

And with that covered we’re done.

Until I next have your attention,


I’m sitting in the hotel not really sure where to start with this. The last three days have been quite busy and I’m not sure what I should even talk about.

I suppose we’ll start with the familiar and do a quick mention of our progress. Unfortunately I haven’t gotten quite as much done as I anticipated being able to- There’s not much time in the morning and I only have an hour or so after I get back from dinner- but we are sitting at a solid 35% for chapter 95.

I hope to bring that to somewhere between 50 and 65% by the end of tomorrow but we’ll see how everything goes. According to the class head of us tomorrow is the toughest day of the week, though I don’t really see how. Today, after all, was some 114 degrees {Fahrenheit} and we were outside for a good portion of it.

I am pleased to be able to say I dealt with it better than a lot of them but it definitely wasn’t something I could call enjoyable.

And seeing as we’re- sort of – on the topic of my trip we’ll just continue along that vein. It’s been three days of mixed classroom and hands-on training with two more to go. We’ll be spending a lot of time outside tomorrow, which won’t be very fun, and on Friday we have a short day because people need to travel home for the weekend.

Some are only a state away, two of us live in the state, and there are a few unfortunate souls who live nowhere close to the training facility. As someone close, however, I get to enjoy the benefits of a shorted day. Not too worried about the pay because I’m getting close to the standard 40 and am already at a higher rate than my last job. The fact that I have no overhead or food expenses really helps too.

Well, I don’t have to have food expenses. Ended up buying something myself earlier because I was feeling famished but for the most part everything except my gas is covered. The restaurants are three minutes away and the training center fifteen, so I’m not going through anywhere near as much as I used to.

All in all, it’s a pretty good arrangement for this week. Next week I’ll be on the job for four days with a more experienced employee and then I’ll be back up here for a week. We’ll see how everything goes out in the field because I have a funny feeling it won’t be anywhere as simple and straightforward as training has been.

No Bonsai pictures this week- because I’m a hundred something miles away from them right now- but I did take a picture of my bags after I had packed them so feel free to enjoy the picture of everything I need to be able to just up and leave.

Well, almost everything. Can’t do much gaming with this but I can write, draw, and waste my time on the internet with everything here. Not the greatest of packers because there are only enough clothes here for about a week.

Oh, speaking of both being able to draw and not having pictures, I actually do have pictures of a drawing I did recently. I used to draw all the time, though I didn’t really have much control over what I was drawing but recently I tried my hand at it again.

So, what did Eyazahrid draw when trying to get back into it?

An ass, naturally. The best? Not even close. Recognizable? Yeah, I’d say so. Obviously I have a budding career as a creator of adult content just waiting for me to drop my writing so I can dedicate all my time to it.

Then again, I’m sure you’d all just prefer it if I added lemons to my stories, hm? Or perhaps just lemon stories, you people would probably be into that sort of thing.

Not that I have any intention of doing one anytime soon, I have no idea how I could manage to pull one off wile adding my distinctive Eyazahrid signature to it. I’m not even sure what tat signature would be, so I suppose that’s the first thing I need to fix if I’m ever going to provide you all with poorly written adult content.

Or maybe it will turn out really good, I’ll adapt it into a book or three, and then they’ll make a movie about it. Bestselling Erotic Novelist title here I come.

But seriously, I have way too much I’m still trying to get done to spend time on something like that. Maybe when I feel more caught up. Like when Sealkeeper is over.

It’s an odd thought, isn’t it? Eventually Sealkeeper will be over and I’m going to have to start a new project from scratch. Definitely going to have to have the first month of updates done for the new story before Sealkeeper ends so I can get you re-hooked on my work before you manage to escape.

Speaking of work, I’ve been redoing the Forum on Eyazahrid.net and have almost finished it. Hopefully it works better than the last one. You know, for all the use that one received. I’m also trying to get a discord set up- it’s more or less done, I just have to write up some rules for it and make some dedicated channels- which I can probably finish up next week without too much trouble.

Provided I’ve finished that chapter, of course.

No stream this week, as I mentioned in the last update, and next weeks is up in the air too. All depends on what my schedule is next week and when I actually manage to get home. The week following that I’ll be back up here for training, so there will be no stream that week either.

I think that about does it- I can’t think of anything else and need to be getting to bed for training tomorrow- so we’ll call it good here.

Until I next have your attention,