When I wrote my last update I was sitting in a hotel halfway through my first week of training. Tonight I’m sitting at me desk trying not to fall asleep after a long day in the sun.

As it so happens working outside in 106 degree weather is not fun- and I’m pretty sure that was the coolest day this week. Even so, I’m enjoying this work far more than I ever did my last position.

I miss the air conditioner, naturally, but even working eleven hour days the time just flies by and before I know it I’m at home with a cold one. I’m making a little bit less but I’ve worked an entire shift less, which I now need to devote to my writing.

I had a chance last night- before I just surrendered to sleep- to at least write down notes for the scenes I want to cover for chapter 96 but I don’t have a single word for it yet.

Was going to start tonight but then I realized I was due for an update so I’ll need to get most- or preferably all of it – done tomorrow. We’ll see how successful I am.

Another week of classroom training is coming up Tuesday which will be an absolute cakewalk compared to this week. The hardest part will be how slow it’s going to feel compared to my last four days.

Overall, however, it seems that I made a good decision in changing careers. It will be even better once winter hits and I’ll absolutely loathe myself come next summer. Hopefully I’ll be used to it by then.

And the sales I was worried about? Some of those customers make it really easy so I think I’ll be fine. Now, if only I wasn’t so damn slow. I’ve managed a whopping two service calls a day so far, which is prety damn pitiful.

Well, today wasn’t so bad. The jobs we were supposed to do had a pretty high labor value and we almost got it all done in time despite everything that decided to go wrong.

But you didn’t come here to listen to me talk about my job, you want to know about my work.

Huh, I suppose that’s….accurate.

Perhaps a bit misleading but we’ll- I’ll- work on it.

So, moving on to important things.

We’ll start with my response to PraetorXyn so that it’s finally done. I gave up on Sunday because I was tired and didn’t have time but even now I’m looking at it and cursing myself for deciding to respond and again for making those intention known in the Commentary.

One day I’ll stop myself from rambling on these things and save myself a whole lot of trouble.

I’m going to cut the review into pieces and respond to each segment because it’s more efficient. And by that I mean easier.

‘The main thing being Naruto constantly getting prideful and doing the stupidest possible rash thing and then regretting it afterward and sulking indefinitely, only to do it again and again to the point it’s so predictable it doesn’t even need to be foreshadowed.’

I have indeed used his pride several times in the story, burning him with it each time. Perhaps I have not properly shown this within the story but I’ve had him set aside his pride a little bit more each time. He’s not instantly humbled- his children look to him as a god, it would be exceedingly easy for him to allow his ego to get away from him -but he reacts less and less rashly, making decisions based on what is more to his- and his children’s- benefit.

His recent bursts of pride, for example, include the matter of Shizune and Clicky discarding the work he did to aid him. Comparing that to the pride and arrogance he showed back when he interacted with Ino and you can see he has made significant progress.

Again, he hasn’t managed to just toss his pride away- yet anyway- but he has become better at tempering it. As for his “Sulking” I believe that may be more due to my writing style than anything else. I like to focus on character’s thoughts and emotions and when I bring them up so frequently I can see how it might be too much. With Naruto as one of the most featured perspectives it could definitely seem drawn out.

I’ll endeavor to condense my focus on such to scenes directly after- or during- events to keep from making it such a prominent part of the story.

I couldn’t find a good part to cuttoff in the next segment, so here’s the whole paragraph;

Secondly, making an Uzumaki with a secondary chakra system have “average” chakra is frankly insulting, especially when it is obviously done to keep him from being overpowered, when him being overpowered is the only thing that makes any sort of sense in universe, the sabotaging of which doesn’t contribute to realismit shatters immersion into little pieces. An author’s note to describe why it was done was completely unnecessaryNaruto being OP makes 100% sense, if he’s not it’s always because the author didn’t want him to be just cause. The sad thing here is that he was already substantially nerfed by not being the Kyuubi Jinchuriki, thus losing the ability to spam thousands of clones to gain decades of training in months. Hell, he wasn’t even that strong aside from his chains. I don’t recall him ever doing a thing but stealth, kenjutsu, and the chains. There was no need to nerf him further by crippling his chakra system, and the idea it couldn’t be fixed by biting Karin or working with the Bijuu or Tsunade making a new discovery and healing him to finally make up for her mistake (while I am at it, add the two of them never even meeting to my list) or something is ludicrous too.

First, I don’t know where this “secondary chakra system” of yours is coming from. He has a single Chakra system and had access to a small pool of Mito’s Chakra. At the moment, he can draw upon Karura’s Chakra but, again, that’s a pool of energy he can access, not an independent system.

He is overpowered, massively so, but not through individual might. I didn’t want to make a story where the main character was the reason all of their allies were succeeding or was walking around as an unkillable god. I wanted to make a story in which someone had strength through those under their command.

The idea behind Naruto is not “power”, it is “control”. No, that’s not a good way to put it. Power comes from might and power comes from control. Naruto is supposed to represent control- it’s why I gave him an army. There’s little point in him having such an army if hes’ strong enough to end one on his own.

While I’m not completely familiar with Karin’s abilities or the mechanics behind them, I faintly recall what I put in that AN. You cannot “fix” his system because it is not “broken”. It is limited. If you break your knee- pretty sure I used this example in the AN too- it can heal but it might not heal to what it once was.

If it makes more sense to you, you can instead say that the issue with the Chakra system stunted its growth. There are things that can be done to lessen the effects of stunted growth but you can never fully undo the damage. It is “healed” it is not perfect.

Of course, if you’ve been paying close attention to the story- and have a really good memory- you may have noticed that I’ve provided a solution for him already he simply has yet to realize or use it.

Not sure why someone might not think he was powerful before his Chakra system felt the effect of Mito’s exodus, though. I quite clearly remember describing him using a mass of chains to tear up training grounds, making and destroying mountains with ease.

He’s also a fucking Ninja. He’s supposed to use stealth. Just because Kishimoto wanted to make his Wizard Manga doesn’t mean I have to keep all of his characters like that.

On the matter of Biju, you may recall that he was able to get around his limitations using the Chakra of Karura so I have absolutely no idea what more you’d want from that- the presence of energy harmful to humans instantly fixing issues caused by other Chakra that’s harmful to humans? It’s not supposed to be there in the first place.

Why hasn’t Tsunade met with Naruto? Because she’s spent the last few decades running from her problems. It’s who she is and what she does. Perhaps that will change in the future, there’s always room to grow and she has an in with Shizune so it’s entirely possible that at some point she’ll be able to face her mistakes.

“Naruto is also just really hard to like at times too. He won’t let anyone explain themselves, see Kushina and Yugao, like a petulant child. He was willing to help Yagura commit genocide just because there’s less risk there. Yes, protecting the wolves is a noble goal, but they are Shinobi for ***sake number one, and number two it’s an obvious mistake he’ll immediately regret if it happens, see my first point. Continuing to make the same mistakes doesn’t make him human, it makes the mistakes seem obviously contrived. The point of making mistakes is to learn from them and stop making the same one.”

Kushina has not attempted to explain herself- she jumped straight into trying to make things right and only managed to confirm Naruto’s belief that he doesn’t need her in his life anymore. Sending away Yugao was an act of restraint, not petulance. He was absolutely furious- primarily at himself for trusting her- but he still cares deeply for her. And while Naruto doesn’t know the exact specifics as we do, he does know that there’s not much to explain.

Her actions were a direct betrayal of his trust and cost his children their lives. The best she could possibly say is that she was duty-bound and why should Naruto care for her duty when his is to ensure the safety of his Wolves? The pack comes before everything and he considered her part of his pack.

Her actions quite clearly tell him that she has no interest in being a part of it.

Yes, they are Shinobi. They are also his children. He worries more because as Shinobi they are going to inevitably be in dangerous situations. He will do whatever he can to minimize that so he doesn’t lose them.

It is natural to want to protect the things that you love.

Naruto may be similar to Danzou, but Naruto is not Danzou. He cannot see his children as weapons.

When it comes to genocide, I’m not sure why you think he would regret it. The Bloodline rebels are not a part of his pack nor are they residents of Konoha which he considers his home. They don’t matter to him in the slightest and if slaughtering them all helps his children he’ll do it in a heartbeat.

You mat have noticed, but he is not necessarily a “good” person.

If you’ve managed to never make the same mistake more than once I have to congratulate you. After my first mistake I usually only realize I’m doing it again halfway through for a few times before I start catching myself before I start.

You know, like writing this at night even though it always takes way longer than I anticipated and I really need to get to bed. Still haven’t learned this lesson, evidently.

And with that I’ll end this response so we can cover the rest of the update before I loose consciousness.

Sealkeeper, as mentioned before, has no progress for the next chapter. I’ll try to keep you updated through twitter so you know how progress is going.

I haven’t had a chance to work on any other writing projects- though I have quite a few I’d like to dedicate some time to- but I did promise Valkipher that for every chapter he managed to post for the story he was working on I would work on one of the projects he really wanted to see realized.

So, as soon as he has his first chapter posted I’ll start working- well, I may start some of it a bit early- on a Naruto/FemDanzou.

Yes, you read that right.


Pretty sure it ended up coming up in a conversation while I was streaming and he really liked it. I have no idea how it will go but I’m sure I can come up with something.

Hopefully it’s not too much of a disaster.

If there’s more I wanted to talk about I can’t think of it anymore so I’m calling this an update and retiring for the evening. I’m sure I’ll remember what else i needed to say in the morning.

Until I next have your attention,


Warning – Possible Spoilers

The following post relates to an ongoing plot element in Sealkeeper: He Who Binds and may spoil future revelations within the story. If you do not wish to know the author’s thoughts on the matter please skip to the end where I will provide a brief, spoiler-free recap of this post.


Figured I’d better get this done as soon as possible before I forget about it and have to rush last-minute. There has been some expression of confusion surrounding Naruto and his position as High-Priest so I thought I’d take a moment to go over it.

First, this is not a new thing. The Amulet of Aū was first seen in Chapter 18 ‘Hinata no Mikoto’ and Naruto first made us of it at the end of Chapter 29 ‘Child of Aū‘. The very first serpent he summoned to contact Orochimaru referred to him as High-Priest because he was the one in possession of the amulet.

So, what’s the story of the Amulet of Aū?

That’s a damn good question. It may take away from the experience, but the honest truth is that the recent chapters where I reintroduce the idea was simply a bout of inspiration I decided to follow. Sort of like Mai’s doubt but not universally hated.

I’m going to break this post down into two sections, what I know about the situation and what has actually been covered in the chapters. I’ll be doing them in that order too so that anyone not wanting to read spoilers doesn’t have as large a risk.

First, the Amulet of Aū is a legendary item, closer to Orochimaru’s Kusanagi than Mōryō’s Tooth in status. Aū’s High-Priest was given this as a show of status. Unlike the priestesses who all shared a bloodline the amulet was passed down at the High-Priest’s discretion. If they died before it changed hands Aū would decide who received it next.

As for Aū, he is the Golden Serpent God of the Sun- which is only somewhat ironic considering his High-Priest is using the name of the Moon Deity.

But Eyazahrid, Amaterasu is the Goddess of the Sun!

Aū is intended to be more raw and primal than the Shinto gods, a deity that has been around since long before any creation story and who would have watched them all play out. One might go as far as to say that Aū is above the other gods and that it is by his grace that Amaterasu is allowed to continue calling herself the Sun Goddess.

One can also say that Amaterasu is the goddess of the sun but Aū is the sun.

I kind of like that explanation, actually, considering the moon of the Naruto-verse contains the body of the Jūbi {At least, I think I recall that. I gave up partway into the Fourth Shinobi War and have only a very basic idea of what happened during and after}. It’s got a nice sense of balance to it.

But Eyazahrid, which is it?

Well, having just typed it up and rather liking it it’s now the second one. Like I said earlier I don’t really know the full story because I haven’t gotten to it yet. Until the last two chapters it hasn’t really mattered because Naruto had only used the Amulet once.

Even so, I do have some ideas for the amulet that may or may not end up official Sealkeeper Cannon- and isn’t that an odd concept?- that I’ll place here for you to look over. if you really like something let me know, it will have a better chance of not being scrapped when I second guess my ideas.

Aū and his children {The Golden Serpents} are not actually summons. Despite being summonable through the Amulet of Au they aren’t like the toads, slugs, or even the snakes of the summoning realm. Instead, like their father, the golden serpents are Kami, albeit far lesser spirits than their father.

As for the mother? At this point I’m thinking they were either spawned from sunbeams or that Amaterasu was their mother and carried the children of Aū in return for being allowed to be the Sun Goddess.

Oh, that sounds pretty good. I kind of like it. She already avoids her brother/husband after he slew her friend- I covered this at the end of chapter 85 ‘Amaterasu’ or you can look up the story of Tsukuyomi and Uke Mochi – so maybe after that happened she began to do her duty to Aū and gave birth to his children.

I’m really liking this. Hell, with her being ‘human’ I now kind of want to introduce Yuan-Ti to the Naruto-verse serving Naruto the High-Priest. Elder Children of the Golden Serpent? Sounds almost like a book on its own, or maybe a 5E Campaign Setting. Might have to steal that for my campaign, actually.

And yes, I’m just making all this up now as I write it down. You are seeing my thought process as accurately as it can be expressed in writing.

Lucky you.

Continuing on, with these serpents being spirits it does support the sense of divinity Naruto has been building up around him. When he uses the Amulet of Au he is a vessel for divine powers, powers that haven’t been evoked in a very long time.

What will this mean for Naruto in the future? I’m not sure but it’s going to be a lot of fun finding out. Hmm, Wolf Cult, Sheep Cult, and now a Serpent Cult? I’m detecting a pattern.

The Great Elder Serpent Koshi Nii-sama, featured in chapter 93 ‘Double ‘, is actually one of Aū’s children and the progenitor of the Snake Summons. His name- Koshi – is a reference to the Yamata no Orochi which was called the “eight-forked serpent of Koshi” in the Orochi myth.

For those wondering where Aū’s name comes from, Au is the chemical symbol of gold. I just added the fancy ” Ū ” at the end.

We’ll leave those ideas alone for a bit and move on to what has been covered already in the posted chapters for those not entirely sure.


The following section is certified as Spoiler-Free by the Eyazahrid Enterprises Quality Assurance Team to contain only material already covered in publicly released chapters of ‘Sealkeeper: He Who Binds‘.

The EEQUAT is not responsible for your curiosity getting the better of you and forcing you to scroll up to non-certified sections of this document.

Alright, to clarify matters of Naruto’s status as High-Priest I’ll be including things that have been covered in the story so far below. If you were curious about other aspects of Aū and his children in Sealkeeper: He Who Binds you may scroll back up, though you risk spoilers if you do.

The Amulet of Au first appeared in Chapter 18 ‘Hinata no Mikoto’ .

It was first used in Chapter 29 ‘Child of Aū‘.

The serpent summoned at the end of Chapter 29 first addressed Naruto as “High-Priest”.

The Amulet of Au requires blood to be rubbed over its surface, much like the Kuchiyose no Jutsu. The blood is absorbed during the summoning. A secondary requirement for the summoning is that the light of the sun must shine on the amulet. <S:HWB C22-TPM>

In addition to allowing one to summon the “Children of Aū” those who wear the amulet are safe from serpents, even those commanded by a snake summoner. <S:HWB C22-TPM>

Naruto’s second summoning of a golden serpent – Chapter 91 ‘Purple Pineapple’ – lead to him learning that Aū had been watching him and was eager to see what he was going to do.

Naruto received the Amulet in Chapter 22 ‘The Pieces Move ‘ and does not fully understand what it is. Orochimaru, while slightly more informed due to their dealing with the Snake Summons, also does not know the full weight of the gift they gave Naruto.

The Snake Summons hold a deep respect for Aū, his children, and his High-Priest as shown by Koshi and, in a way, Manda. Manda does not believe that there is a High-Priest and instead thinks Orochimaru is trying to deceive him.

Despite that, we learn from Manda that the original bloodline of Aū’s priestesses – which we can assume was originally a hereditary position – was lost long ago and the priestesses afterwards ended up falling away from the faith. There has not been a High-Priest in a very long time. <S:HWB C93-D>

Due to the original possession of the Amulet of Aū, it is quite possible that Orochimaru’s previous body was a descendant of either the original priestesses- the bloodline found- or one of those who abandoned their duties. Even Orochimaru would not know which it was, if they had any relation to the priestesses at all. <S:HWB C18-HNM>

It is entirely likely they just came into possession of a pretty piece of jewelry.

The only one who would be able to say either way would be Aū himself, but they have yet to make a direct appearance in the story thus far.

I hope that by bringing the details we know about Aū and his children into a single document it has helped paint a clearer picture of the situation and has prompted you to consider all the ways it may factor into future chapters. I have found myself rather excited about all the avenues we might explore going forward and am eager to try implementing some of them.

If you like any of the ideas I’ve mentioned here and wish to use them- specifically those dealing with Aū as mentioned in the non-cannon section- you are more than welcome to so long as you give credit and let me know so I can check your story out.

I’d love to see how you make use of Aū and his children in the Naruto-verse.

Or, perhaps, even in other fandoms.

Until I next have your attention,


Well, this is fun. I’m sure there was a whole bunch for me to talk about- not in the ‘Yeah, I was probably supposed to cover more’ but in the ‘I was supposed to cover more’- but my plans for the day- to be fair I was just going to finish chapter 94, which has exceeded our 5k standard length, and type this up- were rather rudely interrupted by one of the rooms losing the use of its outlets.

Apparently it’s become a common thing for the breaker to trip, which no one had mentioned to me yet. So common, in fact, that they managed to completely wear the poor thing out. Unfortunately for me the nearest hardware store open at 7pm- rather, that would still be open when I was leaving at 7pm- also happened to be, well, not close.

I live well outside city limits anyway so by the time I got back I should have already been in bed and this should have been posted. Judging on the above, I’m sure you can come to the conclusion that neither of those happened. You’d be right.

Switching out the breaker- a little bit of me died inside when I upped the Amp rating without checking the draw- only took a whopping minute and a half in the dark- because the sun was down before I even reached the store- which makes the fact that so much of my time was wasted to fix it ridiculous.

Hopefully the higher amperage will keep it from tripping all the time and I didn’t just condemn the house to an inevitable blaze. Suppose I could have bought the two-pole 25 Amp and just replaced one of the others too instead of jumping up to the one-pole 30 but hindsight is 20/20.

Despite what all my eye exams always said, mine is not. Those letters? Apparently I’m really good at guessing.

I’m going to toss on the customary Bonsai pictures below before I go over the things I was supposed to go over but don’t have time to. Probably just do another update later in the week- maybe another Sunday one- or a separate post addressing the larger subject.

Anyway, Bonsai;

And, as a bonus, I suppose I’ll throw in a picture of the household’s cats. Only one of them is mine.

Left to right; Oliver, Tarzan, Teto

And now that you’re all happy from the cat picture I can disappoint you with what you missed.

Huh, maybe I should have done that in reverse? Bah, who am I kidding? You came here for the pictures anyway, you don’t care about what I’m not including.

Well, aside from a teaser. I don’t have a reserve of chapters yet- though with the way this week is going I might end up one chapter ahead, we’ll see- so I can’t really tease much. I could. I won’t.

Moving on.

Wednesday Updates seem to be working fine. Overall visitors to my site had already dropped pretty low so I can’t quite determine the effect of splitting the posts- maybe it would improve if I announced the posting of the commentaries- but that doesn’t matter much anyway.

I was planning on streaming tomorrow- I have no idea what, but something– but as it so happens tomorrow is my brother’s birthday and the family wants to get together for a celebratory dinner. Depending on what time that is I may do an earlier stream but that was already inevitable because my sleep schedule has changed.

Friday I have my final paperwork for the new job and my training starts on Monday, a few hours after I normally post the chapter. You’ll probably get the chapter much earlier than normal. Well, that or late. Depends on whether or not I can get up on time.

The training is luckily only few hours north- like three or so- so I just have to get up early and drive up unlike whatever poor bastards they’re flying in from out of state.

I’ll be spending a week up there, writing after training is finished for the day, so hopefully I can at least keep up. If I’m really lucky I may even get ahead. I’ll be back Friday evening but because of the new sleep schedule I’ll probably be in bed soon after, so don’t expect a stream that week.

Following that I have a week of on-the-job training here which may keep me from streaming again and may even interrupt my writing- we’ll see how it goes- so with any luck I can get ahead over the next week so it isn’t an issue. That or I really have to crank out the chapters on Saturday and Sunday. Not fun, but doable if necessary.

That whole process will repeat again- another week up north and another on the job- before my training is ‘done’. It’s a new field, so somewhat nervous, but everything should be fine.

Well, as long as I can manage sales. That’s going to be my least favorite part of the job, I can tell. Bonuses for making sales? I’m all for that. Making sales a necessary part of your job when you’re there to install something? I hope we have something good or I’m going to end up looking for a job again.

Which would be a pity because this job seems like something I could really enjoy.

Details aside, work boils down to ‘I’ll try to get chapters out normally but don’t expect streams over the next month or so until I figure this shit out’.

And on the matter of streams, again, we’ll probably be having them earlier. You know, if I continue doing them. Only a few people ever show up so it may be better to just make a discord where we can all chat. Well, I have that actually. I’ve just only sent an invite to one person so far because its so far down on my to-do list it won’t get done until I absolutely need it.

I have some Planetside streams I need to upload to Youtube still [Might be what I end up doing tomorrow] and I hope to have chapter 94 finished and chapter 95 started tomorrow. I’d like to work a bit on my D&D campaign but I haven’t started running yet so it’s not a priority.

Think that about does it, I’ve managed to cover most of what I wanted to. The only thing left- I believe – is about Naruto and his status as the High-Prophet in Sealkeeper: He Who Binds.

Don’t really have time for that right now, so I’m going to make that its own post hopefully tomorrow or Friday.

I need to get my ass to bed so;

Until I next have your attention,


As I mentioned in an earlier update we’d probably be moving these to Wednesday which means I had extra time to carefully prepare this update. I totally did not start typing this between Warframe missions an hour and a half after I was supposed to be in bed.


Not at all.

Yeah, I totally did. Which ids dumb but time really just slips away when playing that damn game. So does money, but that’s unrelated. Me and my horrid spending habits are not up for discussion at this time.

So far progress for the next chapter is good [50%] so we’ll have another update next Monday unless something goes horribly wrong. I should probably just spend all my time writing to get that stockpile of chapters up again but the temptations of Menoly are hard to resist.

I’m trying to remember what I was supposed to be mentioning in this update but am drawing a blank, so we’ll skip over to the Bonsai pictures while I try to figure out what I’m forgetting.

And for the sake of size comparison;

As you can see, the least favored has surpassed her sister by quite a bit. I’m still waiting for them to gain color so I can confirm which is which, though, but we won’t hit 9 months until the end of next month so color is probably still a long ways off.

That’s fine, I’ve got time.

Well, no, I don’t. I’m supposed to be doing things but I get distracted. Like today, for example. I was supposed to go to bed three and a half hours ago- yes, it’s been two hours since I started this- but I’m still running missions on Warframe and writing this.


On the bright side, I did remember what I was going to say. It’s probably not the brightest plan but earlier when I was making myself some dinner it occurred to me that it’s been a very long time since I actually read a Naruto fanfiction so I had the bright idea that I’ll skim some of the newer stories tomorrow to get a feel for the current offerings.

This should be good because it will allow me to reconnect to the Naruto fanfiction community that I’m probably out of touch with but it does run the risk of me getting hooked on reading- it takes a lot less effort for me to read a story than write a chapter- so hopefully I can still finish that chapter this week.

We should be good.

Probably. Eyazahrid

There was probably more I needed to address but I’m tired and this needs to be done. If I’ve missed something let me know.

Until I next have your attention,