Finished a scene yesterday- actually this morning if we want to get technical- that had us above the 5k words mark, so the chapter can be considered “complete”.  Did have some more scenes I had intended to cover and with a few more days until I post 67 without review I’ll continue writing them.

Not sure if they’ll be added to make 68 longer or will simply become the start of chapter 69, but I’ve got time to figure that out. Naturally, I’m already leaning heavily towards smaller, more frequent updates- though you all know how that turned out last time- instead of these 7k-20k word updates after three months.


Well, you’ve got at least two chapters coming up in the next two weeks so whatever gods you’ve been sacrificing to have heard your prayers.

This will probably be the last update here until I post chapter 67 on, erm, Monday? Pretty sure the 11th is Monday. The sad thing is that until I mention that there were updates here between the chapters no one will really know, which means none of these updates on chapter progress will be read until after it’s posted.

Another marvelous example of Eyazahrid efficiency.

Back on track, as this will be the last post here for the next few days make sure you follow me on Twitter @Eyazahrid for brief updates and chapter post notifications.

Feel free to read the other updates too, because one or two of them contained questions I’d like your opinion on.

Then again, I’m pretty sure I added them to the AN of chapter 67, so you could just read it there.

Don’t really have anything more to say here- but seriously, if you think having this blog cover all matters of Eyazahrid fanfiction is a good idea and you have a new subdomain name for it, let me know. Please- so I think we’ll end it here.

Only have a few minutes to start typing up the next scenes before my shift anyway.

Until I next have your attention,


So, the chapter’s been done since January 28th but ncpfan is currently busy with some things in his personal life and as such hasn’t had a chance to look things over. I’d prefer to have them look it over before posting, but I also know you’re all eagerly awaiting the next chapter. Today marks one week since I sent it and if I don’t hear back from him in another week I’ll just post it for you all to enjoy.

On the plus side, I do have between twenty to thirty percent of the next chapter done already. Who knows, maybe I’ll have that one ready to go before i hear from ncpfan and you can have two chapters back to back.

Fingers are crossed.

Twitter updates start with the posting of the next chapter, so follow me @Eyazahrid and check back regularly to stay in the loop.

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Alright, this probably won’t end up being a daily thing but I happen to have another update to keep you all in the loop. I’d say I made some pretty decent use of my day off [And my time today before work] because while chapter 67 isn’t quite finished it has now grown past 10k words.

Yes, you heard that right.In the twelve days since my last update not only have I reached my 5k minimum for a chapter but have doubled it.

And I’m not done yet.

While I’m sure that probably excites most of you, that also constitutes as the good news.

The bad news is that I don’t have another day off until Friday so I’ll be trying to write in whatever free time I can secure for myself.

The goal is still to have the chapter posted by January 31st but at this point it’s going to require a good helping of luck for me to pull off. Technically I have like four days, but I also have to get it to ncpfan and hope he’s free.

If the gods smile down upon us, I may be able to wrap the chapter up with a scene or two before my shift today- I have about forty minutes – and before I leave tomorrow. That would give us three days in case he’s busy, so hopefully we can pull it off.

If not, well, it’s still a larger chapter a lot sooner than most of you were expecting, so definitely a good thing.

I’m going to start sending out updates on posts here and for chapter progress on Twitter starting with the posting of chapter 67, so feel free to follow me @Eyazahrid if you want some simple updates without looking here.

Should you enjoy these chapterless ANs you’re still in luck because I’ll announce posts I make here too so you can immerse yourself in whatever inane specifics I post about how the chapter’s coming.

That should about do it for now.

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