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      Community Guidelines

      The following guidelines are begin written to govern postings on the Eyazahrid Forums with the exception of the Eyazahrid Project Board {EPB} which will be covered under the EPB Regulations available on the forum.

      General guidelines will be made for all other forums, with specific exceptions and further regulations listed for the NSFW Forum.

      Guidelines may change at any time without notice. Moderators and above may make a judgment call on your post and take appropriate action before amending the publicly available guidelines. If a Moderator makes a call on your post for a reason not covered in the guideline and the guidelines are not updated within one week please inform another Moderator or Keymaster.

      A proposed update to the Guidelines may still be under consideration and, should the proposed update be denied, there is a chance your post will be restored. Posts will be marked as trash and submitted for a review pending any deletions. If a Moderator deletes your post and you suspect they did not submit it for review please reach out to a different Moderator or Keymaster.

      Only a Keymaster may delete a post without review.

      If you feel a Moderator has acted in an unprofessional manner or has made an incorrect judgment please reach out to a Keymaster. If you feel the same about a Keymaster you may reach out to Eyazahrid through the normal channels [Eyazahrid’s contact information can be found on under Contact] or by emailing

      If your post has been marked as Trash it is pending review before deletion. During this period you may request a copy of the post if you are unable to obtain it yourself. Our team will make reasonable accommodations to provide you with your post before it is deleted but retrieval is not guaranteed. If your post is being removed because the owner of the contained material has contacted us they will be notified if a copy of your post was sent back to you.

      The posting of non-transformative copyright material is not permitted with exceptions for reference, discussions, and inspiration. Use of copywritten material for those purposes- or for the purpose of turning it into transformative work- will be permitted until the owner of the copyright requests otherwise.

      Eyazahrid and the administrators of will remove copywritten material upon owner’s request. If your work has been posted to the Forums or into the Community Discord without your permission please reach out to our admin team at

      Due to the open nature of the forums and our small administrative staff will only be checking for specific infractions to the Community Guidelines and will rely on users and copyright owners to bring other violations to our attention. proudly hosts files for the community provided by the community and does not claim to own anything posted by its users.

      Original ideas may be present in transformative work posted, discussed, or otherwise promoted by Eyazahrid. Eyazahrid does not own the original work nor does he claim to. Any original work produced by Eyazahrid or the team will be noted as such at the time of posting. Likewise, non-transformative works posted by Eyazahrid or the team for the purposes of reference, inspiration, discussion, or with the intent to transform are not produced or owned by Eyazahrid or the team and will be taken down at the request of the owner.

      Opinions expressed by Moderators and Keymasters are to be considered personal and not an accurate or truthful representation of the opinions held by Eyazahrid or the team until it is confirmed by Eyazahrid.

      Comments on Forums are expected to be supportive or constructive. Unsupportive, Nonconstructive comments can and will be removed. Those who continuously provide negative feedback without providing acceptable reasoning or suggestions may find themselves removed from the community.

      Any judgment calls by Eyazahrid are final.

      General Community Guidelines

      Profanity is permitted within the forums and on the discord.

      Racial slurs are not permitted on the forum or on the discord without exception.

      Pictures of nudity are not allowed in regular channels.

      Pictures of excessive violence or gore are not permitted in regular channels.

      Sexist remarks will not be permitted in regular channels.

      Talk of politics or real-world religion {With the exception of when comparing them to an element of fiction} is not permitted.

      Roleplay, sexual or otherwise, is not permitted. With sufficient demand a dedicated forum will be created and Guidelines determined.

      Post Authority Hierarchy

      For matters requiring escalation one should proceed up the list to seek resolution. An individual higher on this list may overrule decisions and actions of those below them. Decisions of Eyazahrid are final and are not open to review.




      Original Poster

      Community Members


      NSFW Regulations

      Nudity is permitted.

      Pornography is permitted.

      No content featuring underage individuals in suggestive manners will be permitted at any time. Moderators have full permission to immediately delete any posts which they have reasonable suspicion to believe contain such.

      Sexual discussions are allowed.

      Pictures of gore are not permitted.

      Pictures of excessive violence are not permitted. “Excessive” will be determined at Moderator and Keymaster discretion. Mild sexual violence will be permitted so long as the post is tagged and a disclaimer is provided before the picture {For Forums}. On the discord such pictures should be marked as “spoiler” and a disclaimer must be immediately before or after the picture. Disclaimers after must be posted within 1 minute {as determined by Audit Logs} of posting the picture.

      Sexist comments and jokes will be permitted when posted in an indirect manner with a clear intention of humor. Directed sexist comments and sexist discussions will not be permitted. Acceptable comments will be determined by a Keymaster {Or a Moderator consulting a Keymaster} at their discretion on an individual basis. All judgments subject to review by Eyazahrid, whose word is Final.

      Discussions on sexuality, gender roles, stereotypes, and other matters which may be considered sexist for the purposes of fictional writing exploring such topics will be permitted so long as the intention is clearly stated and the discussion remains relevant and on-topic. Approval is subject to the discretion of Keymasters and any objections to their judgment may be submitted to Eyazahrid for review.

      Any disputes about alleged infractions should be moved to the next highest Post Authority until resolution as listed above. Please respect our team’s time and refrain from reaching out to higher Post Authorities until you have attempted to resolve your issue with the appropriate level without success.

      If you have question, comments, concerns, suggestions, or would like to request a copy of these guidelines in file format please reach out to our administrative team at

      The decisions of Eyazahrid are Final.

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