Quick update- and I mean it this time, I need to get my ass in bed- but as many of you have probably noticed I’m once again behind with chapters. This is due, in part, because I’ve recently started a new job and have been waking up, going to work, coming home, sleeping, and going back to work.

I’ve been working between twelve and fourteen hours each day and I hit forty hours by the end of my third shift. The paycheck should be nice but as you may have guessed I have absolutely no time to write lately. I’m hoping that changes when my days off hit and that I manage to get the chapters done quickly but just in case I don’t I wanted to have this here so people know why.

Fingers are crossed, let’s see if I can have the next chapter done by Tuesday the fourth.

Until I next have you attention, I remain,


I’m going to have to try keeping this one brief as I should be heading out the door any minute now for work, but I know I need to take care of this before I forget again.

I wish I could say this update was completely positive news- at least for my readers- but I know that’s really not the case.

First- No, I’m not dead. Nor do I intend to be. Until proven otherwise just consider me immortal.

Second- No I’m not leaving, taking a break, going on hiatus, or abandoning my work. Calm down.

Now that we’ve settled those two points I’ll elaborate on what is happening. As you may have seen in my Patreon post- or probably not- the Patreon has been paused for the next billing cycle which I intend to maintain going forwards. More detail can be found there, but as part of me trying to get my shit together I’m looking for a second job and the lack of time may make it more difficult to reach tyhose deadlines for early chapters.

Hell, it might make it hard to reach the deadlines of regular chapters too. Going to have to remember to do an AN in the next public chapter.

For example, tomorrow’s chapter isn’t done yet. I think I’m like halfway there but I’ve been busy trying to get my life in order and I’ve been trying to get a friend of mine back on her feet. Almost done on that front, so once she’s settled again it might be a bit easier for me to get the things I need done.

To help me focus on all the things I need to be doing I have taken leave of the Eyazahrid Community Discord and my overall internet presence will be greatly reduced. As it is, I’m honestly considering packing up my gaming rig so it can’t tempt me away from everything I need to do.

Or, at the very least, removing the external drive I keep all my games on and hiding it at the back of my closet.

The only other thing I really need to address might be more possitive than negative for my readers but I’ll leave that up to you to decide. Due to Corona-Chan my company is currently in a hiring freeze and so to fill a recently opened warehouse position they have to look internally. It’s a bit pf a paycut but the hours are slightly more reliable and the ob itself is generally a lot less stressful.

No heat, no heights, no customers, and no sales? Yes, please.

Chances of getting it are good and with it being, well, an easier job I hope that I can come home and not bee too exhausted to write. At least then we can still be making some reliable progress even if it is slower.

I’ve used fifteen of the five minutes I had, so I’m going to end this with a thank you to all of you who have supported me over the years as I’ve worked through Sealkeeper. Without you I never would have had the drive to get me past the first six months and who knows what my writing would be like- or if I’d even still be writing at all.

Thank you, I hope to see you all again soon.

Until I next have your attention,


I don’t suppose this will be a very long post considering it’s pretty much just a link I need to put here, but We’ll see if we can stretch it out a bit so it’s not too sad.

First, the important bit. Click [Here] for the link into the server.

And, well, that’s really all you need.

But before you leave, some tips!

Read the Community Guidelines, those are the current rules. Things may need to be changed depending on how this goes but when they do change it will be on that page.

Mute the channels under the Tatsumaki category. Tatsumaki is one of the bots on the server and those channels used to have a lot of activity as people made use of it. Not sure if they still do, it’s been muted for like two months on my end.

The “Imperial Wolves” are our Admins, Mods, whatever you like to call them. A basic overview of how they’ll handle those who violate our guidelines can be found in the same channel, though the more detailed version is in their private channel.

Other than that, well, just know that the channels under the Personal Domains category can get a bit weird. Enter at your own risk.

That should do it for tips and now we have a proper looking post.

Until I next have your attention,


This is probably one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done though it really should be easy. Many of you know that I recently changed professions and have been able to prepare chapters much faster with the extra day off it’s provided me.

As much as I enjoy the work, it does not seem as though I will manage to hold onto this job for long. Despite being in a small grace period to acclimate to the job, I’m currently having quite a bit of difficulty reaching sales quotas, a critical metric to maintain my employment.

My superiors are doing everything they can to help me get where I need to be but I fear it might not be enough and that I may be in search of another job soon. While there are several local options that have caught my interest, another possibility came to my attention and I feel like I would regret not attempting it far more than I would failing.

That possibility is, of course, turning my writing into my job.

As I can’t actually sell my writing, I’m sure you already know where I’m going with this.


I will admit I feel horrible just writing this which is why between creating the Patreon page and writing this it’s taken me four hours. It’s never really felt right for me to ask my readers for money and it still doesn’t, especially when I don’t have much I can offer in return.

Still, if I may be facing an imminent change of professions once again I would be a fool not to at least consider the possibility because the opportunity to write more without having to worry about my living expenses is far too good to pass taking a chance on.

However, despite wanting to at least give this a try, my pride will not allow me to turn my back on all of you who have supported me over the years. My writing will remain free, as it has always been, and I will never charge for any of my Fanfiction.

That said, I will offer the only thing I can for those able to spare even a dollar a month; early access to my chapters.

How early will mostly depend on what I have ready upon receiving my first Patron, but that chapter will be available at least a day earlier than its official release. My goal, though, is to have chapters available for Patreon supporters an entire week in advance.

I’ve said much the same thing on my Patreon page which you can check out here but I wanted to say it here too because those that stop by this site are some of my biggest supporters and deserve to be told properly.

Donation or not, I thank you all for your support and look forward to providing you with chapters for the foreseeable future.

As a bonus, I have posted a picture of myself on the Patreon page available to everyone without charge. I feel it’s only right that people know who they’re considering supporting.

My hope is that I can eventually quit my job and turn to writing full time, but every bit of support you’re willing to show- even if it’s not monetary- helps tremendously. Thank you all for nearly four years of reading my work.

Until I next have your attention,


I was wrong, it would seem, because the old blog is no longer up at Sealkeeper.Eyazahrid.net or Read.Eyazahrid.net. I guess changing the name servers has it now redirecting to the top-level domain which is not what I had been wanting it to do but I guess I don’t have much control over it.

I’ll try to get the site you’re all used to back up, but as I’m migrating to Eyazahrid.net anyway- because gods know my attempts to both cobble together free services and then migrate my content between them failed completely- I’ll admit that I won’t be trying all that hard.

I think my old blog posts will be moved to a static page here in case anyone wants to view them and I’ll get started on getting my old stories up here too. May use Google Drive like I had been planning but I’ll have to check out the options available on this site first.

As it turns out, paying for a service provides more features and benefits. Who would have known?

I’m going to use the rest of my break here to explore that and I’ll start migrating things in about five hours when I get home.

Progress on chapter 71 has, unfortunately, ground to a halt as I try to resolve this but the good news is that 70 is already done and will be posted on the fourth. Despite the issues I’m finding, things are going pretty well for us.

Maybe not my wallet, but I’ve been abusing that for years.

I think it’s starting to like it.

Until I next have your attention,


Yesterday I was having some issues on the site that resulted in it being down temporarily but they seemed to resolve themselves while I was at work.

I was wrong, apparently.

Somehow I’ve managed to screw things up – which I supposed was inevitable when I was just trying to cobble things together from free services. I’ll still update the regular site [Read.Eyazahrid.net] because I think it’s still up at the moment, but I’ll be spending the rest of the week trying to get things set up here instead.

Hopefully I’ll have better luck with a paid service though my wallet is, understandably, non-appreciative.

Work starts in about five minutes, so I’ll wrap this up here, but I should have an update on our progress soon.

With a bit of luck, it will be a good one.

Until I next have your attention,