The following are the recorded responses of Eyazahrid to the feedback he received on the above listed chapter and the story in general for the week following. This document is to serve as a replacement to the traditional Author’s Note at the beginning and ending of chapters and will be kept separate from both the above listed chapter and any future chapters unless deemed sufficiently important.

“The chapter was great, Akishis task while funny can only end up in disaster. The part of the Anbu was interesting with the whole team introduced now and I must say I mostly forgot about Yugao after her giant mess up with Kiri. Not in the sense that I forgot her role, but after it she just didn’t seem important to the story anymore, as she didn’t play any kind of role in it anymore, with the exception of being the leader of Anbu. Looking forward to what new role you will give her.”


Don’t expect it to be a large one. I wasn’t going to be able to just cut her from the story considering her ties- broken or not- to Naruto but she’s really not going to be able to play a major part in the story after what she did.

“really like yugao plz dont throw her out”


She’s not going to be thrown out but there really isn’t anything she can do to fully recover from her actions. As much as I like her, she’s not going to be super involved in the story.

Snek gets no slack.


None whatsoever.

“Now I ain’t know THE Bob Ross is endorsing this endeavor.”


Are you calling Bob Ross a liar?

“Por Yugao, things are really not breaking her way. Hope she can turn it around.

Still rather weirded out by the snake people. I did like the recruiting of Tsunade :)”


Just a snake person- for now. Bwahahahaha…..Yeah, we’ll see how this goes.

“Looool poor yugao just managed to not fall completely into depression but it looks like her luck just ran out since she now knows just how bad she hurt naruto by betraying him and also since he is going away, damn at this point I am pretty damn sure she would just go and beat the s*** out of asuma do causing all this, pft I really hope naruto seduces kurenai too so he gets ntred xD
Oh an naruto is gonna take away one of the first times of an immortal snake…kinda.”


While I’m not saying the two won’t share a bed, it’s not something I have specifically planned. If things end up developing that way it happens, if not they won’t.

“I can’t wait to see how Yugao reacts with this information. As for Anko and Kakashi, I could easily see Anko going with him cause well… she’s Anko, and Naruto asking Kakashi to stay behind as a set of eyes and ears. I also want Naruto to tell Kushina the truth during their family dinner. Who he is, what he is, everything. As a last chance for her to make an attempt to bond she’ll have to be willing to accept the truth and his own decisions. Hell she could accept it and be another set of eyes and ears in the village. I also want to see Mai move on from Naruto, I feel that while they were good together they’re the kind of couple that happen as a way for them to grow and evolve to who they truly are before going on to find their true partners. Though while I easily see Mai/Tsume, I don’t really see Naruto settling down with any one person, it’s not who he is, and Mai deserves to be someone’s #1. I don’t know if even half of these things will be in the next chapter but I can’t wait.



Aw, you see how awkward things look when you sign them yourself? Damnit, now the whole site is ruined.

Naruto will most certainly not be able to settle down with only one person, even if he wanted to and Mai absolutely deserves to be someone’s number one- but do you really think Mai would be able to let Naruto go completely?

Of course, the solution there would simply be for Naruto to be Mai’s number two……

“Idk if it was intentional, but did Akishi’s mention of turning a race against a would be hordes have anything to do with Kaguya and Hagoromo…etc?”


What? Me? Seed a tie-in to existing cannon? You must have me confused with a more competent writer.

“Akishi’s tirade about brother against brother, sage against demon and would be Godess against a species reminds me of Asura vs Indra, the Sage of 6 paths against the 10tails and Kaguya against humanity (or maybe the toad clan since they also had something against her and set her sons up to fight her)
Overall a very nice chapter”


Huh, what a strange…coincidence.

The following are the recorded responses of Eyazahrid to the feedback he received on the above listed chapter and the story in general for the week following. This document is to serve as a replacement to the traditional Author’s Note at the beginning and ending of chapters and will be kept separate from both the above listed chapter and any future chapters unless deemed sufficiently important.

“I never considered it but will Naruto make a new identity for the high priest or become high priest as tsukuyomi?
I think tsukuyomi’s right hand serving a different deity (same for the high priest) could lead to complications…

Do we now what juugo’s mission is and why he was chosen or is this a future plot point?

Kushina is only a bit taller? I thought this Naruto was short (or at least Canon sized)

A very nice chapter, that laid ground for a few interesting points in the next.”


If Naruto says that he serves a deity I have no doubts that the Wolves will accept it without question. There’s nothing that says one god cannot serve another. Hinata no Mikoto is a perfect example of that for them already.

“No, the real tricky part was going to be somehow managing to climb up high enough through the ranks that he was able to obtain what he’d been sent here for.” He’s been sent to obtain something here by Jirobu. It has been quite a while since Jirobu made an appearance (chapter 115), but I will say it’s directly related to what Jugo is currently working on.

Naruto was established as being taller in one of the first chapters, if I recall. I do believe I said only Shino was taller. While he gets a lot of his physical traits from his mother, the angular shape of his face and his height he gets from his father.

“Mai returns! is it bad that I want her to feel guilty for basically running off for a Holliday? not that she didn’t deserve one but still… Her constantly stating how loyal she is but turning around and questioning her love for Naruto the next is bothersome. She loves him, time for her to accept it and move on.”


Can’t really blame you, I’ve always been a fan of Angst/hurt/guilt in stories -When it’s not the main character, that is- so no, it’s not bad at all.

Her loyalty to her lord and love for Naruto are two completely separate things. As much as she does love him, she’s recently come to feel as though he’s keeping things from her and doubts her future in the House of Wolves. She also knows that if it’s true she’s partly at fault for it due to keeping the events in Kiri a secret from him.



Yes, I’ve ben quite enjoying writing Juugo scenes.

“Hello my name is Mr./Mrs. Not Important

Me and my fellow South Africans need your help. We don’t want donations or any money we didn’t earn. We need everyone’s help by spreading the news that South African farmers are being murdered in gruesome ways and farms are being torched for no good reason. This is a national emergency because they provide us with food and work. It has come to our attention that this is not common knowledge outside of South Africa. If you contact us we will try to send you evidence of our state of emergency.

Please help us spread the word.

This is not a prank”


I have absolutely no idea what would prompt someone to comment this but I also can’t say I particularly believe your Bio stating you’re a 7’2″ 17 year old whose been in a coma for 3 years with a 195 IQ and have only managed to reach 9th grade being homeschooled. Oh, yeah, and your girlfriends died in a car accident.

Best of luck with whatever your trying to accomplish, but I think we’ll just be moving on.

A lot of reviews on this Chapter ended up being about the quality of my posted chapter – even after I replaced the chapter with a further edited version- and everyone seemed rather confused as to why my edit was not up to the regular standards. I guess the note that I had just finished editing the chapter while sitting in my worktruck went unnoticed. Apparently doing the edit on one’s phone is ill-advisable.

The following are the recorded responses of Eyazahrid to the feedback he received on the above listed chapter and the story in general for the week following. This document is to serve as a replacement to the traditional Author’s Note at the beginning and ending of chapters and will be kept separate from both the above listed chapter and any future chapters unless deemed sufficiently important.

“Poor Naruto, I hope you decide away where his work load burden is lessened, he seems so worked down these days and its highkey Sad AF”


It was rather unfortunate that everything ended up happening at the same time for him, but he should have much more time to focus on other things soon enough.

“I wonder when the IRG will get a better name. Perhaps the two strays could put in more work and become a part of some medic branch of the wolves?”


Technically Shizune and Rusty are the medic branch.

…..And now, trying to come up with a name to suggest for a Shizune Team I’ve realized that Tonton has ceased to exist. If I find them again, maybe we’ll have a Team Tonton serving as the Wolves’ medics.

“Naruto sounds like he is too young for this crap… lol.”


Quite. Maybe he should have considered that before becoming a father so young. Always remember to wrap it, kids.

“Awesome chapter. The continued lack of sleep for Naruto is both funny and depressing.”


Fatherhood does that, so does pretending to be two separate high-ranking individuals within an organization during a missive transitional period while your primary assistant is on holiday. Really, a collection of poor choices hitting at once. At this rate he’s going to need a vacation- like that will ever happen.

“Naruto can’t even track what happened on which day? Very good example of how burned out he is!

Ha! Naruto wants to kill a God so the gods decide not to let him nap!

Another great chapter, though I really hope Naruto doesn’t fall unconscious out of nowhere any time soon though I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened…”


Between that and the fact that Mai would usually be the one to keep track of that sort of thing, I’d say.

An interesting way to look at it I suppose.

I think that last suggestion is unlikely as he doesn’t have any clones out and about at the moment…I think….

…Actually, there might be one from when he went to go have breakfast with Orochimaru. Forgot about that.

“:What fool pays for this s***? Lol
Horrible and bizarre content”

-From: Guest

No one pays for it, Sealkeeper content is completely free. There are, however, ninety generous individuals who receiver earlier releases in thanks for their support. I suppose that as “Horrible and bizarre” the content is there will still be people who enjoy it.

“If your gonna give me filler…like give it to me in a hige chapter or just summarize everything…the first 80 chapters were full of action on and off the field amd character development..Naruto even stopped training.. he’s now just an overglorified pencil pusher amd worst part is the huge waste that is the sealkeeper..this story has just become bland…like pick the action up and do something. I don’t need to know his daily proceedings over a whole 5 chapters..the f***”

-6lakH2O SA

Ah, yes, the first 80 chapters in which there were some that Naruto either didn’t feature in or completely dominated despite there not being a single piece of diologe. Those “full of action” chapters, yes?

I’ve said it before, but this is not an action story. It’s a story about Naruto and what he does. To that end you’ll see- surprise surprise- the things he’s doing. Even if you don’t think him reaching out to various factions in preparation for his upcoming exodus is important I would much rather go through it than throw in a sentence in a chapter saying “Naruto made all the proper arrangements and knew everything would proceed smoothly as they left Konoha.”

I know my writing isn’t the greatest, but that would be far worse.

“he really need stop plotting and planning for time so that he and wolves figure out their paperwork ,structural systems and such so when they decided to expand they have systems already inlace to work from leading to more effective and adaptable system .
If Puppeteer Red sands at this rate might choose leave Akatsuki for opportunity work need Puppeteer projects that Naruto keep coming up with .Pretty sure right that man his alley of enjoyment plus he leave legacy make some most break through new research into artificial limbs ,puppetry and possible invention of golems and other artificial contructs .”


They’re currently in the process of reworking everything, unfortunately everything else decided to happen at the same time.

With how integrated Sasori and Deidara have become with the Suna Siblings, I think it’s pretty likely that Naruto will make use of such resources. They don’t exactly have a choice, at this point.

“Roygun:You guys remember when Naruto was an actual shinobi doing shinobi stuff, fighting and generally having an exciting time?

Yeah me neither, it’s been quite a while.

Now we have this shell of person constantly bogged down by paperwork and the pressures of running a dysfunctional organisation that doesn’t even know how to delegate work and responsibilities properly and evenly leaving our boy to pick up the slack at such a young age too.

Makes me sad, reminds me of how canon Naruto turned out in Boruto becoming a Hokage who can barely make time for his family.

As if that wasn’t enough now he has to deal with Snake people, packing up the Wolves and leaving Konoha, having his identity exposed because of a little slip-up he did to Haku that came back and bit him in the a** and those are just the recent events. There are still a myriad of issues that haven’t been mentioned for a while now which will definitely show up later.

No wonder he acts so mature and calls his subordinates his children, I wouldn’t even be surprised if stress overwhelms him one day but me and I am sure many other people hope to see the return of the badass shinobi Naruto and not this corporate pencil pusher shell of a main character.”


Ah, yes, all…five?…outings. This is not an action story, I mentioned such pretty early into it, and as such it’s not always going to have action. Right now Naruto- while he’d like to be perusing a more proper Shinobi lifestyle- has other priorities to attend to and he’ll always put his children before his personal dreams.

Seeing as this Naruto is addressing his workload now, he’ll have much more time for his family soon enough. Despite this, he’s not exactly going to be throwing himself headfirst into being a Shinobi when he doesn’t have a village generating missions anymore.

He will, however, continue to act in the best interest of his children- preferably in ways that allow him to get out and stretch his legs.

The following are the recorded responses of Eyazahrid to the feedback he received on the above listed chapter and the story in general for the week following. This document is to serve as a replacement to the traditional Author’s Note at the beginning and ending of chapters and will be kept separate from both the above listed chapter and any future chapters unless deemed sufficiently important.

“Sooo… we get Gaara Isobu moments now? Yeah we should get Gaara Isobu moments now.”

-Axius W. Xanzux

I’ll see what I can do.

“Wonder if they’ll end up making sand people to fill the village?”


That’s not a bad idea, actually. I wonder if- Oh, no, that’s not a good train of thoughts to follow.

“The ending of the chapter was so adorable.”


Glad you liked it.

“Encroaching on a million words and Naruto is not even fourteen yet. This must be a record of some sort.”


….He might be fourteen by now, I took a while figuring out how long has passed but I can’t remember where I wrote that down. Probably in one of these commentaries.

“Great chapter nothing to add though I am curious, with Mai having the title of Amaterasu, would Au be insulted?”


He wouldn’t be too pleased, no, but not for the reasons you’re probably thinking. I’d really like to add more to this but this isn’t exactly the place to start spewing Aū lore…..I think.

The following are the recorded responses of Eyazahrid to the feedback he received on the above listed chapter and the story in general for the week following. This document is to serve as a replacement to the traditional Author’s Note at the beginning and ending of chapters and will be kept separate from both the above listed chapter and any future chapters unless deemed sufficiently important.

“The Hyuuga Clan: Hinata-sama is a god!
The Wolves: Foolsih peons, your brain is just too small to see the REAL god is Tsukuyomi-sama!
Orochimaru: I will actually f*** murder god to please Naruto.
Au: I. Am… conflicted. And slightly bitter what the f***
Naruto: lmfao lol godhood go brrrr”


I don’t know why, but I found this far more amusing than in any way appropriate.

“Reaver:I honestly forgot that Mai and Tsume went on a vacation together. As much as I liked her in the beginning the two dumb love triangle drama you had for her and Naruto really soured her character to me. Had to do a double take when she had a small focus in this chapter because even though not a lot of time has passed since her vacation in this story it has been months in real life so my eyebrow involuntarily raised when she still held the title as Naruto’s second in command when for some reason I assumed all this time that she got written out of the story and Hanabi took her place.

Its incredible how much Naruto controlled the conversation with Asuma, it really surprises me that Naruto is still supposed to be barely a teenager here because he already has 100 speech. Hope things speed up when Naruto leaves Konoha because man its been slow.”

-Reaver (Guest)

No, she is still very much Naruto’s second in command. Hanabi is currently filling in for her due to the vacation but Hanabi is only Mai’s assistant. Of course, both may be in for promotions soon….

“”Don’t presume to threaten me, boy”…Damn! Naruto is such a savage and I love it!

And casually threatening Civil War! I can’t stop grinning! (good that it’s night and a holiday were I currently am)

Deep cells? Hope for some exposition on that or at least bits and pieces that one can puzzle over to reach an adequate conclusion?

Naruto the Maelstrom that devoured the gods, sure has a nice ring to it… (if he decides to seal God’s into himself)

I see we’re getting to know more about different gods!

Just not to get the world building confused can we once more now how the bijuu and the sage of six paths fit into this? Are the bijuu still pieces of the juubi? (which in Naruto Canon was also called Daidarabotchi (a giant in Japanese folklore) Ame no hitotsu kami (one eyed God)
Datara (some kind of youkai I think) Kunizukuri no kami (nation building God) so if the juubi existed in this world and was indeed a God it would smooth some things out and pave way for some future events I think?

Man Naruto bering seen as a God /inhuman bering by his enemies and them hating themselves for it will never get oldWhat now though? Will he take the hyuuga with him or give them orders for his absence (the first thing he is using the hyuuga, Konoha’s currently strongest Clan? For, being also their last order for a while is kind of sad though it also show how well off Naruto is)

Overall very nice chapter”


The deep Cells were first introduced in chapter 64 during a conversation between Dosu and Zaku so it’s understandable that you may have forgotten about them. They will be making future appearances, too.

It depends on what you consider a god, really. As I understand it- and I may be wrong- “Kami” is used to refer to both deities and other spirits in japan. I take this to mean that Kami simply refers to spiritual beings and that there are simply some spirits far greater than others. Lesser Kami, Kami, and then Greater Kami would be what we consider deities. Following that, each child of Au would be a Kami in their own right, just lesser for the majority of them.

“Oh man this chapter was just great, I enjoyed it all the way, from the beginning to the end. The only question I have now, is when the Wolves are leaving Konoha, wouldn’t that also include Hinatas guards. Even if Asuma doesn’t know of them right now, it could create frictions with him at some point. Also what of the Inuzukas they’re much more involved then the Hyuuga, where only Hinata really knows of his involvement. Hanas reaction to this would also be interesting, she already looks up to him as a father.
The reaction of Hanabi to Akishi was funny, that Akishi doesn’t get why the wolf is staring at her was also good. The best parts were the ones where Orochimaru thought about Naruto as an illegitimate son, the reaction and thoughts of Hiashi and Hinatas guard. But especially the talk between Naruto and Asuma and how it escalated in the scenario, if Naruto didn’t pull out his forces.”


Kind of hard to guard Hinata if they leave Konoha, no?

“Sealing a god into a person? Is that foreshadowing I smell?”


I can neither confirm nor deny.

“I really enjoyed the outcome bereden Naruto and Asuma.
Although I’m not sure if Asuma caught the underlying threat in the words of Naruto, referring to the wars Hiruzen has been through and Asuma might catch up given the years.
Though I might just read too much into it, with you there is no knowing if.

Keep up the good work and thanks for this gem of literature, that should honestly be it’s own anime by now.”


Not actually what I was going for with that, but a good way to look at it.

“Great as always. I wish I could pay you but the wife wouldn’t have that. Much love. Brantley Reach.”


Don’t worry about it, keeping her from kicking you to the couch comes first.

The following are the recorded responses of Eyazahrid to the feedback he received on the above listed chapter and the story in general for the week following. This document is to serve as a replacement to the traditional Author’s Note at the beginning and ending of chapters and will be kept separate from both the above listed chapter and any future chapters unless deemed sufficiently important.

And asuma did something stupid with the first words out of his mouth. Jesus that guys dumb in this story he knows that Naruto has the direct ear of the leader of his country how will this end well for him lol. Like at best he gets smacked down by his boss directly because Naruto handed him a country and trading ports that have been mentioned to be the best around for what likely is an extreamly favorable terms because Naruto wants to protect the leaf and have it thrive.


I’ve always seen Asuma as a very direct and to the point sort of man. He doesn’t have nearly as much shrewdness as his father and if he wants something he’ll let you know.

“Goodbye Asuma, wonderful chapter as always. And by god, what monstrosities were those things you sent us over to read. The descriptions weren’t even spelt right. XD”


Sorry, I have no idea what those were either.

“Au is rather unhappy.”



“Now, I know Asuma can’t be that stupid in his declaration, so I wonder what he actually means. You’ve made it a point to put emphasis on names and titles because they actually hold meaning here. Plus, both Hiruzen and Danzo have made points to stress his importance to Konoha on more than one occasion.

Does he want “Genin Naruto” out of the village? Does he want “the daimyo” out of the village? Does he want “Tsukiyomi” out of the village? Each one is possible without anyone physically leaving.

Or is he really that stupid and declaring that he physically wants Naruto out of the village completely despite all warnings? Time will eventually tell.

I’m also desperate to know Kushina’s reaction to learning Naruto is Tsukiyomi. Well, unless you have Haku and Naruko deliberately avoid informing Kushina of it that is. Wouldn’t put it past you to end on a cliffhanger of her finding out the way Yugao learned Naruto knew of her betrayal.

I eagerly await the next chapter and continue to hope you stay safe.”

-Rad Beoulve

I’ve been trying to pay careful attention to the names and I’m glad my readers have been doing the same. The honorifics are always a fun tool to utilize.

“Reviewing, or rather correcting myself here because I forgot about the one-review-per-chapter-only rule here.

Didn’t realize I kept misspelling Tsukuyomi in my most recent review until now. My apologies.”

-Rad Beoulve

I’m assuming that’s a rule and not an unwritten rule on my story that I didn’t know about.

No worries there, I was misspelling it for like twenty chapters.

“The chapter was great, so many developments in this one chapter. I didn’t see it coming that Akishi would commandeer a room for her use in the den. The discussion with Au was interesting and maybe shows that he isn’t that aware as all think. Naruko getting the knowledge of Narutos identity was already set in stone, the explanation from Haku was good. With the way it ended, she was still surprised about what her brother exactly did. Asuma bluntness to the end was unexpected and I can’t really see this going over well in his case. Considering how much influence Naruto has with the clans, it could make or brake Konoha, if they lose, most likely the Hyuga and Inuzuka. It would also make a nightmare considering what information Konoha has on them and they on Konoha, Asuma plan isn’t really well thought out all things considered.
The view Akishi has on humans is naive and she doesn’t get that they aren’t the same people, they were in the past, is something that is a bit humorous. I still hope she succeeds, as I quite like the way you portray Au.”


Akishi’s views on humans aren’t completely wrong, she just can’t use what she normally would against the High-Priest because unlike other humans this one is actually important.

“LOL in “guest” fgt.

I only log out to make reviews when I can’t make new ones on a certain fic or get blocked because I hurt an Author’s feelings. Looking at you Kyuubi16 you absolute child fgt. Can’t take criticism of any kind that little fking sht.”


Yeah, not really sure what to make of this. Almost seems like they’re responding to a review but it’s not really clear which one that would be. Also not sure why they’re speaking as if Kyuubi16 is going to be reading their review. I’ll assume the blocking is for PMs, because as far as I can tell I can’t block users from reviewing. Shame.

“Your anonymous reviewer/flamer sounds like bad gas.
However onto your lovely gem of a story. I wonder how many people are going to leave with Naruto. Or if he’ll maybe have some of them stay for information purposes. Man how will Kushina take this, man it’s gonna suck to be Asuma in a bit. Pissed Kushina, annoyed Sarutobi and Danzo. Prolly gonna be a toss up on the fire lord tho, could go either way.

Just as interesting however will be how the children of Aū deal with Naruto’s task. And if Orochimaru will be able to find a way to kill a god.
Also Mai and Tsume sure have been gone a while. Will there be a peek into that or will it be a flashback?”

-Duke of Blades

122-A contained a glimpse into that, actually.

My patrons just about rioted in the Patreon comments.

“While Naruto may seem extremely… Let’s say foolish for lack of a better word, by challenging AU, he is… As far as he knows, the strongest person in the world with 2(3?mito I am not sure about)bijuu at his disposal, and if we add seal keeper who knows how much of a challenge the gods would even end up being…

Yeah figuring out to kill a God… That’s the good wholesome stuff that I love!

Ugh… Asuma as hokage while kinda making sense gives the other 4 a bad name, unless you changed something asuma is not even the 2. Strongest jonin in the village…

The yellowing ceiling is a nice touch, never read about it in any Naruto story despite the huge amount of smoking!

Ah great how others realize just how huge of a player Naruto has become! I feel lost? How did Naruto discard Nami? Or rather why would asuma and hiruzen think so?

I hope the snakelike doesn’t end up using wolves as that would not only earn narutos ire but also threaten the wolves used wich would definitely make her an enemy to Naruto…

Ha of course these gates have weight! They managed to harm Naruto more than the entirety of Kiri together!

Wow we really need a layout of narutos home at some point I am starting to think he unconscious lly used sealkeeper to make it bigger on the inside…

“you didn’t go against 2 of the 7 swordsman and kill a daimyo without significant skillyou meant to write kage instead of daimyo?)

“I want you out of my Village” damn I don’t know what Hiruzen has been smoking but it must be quite extreme if even second hand smoke can make Asuma high as the moon…”


Using Karura and Isobu he would be quite formidable, but he can’t do that safely quite yet. He’s really not considering himself as very powerful, he just refuses to let the impossible stop him. Well, that and he really isn’t very pleased with the snakes right now. We do dumb shit when we’re angry.

“I’m not entirely certain why, but I love the fact that Au corrects her by saying the high priest’s will be done. It just seems to elevate Naruto’s importance as the High Priest by a fair margin by effectivlly saying in this senario that the High Priest’s will is more important. It adds some questions about what it is exactlly that Naruto is supposed to do for Au that he’s determined that Naruto be his High Priest pretty much no matter what. Can’t wait to find out both the answer to that question and what Naruto’s response to Asuma will be.”


Well, you could say that by fulfilling Naruto’s will and getting him to agree to be Au’s High-Priest you’re also fulfilling Au’s will of having him as High-Priest. Mainly Au wanted to remind Akishi that her task was to serve the High-priest above everything at the moment.

“Why did I see that grimjaw guy have so many 1k words harem stories and no plot? What have you made me search -sobs-“


Sorry, they just seemed really desperate for people to give them feedback and I’m just such a nice guy……

Totally wasn’t me being passive aggressive and implying that all the work they’ve put in is so horrid even sending people to him couldn’t get him readers. Nope, not one bit.

Was going to discuss the matters more, but I hardly found the time to get this done and there’s no way tearing into someone like that is anywhere close to as important as writing these commentaries or working on chapters. Maybe if they keep at it and I end up with a whole bunch of things to use I’ll take the time to gather it all and write something up, but until then we’ll let them wallow in their jealousy.

Seriously, though, best advice for them is to just keep writing- preferably with constant updates. Having tiny stories that aren’t being updated is not going to pull in viewers. Gods know I wasn’t reading anything under 100k back when I still had the time to, his stories aren’t going to pop up in most people’s searches and if he doesn’t update they wont pop up on the unfiltered page ever. Really shooting yourself in the foot.

And, of course, if they need help they can always reach out through a PM (though that would require an account), Twitter (@Eyazahrid for those of you who don’t follow me for whatever reason), or through the Discord.

“I can’t wait for the next installment, it would be hilarious to get an “ok”. Hahaha!”

-Senyor Fier Mensheir

I can neither confirm nor deny.

“nice i love your story, the way it keeps me guessing and escalating is well done. also not a lot of grammar mistakes either, so you have a great editer/editers or you have a better grasp of it than most.
either way keep up the good work.”


Wait, I can have people edit my story for me? When were you assholes going to tell me that? Oh my god, so many hours wasted!

More seriously, I do go back over the chapter to scan for spelling errors and occasionally adjust sentence flow/punctuation so I’m glad it meets your standards.

The following are the recorded responses of Eyazahrid to the feedback he received on the above listed chapter and the story in general for the week following. This document is to serve as a replacement to the traditional Author’s Note at the beginning and ending of chapters and will be kept separate from both the above listed chapter and any future chapters unless deemed sufficiently important.

“Awww… looks like the children of Au have a lot of work to do to get back into Naruto’s good graces. Hopefully they can redeem themselves and get back to the good times.

Why do I feel like Naruto is going to burn down Kiri a second time after all of the headaches that Haku has just given him…”


That they do. Perhaps he’s been spoiled by the Wolves, but Naruto expects loyalty and competence from anyone working under him.

Think he might be a bit too busy with those headaches.

“Damn it would be funny is hiruzen actually did that also love this chapter keep up the good work and have fun.”


I’m considering it. It would be nice for Hiruzen to actually be able to have a proper retirement for a change.

“Yes I left 2 reviews last time no reason to worry.
“Au can get down here to ask for an audience himself… Damn orochimaru is a savage!”


I couldn’t stop grinning when I had him say that. Probably my favorite part of the chapter.

“Sorry for leaving a second review again I accidentally taped send when I had not even finished this chapter…
Damn Naruto is straight to the point like AU himself, and also a better manipulator than the manipulator amongst divine snakes… For a second I thought he would ask to be healed but apparently that isn’t important to him (why would it? He is already one of the most powerful people in the world as far as he knows!he may even be the most powerful depending on pains limitations…)
Damn the way a divine serpent scrambled to get narutos blood of the floor and table was somewhat terrifieng and makes Naruto more terrifieng while making Au’s children seem like idiots…
Overall very nice chapter with several of the more important events going into the next stage or at least approaching it!”


This seems to be becoming a habit of yours, Wicked.

To be fair to the Elder, she is doing this with some major disadvantages. Several avenues of persuasion are blocked off to her and she needs to ensure they regain his favor before pissing him off too much. Not only is she going into this with no idea what he’s like but she’s been severely handicapped.

It doesn’t help that she’s been thrown off-balance by the sudden changes to her form.

“Naruto expressing his disinterest and disappointment with Au’s children (the exception being Koshi) is both what I expected and wanted. I had been wanting a “prove your worth” and am happy to get something get it. Whether Akishi succeeds or not is something I look forward to seeing.

What I’m definitely looking forward to the most, however, is Kushina’s eventual reaction to learning that Naruto, her son, her precious baby boy that she (not to mince words) abandoned is the leader/founder of the wolves she loathes for allegedly takin him from her.

Also, it’s been a while, but what about the Yamanaka? The last I remember SEVERAL chapters ago was Ino commenting on Naruto doing something nice for someone else (delivering Baki to Yugao if If I remember correctly, Naruto berating himself how he’d been appearing to others, leaving a confused Ino alone at her compound, and Ino enlisting Inoichi’s help to figure out what she might’ve said to offend/change him. I’ve been wanting an update on this situation, but I don’t remember anything ever coming of this much to my disappointment.

Hell, I miss reading Yandere!(Yangire?)Sakura and her wanting to create more crimson bouquets with Naruto. Creepy Sakura is Interesting Sakura to me.

I’m starting to ramble now. Oops.

Do stay safe and I eagerly await the next chapter!”

-Rad Beoulve

He wasn’t disappointed in Ashun, either. He was more disappointed the serpent he had been working well with had vanished and replaced by someone ill-prepared to carry out his instructions.

In my not-as-successful-as-I’d-like attempt to narrow the focus of the story onto Naruto and a few others I haven’t really planned to show the Yamanaka until they were interacting directly with Naruto or someone close to him. Even then, it’s looking like he may just be informed about some of their activities by a Wolf rather than interacting with them himself.

Sakura seems to be well-missed by a few of my readers, so I’ll have to see if I can squeeze her in again before some of the upcoming events.

“Loved Hiruzen and Asuma’s reactions to Tsukuyomi’s identity and from Hiruzen’s statement he knows about the Sealkeeper. I can’t wait to see how things play out on all sides, Akishi and the other’s response to Naruto’s view of them, Hiruzen and Asuma’s reactions when they realize that he may have done the same with the Ichibi as with the Sanbi, and Naruko and Kushina’s reactions to realizing that Naruto isn’t simply connected to the Wolves… he rules them. The only thing that I think could have made this chapter better is if Danzo was in the meeting and burst out laughing when Haku explained that Naruto not only kicked the a*** of Kisame and Zabuza alone, but that he extracted and resealed the Sanbi in a matter of seconds, and Asuma has all but declared war against him. I can easily see him keep laughing as he offers the advice of begging Naruto’s forgiveness while leaving the office and unnerving people as he goes cause well… he’s Danzo, people expect him to be like permanently
stoic and he’s laughing like a madman. Anyway I can’t wait for the next chapter. As always I hope you enjoyed writing this as much as I have enjoyed reading it.



I almost had Danzo present for this, I just didn’t see a good reason for him to be just hanging out in the Hokage’s office.

“The parts with Akishi, Orochimaru and Naruto were the best, I think I read the interactions between her and Naruto 5 times, it was just great. Akishi is underestimating Naruto so much and her information on humans is to old to really help her, added to that is her new form that doesn’t really help her. She is sitting in front of a Ninja and Manipulator and is displaying all her emotions and reactions, the Manipulator of Au is getting manipulated. She seem to be the most ill prepared for this encounter and Naruto was playing her like a fiddle, I loved that part. The part with Haku, Asuma and Hiruzen was also interesting especially their reactions, what you plan to make out of it, is something I greatly look forward to.
You sometimes change Akishis name to Ashiki, especially to the end, it happend in the chapter before this one too, as I had mentioned before.”


In fairness, snakes don’t show much emotion normally. She’s suddenly found herself with a face that conveys it much, much more easily.

I have her name down both ways in my notes, so I’m making the official call that from now on it’s going to be “Akishi.”

“I have to say, seeing things logically Naruto does not have a compelling reason to accept Akishi’s proposal, he has given me regret for his situation in this chapter.
with all my heart I hope you meet your goals.
Very good chapter.
Keep writing.
blessings and good health to you and your loved ones.”


Thank you.

“I miss creepy crazy Sakura. Also, Haku is a bitch”


Not sure why you feel that way about poor Haku.

“yeah, I really have a hard time caring about Naruto during these last few chapters. He is more and more acting like an entitled bitch. His inability to listen or pay attention to anything beyond his narrow perception and experience. The Au high priest is simply the latest in a long line of poorly understood powers he has.

The Clans under his control, the businesses he should be managing, the markets he should be influencing. Instead, Naruto fumbles constantly, reacting perpetually to anything that affects him. There were many moments where he was proactive, especially at the beginning of the story.

The easiest example is how deviant the flesh devouring tendencies was handled during previous chapters. If it was a tradition that he promoted more than once I wouldn’t mind as such, instead, it was his followers pushing their expectations on him and Naruto caving. This lack of purpose or direction makes it impossible for Naruto to develop a methodology. Even thought multiple goals and philosophies have been discussed and proven to be important to Naruto. One simple example is his lack or care for his cultivated employees, such as Hinata and Hanabi and Ino.

Naruto has such a small attention span that he has ignored the old toys in favor of new ones. Repeatedly. Starring with his first possessive and obsessive lover, continuing with every relationship he has. The only one that came to a head and bites him in the ass so far has been a certain sword jonin. While it wasn’t his fault, his lack of relationship and intimacy allowed for her to be “turned” as easily as she was in light of her lover being killed.

Anyways, my big gripe is a personal disgust over Naruto not having the capacity to maintain any healthy relationships with people outside of a select individual at any one time. It’s absolutely believable for the established character to be the way he is, however I personally dislike such a. mindset and am frustrated experiencing it. If only in a literary form.”


I think you address some of your own points in this, so I’ll just add that it’s not so much him ignoring things so much as it is him being overwhelmed by all the things he ends up with on his plate.

“:This is the epitome of all things wrong with fanfiction. It’s yet another case of a terrible fanfic and you just sit here and wonder how it is so popular. Why do Objectively terrible story’s rise to the top.”


First, I don’t know who gave you the impression that this story is popular or anywhere close to the top but you should probably start taking everything they say with more than a few grains of salt.

Next, I have to question if you read through 120 chapters of the story to decide you didn’t like it or if you just skipped to the end because you don’t realize that Reviews show up chronologically and the chapter they’re on doesn’t affect that. Well, on my end it doesn’t, at least.

Finally, do be a dear and try to keep things constructive. All you have to do is add a list of things that are so horribly wrong with the story. That would support the claim that it’s “Objectively” terrible, because as it is all I have to go off of is the fact that this is, in fact ,a matter of opinion.

The following are the recorded responses of Eyazahrid to the feedback he received on the above listed chapter and the story in general for the week following. This document is to serve as a replacement to the traditional Author’s Note at the beginning and ending of chapters and will be kept separate from both the above listed chapter and any future chapters unless deemed sufficiently important.

“This chapter surprised me with the length of background information. Thank you for that.”


I’m glad you liked it. I’ve been enjoying building up the lore.

“Of all the things to appear in this story, snakegirls was not expected… nice.”

-Axius W. Xanzux

It’s singular. For now. We’ll see how things go, I may end up delving even further down this Path of Au but as it stands I’m trying to keep things more streamlined. Diverging to add more Au to the world might drag things out a bit too much.

“A great chapter as always. The part with Au was the most interesting and that he changed Akishis form to that of a Lamia is also interesting and opens many other possibilitys with her in that form. Now what will be Narutos reaction to a Snakewoman in his office, when he gets there, somehow I see him reacting as if it was completely normal.”


What? Are you saying that finding a naked snake woman in your office isn’t normal?

“The snake stuff is interesting, but it also feels somewhat detached from Naruto and the plot events. I’m assuming it’s going to be a thing in the future?”


It’s more us coming back to things brought up before. I’ll try to keep from exploring it too much so it doesn’t detract too much from the story but still manages to satisfy previous plot points. Maybe in an eventual rewrite I can do more with it.

“one thing is for sure uzumaki will end between her legs hahaha i talk a lot with her story another satisfactory chapter that you can achieve your new goals, and curiosity as the covid around here in Brazil is dangerous”

-Amaterasu Mordekaiser

Well she doesn’t actually have any legs, so I highly doubt that.

“Au has descended. His will be done. This is as it should be. And I love how it has been done.”


Glad you liked it.

“Thank for the chapter and more please !
A human snake ? Like… a naga ? Or just a human with some aspect of a snake ? I don’t understand very well this part…”


I was going to explain it more as Naruto first sees her but I’ll provide a more basic description here. While everyone seems rather fond of the term “Lamia”, I personally prefer D&D’s Yuan-Ti. Mainly because “Lamia” is a proper noun. It’s like calling a winged horse a “Pegasus” when “Pegasus” was just the name of a specific winged horse.

So, back to the snake, she has the torso of a human woman but instead of skin she has very small, soft scales in a bronze color. From a distance she looks like a tanned woman. From the waist up, anyway. Her lower body is the tail of a snake. She has long black hair and her hands have long, sharp fingernails.

Essentially she’s a halfblood Yuan-Ti but her upper body is closer to a pureblood. That description works in reverse too, a pureblood with the lower body of a snake. She would just be a halfblood but I’ve never cared for the way the torso and head of halfbloods looked.

“I enjoyed this chapter. Seeing the snakes interactions as well as the colorful emotion/imagery was a joy.

I hope that the Snakes can reconcile with Naruto and that he can adopt and even greater presence.

Also… will the newly transformed Lamia join Naruto’s… female admirers?”


I’ve moved away from relationships- as much as I can manage, at least- so no. Any admiring she may do won’t be shown within the story.

“Wonder how Sasukemaru will react to the Naga/Limia? Bit too human to be a Naga, bit too snake to be a Limia.”


You’ll see next chapter.

“Au’s speech is a lot more modern and… Simple for lack of a better term than I imagined…”


While Au doesn’t interact with the world directly, he is aware of everything that happens under his domain. He knows how people speak these days because he went through the changes with them.

As for simple, he tries to keep things to the point. He’s speaking with the elders, his first children who in turn taught all the others. He’s not looking to impress or intimidate them but instead is telling them in no uncertain terms that they have greatly disappointed him and that he wants them to fix it immediately.

“I can see a few parallels between how Au’s children view him and how tsukuyomis’s view him, though tsukuyomi doesn’t inspire fear In his…”


Really hoping that you actually left two reviews and that I haven’t fucked something up while gathering reviews to write this commentary. The similarities were definitely on purpose and I especially enjoyed each time I had the Snakes think of Au as “the Father”. There’s a reason he accepted Naruto for the role of High-Priest, after all.

“I’ve been so excited for all of the Au stuff that I actually had to wait a moment to calm down when I first started reading. You delivered so freaking hard. That was simply amazing. You took my expectations and buried them under so much excellence that I’m actually embarrassed that I had such standards. You have my utmost respect and any praise that I shall think of in the future. I shall patiently wait for your next visit from the top of the mountain.

Also snake girls. Nice.”


I’m very pleased to hear that. The snakes are some of the most original work I’ve actually done i na long time and its been feelign pretty good. i jsut have to keep reminding myself not to delve too far into writing out their lore because only so much of it will be able to fit into this story.

I do wonder who will notice the major piece of lore I’ll be hinting to in coming chapters. It won’t actually be included in Sealkeeper but if someone manages to identify where it should be I would be quite happy to share.

“I actually got really excited at seeing the events between Au and his children play out. Alas poor swallowed snake elder. Looking forward to more development.

On a different note, seeing Naruto interact with Hinata just reminded me of your plans to cut ALL relationships from the story. I mourn already. I’ll miss Naruto’s interactions with Karura, Mito’s attempts to back into his good graces romantically or otherwise, Anko (oh gods, I’ll miss those the most), his affection-seeking wolves, and pseudo-romantic/familial interactions with Mikoto (whatever she seems to be doing at this time; it’s been too long).

I mean, the only relationship I can recall at this time that was really polarizing, even to me, was Mai/Tsume and while I’m glad this is getting resolved offscreen, it seems extreme to cut out all relationships, period. It’s akin to a restaurant removing all desserts from their menu because one of them in particular was vehemently disliked.

Then again, this sadly also would be in character for Naruto to not get romantically attached considering his dinner with Kushina, Ino, and Inoichi waaaaay back where he said (paraphrasing) that he’d likely not get married anytime soon what with his focus on his new family, his Wolves. Boy, that feels like so long ago…

In any case, I still wait eagerly for the next chapter and am glad you’re back to doing your commentaries. That being said, do watch out for your health and don’t stress yourself on our accounts. IRL complications should always take priority because if you don’t take care of yourself, who will?”

-Rad Beoulve

Au’s glimmering scales that’s a long one. Okay, let’s start at the top.

Rest in peace, Ahkra.

If the Mai/Tsume relationship was the only one people had ever complained about then I would agree with you completely but I’ve been receiving negative feedback for my relationships since chapter one and finally decided that I’ll focus on the parts people actually seem to enjoy.

I’m certain I’ll stress myself out regardless, but I appreciate the sentiment. I do hear that Death takes care of everybody she meets, though. She sounds like a lovely sort of woman.

The following are the recorded responses of Eyazahrid to the feedback he received on the above listed chapter and the story in general for the week following. This document is to serve as a replacement to the traditional Author’s Note at the beginning and ending of chapters and will be kept separate from both the above listed chapter and any future chapters unless deemed sufficiently important.

“Mei: Reveal his identity. It might slow him down.
Naruto: Oh no! My identity has been revealed! I can no longer show up in public! What ever will I do?! Oh yeah. Henge. Hide in the shadows. Flaunt my godliness. Flaunt my status as a Daimyo. Whatever can I do?”


Obviously the only real option you listed there is flaunting it. It’s been too long since I compared him to an animal so I figure I’ll go ahead and add Peacock to the list.

“You are a great writer, you should take all the time you need.”

-Crimson Tales

I appreciate the sentiment but that ‘s a very dangerous string of words to send me. As the patron deity of procrastination and self-loathing I can put off writing a chapter and feel like shit about it indefinitely.

“Honestly dude, we love these stories from you, but I personally think you should look after yourself first and foremost before you even think about posting more, theres no reason to overwork yourself/cause undue stress :D”


Another great sentiment. If only not writing didn’t cause me an equal amount of stress as actually trying to hit a deadline.

When will Naruto meet au ?”


It’s coming up, though not in an immediate chapter. The snakes will be seen again soon to start us on that path.

“for as long as this story has been going, and how frequent and rather high quality the chapters are, honestly I wondered how you kept up with your life.

it’s good to know you’re taking a break to get everything together especially when things are this chaotic world wide. be it corona, protesters getting ***up, riots or who knows what’s next. take your time but stay safe as you do get things set up for your self and the others you chose to help.

A great story is well worth the wait and cliff hangers are something we all should be acclimated to. but still sadly people stilL bitch over them.

stay safe, stay sound and help out.

-Whispers of an espurr

To be perfectly honest, I have no idea how I did it either- both the writing and everything else. Think the fact that I don’t really have a life probably helped significantly. Disconnected and packed up my gaming rig yesterday so now I just have to uninstall Youtube from my phone and I should be distraction-free.

Thank you, make sure you stay safe too.

“The chapter was great, so now Konoha will learn of Tsukuyomis identity, looking forward to the reactions. Orochimaru is acting strange as always, with the exception that he normally wears his old face when he changes the body, so calling him Sasukemaru was a bit strange. Hanabi getting her own team and starting on the reformations is also interesting, that her team of wolves takes on the less then desirable trait of Narutos workaholic self is a bit funny.
To your AN, all the best for your future plans, if the story gets set a bit on the back burner it’s no problem, reallife always comes first.”


I referred to him as “Sasukemaru” specifically because Orochimaru has not- yet- modified Sasuke’s body in any way. Everyone in Naruto’s apartment is seeing Sasuke walking around.

Like parent like child.

“Awesome chapter as always! Looking forward to him revealing his true form/nature to Hanabi. She’s a smart girl, she’ll probably take it well, then do a Mai or something.”

-Senyor Fier Mensheir

Why do I have the strangest suspicion that “do a Mai” is being used as a negative connotation?

“Well a person (who I won’t name) basically told me to tell writers exactly what u think (they used this logic to spam my stories) so here it is.

Everyone in this Naruto universe isn’t an a*** basically.

I want Mai to die seriously along with Tsume.

Naruto and Haku are weird together.

I loved the beginning with the whole leaving Naruto plot but when you added the wolves and all these of their storylines it made me disappointed.

I hope this review /rant helps!”


I will never understand the hate for Mai and Tsume.

Naruto isn’t with Haku and as I’m streamlining things she won’t end up with him in any capacity. A pity, really, but compared to some of the other things being cut it’s relatively minor.

Not sure how having more story could disappoint you but as mentioned above I’ve cut out a lot of my plans so that things are more streamlined and Naruto-centric. Hopefully my readers prefer that.

I’d like to thank you all for your overwhelming support. I appreciate all the well-wishes I’ve received in the last two weeks. I’m still trying to do my best to get chapters out at the same rate as best I can, I’ve just been really busy trying to get things in order. I hope to have a handle on everything soon enough before I end up just making larger messes of things but all we can really d ois see how everything plays out.

Until I next have your attention,


The following are the recorded responses of Eyazahrid to the feedback he received on the above listed chapter and the story in general for the week following. This document is to serve as a replacement to the traditional Author’s Note at the beginning and ending of chapters and will be kept separate from both the above listed chapter and any future chapters unless deemed sufficiently important.

“wonder how naruto will handel his identity being out in konoha”


I’d say that would have to depend on how other people handle knowing his identity. The real question is how Konoha will take it.

“I stumbled on this story recently and can sincerely say I enjoyed it, but recently I’ve become concerned. I enjoyed the premise, the intrigue and how characters interacted. Stories change as they develop but it seems that this one has lost the cohesion it had to begin with. Characters and plot lines are seemingly forgotten and new ones spring in place but it’s hard to be invested knowing that they could be simply left out for so many chapters with little consequence.

This relationship drama you introduced with Mai seems a repeat of what was happening with Anko’s recent insecurity over what her relationship with Naruto was before it was left behind, and has not done much for her character. This is supposed to be Naruto’s right hand and future successor but whenever it seems she has a problem that isnt excessive paperwork or something that can’t be solved by throwing the wolves at it she runs for the “other woman.”

I have no issue with characters having flaws but it seems that the story has a massive weight dragging it on the slow burn and even as more plans and plot lines are created and dropped in the mix it feels aimless. Many characters react to the world promise some action of threat after many chapters without a word and…repeat.”


A lot of plans have been scrapped over the years in response to reader feedback. If there was a large, unified dislike for something I would try to wrap it up or even drop the matter entirely. Some things are more obvious than others, but all of them were an effort to provide my audience with something more pleasing to their palates.

I have a list I will be releasing upon Sealkeeper’s conclusion filled with all the things removed from the story. When I eventually get back to rewriting the story I’ll do my best to incorporate those as seamlessly as possible.

“good chapter, interesting the discussion about sealkeeper, but kinda would like naruto also learn to do seals by himself and become amazing seal master instead of depending too much of his father seal hacking like his manga counterpart depended of his father kyuubi seal.
And finally mei confirmed tsukuyomi true identity, can’t waitfor her to reveal it to konoha.”


While that could be fun, “Sealmaster Naruto” is not the focus of this story and it’s far too late to change that. At most he will have a basic understanding of seals which he employs to better utilize Sealkeeper.

“That sure is embarrassing that the mizukage knows but the hokage doesn’t…
And Naruto will get infinite /never-ending Chakra… Well he had to abuse the ridiculousness of sealkeeper at some point…
I am supprised that orochimaru doesn’t know about the Chakra withdrawal though, has kabuto been keeping secrets? Overall a very good and plot laying chapter, still curious if “sasuke” will draw Konoha attention though…”


For now.

Not quite, that would be far too overpowered. He should have something comparable to Uzumaki reserves y the end of everything, though, and I suppose compared to some that very well could be considered “infinite”.

Perhaps I missed it, but I don’t recall and didn’t see a part in which Orochimaru learned of the Chakra Withdrawal Naruto had gone through. However, Orochimaru was informed of it by Naruto in chapter 52 when they were discussing his seal and the Ten no Juin.

I had plans for Sasuke but we’ll see if I find a spot for them as I try to keep things more Naruto-centric.

“Finally having this addressed! I have been wondering if we were ever gonna do something about his chakra. Sure his different situation has caused a massive personality shift, but it can’t be Naruto if he has s*** chakra abilities.”


Yes, this has been the plan since I did a basic overview of the Ten no Juin in chapter 52. It took more time than I had expected for things to be ready for it to come back into play.

“Okay for one great chapter, but if I’m being completely honest I think a one shot about Ganju’s backstory and his antics would be so much better”


I do believe that’s already been added to the backlog. One of these days I’ll actually sit down and compile a list of all the projects I have waiting to be worked on.

“Omg Sai really did a good one on Hana and i think that the consecuences for him are gonna be real bad! hahaha
im sad that you decided to not include an insight to Mai’s POV or Tsume’s as their interactions are really nice to read but i understand that you might on the chapters to come.
i know that some people already asked and you already answered but… i would like to see what the children of Aü are up to… and how will they contact Naruto as it was stated that he left the amulet on the training ground?

oh btw i love ganju and his “boys”
sorry for this being my first review to you story but i usually read on my mobile using a really arcane app that has no use but to read.
love your story and i hope i can get enough money to at least contribute a little on the orange page that starts with a P”


I’m trying to keep things more Naruto-centric as Sealkeeper continues and due to the highly negative responses that came from Mai and Tsume being together again I don’t plan to show any further interactions between the two of them.

Chapter 119 will give you some insight to the Children of Au, you need only be patient for a bit longer. It was not, however, stated that he had left the amulet in the training ground. He was wearing it as the scene ended. [Chapter 113, final scene. Last three lines.]

I appreciate the intent but don’t worry about any contributions.

“I’ve had my thoughts about this, being so old. So as not to be biased, I checked on the story. Seven chapters in and it’s just like all the ‘Abandoned Naruto’ stories that I’ve not read past initial chapters. I wasn’t corrected in this story.
With inability of people writing anything of substance, something that doesn’t contradict the canon so much, it’s a disappointment to see the state of fanfiction community.
I’m happy to have found stories to keep entertained, that I forget such sorry attempts at rewriting the canon.
Good luck, anyway, with writing your own ‘masterpiece’.”


I could go on for a while on this but I don’t have much time left so I’ll keep it brief. I would hazard a guess that the reason a lot of those storiews are similar are because, as you said, you only read initial chapters. If you don’t give them a chance to diverge how could they be different? They’re all variations on a theme, after all.

On the same subject, you say “not corrected.” You read seven of over a hundred chapters there, mate. I’m not sure what dramatic changes you were expecting in such a small portion of the story.

Lastly, if you don’t like the state of the fanfiction community you might do well to stop whining and actually write something yourself. It’s not going to get any better without fresh points of view contributing their ideas and styles.

“Story sucks”


A bad story will still remain infinitely better than one you’ve never written and a written story unshared holds no value. I’d be very happy for you to write something better than my own work as it would continue to help keep this community alive. If you’d like someone to bounce ideas off or need some help feel free to reach out to me.