1/25-1/26 Update and A Rant I’d Like to Get Off My Chest

While the chapter isn’t finished yet, I’m sure many of those patiently waiting for chapter 67 will be happy to know I’m about halfway done with it. A lot of people- ncpfan included- are concerned with the speed of the story so I’m trying to fit all the ‘current’ events into this one and start […]

Elemental Map

I’ve found myself referring to this quite a lot as I write chapter 66 -though to be perfectly honest I haven’t made all that much progress- so I figured it may be helpful if my readers had access to it as well. Pretty sure I mentioned that I was starting to use an actual map […]

Relationship Flowcharts

I did say I’d be posting this next, so here’s the Flowcharts I came up with to help you keep track. The First two are complete and the third is my first attempt provided here so you can laugh at it. As a quick note, these focus on Naruto’s relationships otherwise it would be way […]

An Introduction to Sealkeeper

A little over three years ago, on December 4th of 2015, I posted the first chapter of SealKeeper; He Who Binds and so it began. Sixty-Five chapters and over 450,000 words later and I’m still here, though not nearly as much as my readers deserve. I created this blog so that those readers would have […]