The following are the recorded responses of Eyazahrid to the feedback he received on the above listed chapter and the story in general for the week following. This document is to serve as a replacement to the traditional Author’s Note at the beginning and ending of chapters and will be kept separate from both the above listed chapter and any future chapters unless deemed sufficiently important.

“I feel like Mai and Naruto are dead and she is a permanent partner with Tsume at this point. too bad, but maybe I’ll be proven wrong in a future chapter”


Well, yes, she is permanently with Tsume…probably. Whether that grows to include someone else remains to be seen.

“Man it is going to be a big ol convoy when they finally get moving.”


Yes, its certainly starting to look like that isn’t it?

“Hmason:ok i’ve been meaning to bring this up for a while now but i f*** HATE the Juugo plotline, i just don’t care about him or what he’s doing and jsut now he made the BIGGEST mistake you can make, he blabbed everything to a girl after sex…the oldest trick in the book”

-Hmason (Guest)

Can’t really hold that against a guy who has voluntarily locked himself away to avoid hurting people. He’s not exactly experienced in social matters.

It’s unfortunate you don’t care about that plotline but I have plans for it and enjoy writing from a perspective of someone far outside the usual circles of influence. Luckily for you, there won’t be many Juugo scenes for a while because there’s not much more I need to cover with him for the time being.

“Looool tsume is now finding out that naruto is terrorizing her clan xD that was hilarious, and once mai discovers that she really came back for worrying too much, well she is gonna feel really stupid about it.
And hey our boy juugo lost his virginity, and if she has a say then he is definitely staying there from niw on haha.”


Even without that he’d probably be staying but if he had any doubts about his plans I think they’ve been well and truly crushed by Kari.




“The fact that Naruto isn’t sure if he misplaced a week or not is a little concerning but very hilarious,
Funnily enough: Naruto would probably appreciate reports about what he did and when he did it with all the holes in his memory…”


Yes, he very much would. Eventually he’ll get a chance to take a vacation of his own.


“I’m not gonna lie but I really don’t give two f*** about Juugo. I literally skip over his sections cause they add nothing interesting to the story. All his story sections amount to is chopping wood and a naggy older woman who wants to bone and surprise, she does. Like who cares about this. Its just a boring a** slice of life segment of a random character who’s only stick is going hulk when angry.”

-antishyguy weegee

An unfortunate opinion. Juugo has a role to play and I enpoy the chance to write for a perspective of someone not as entangled in the complexities as the others tend to be. It’s refreshing. His actions also have a role to play in the wider story because this isn’t cannon and I don’t have to keep him as “a random character who’s only stick is going hulk when angry“.

And as a visitor from chapter one we have this guest review;

“Hammerfury:This is not an attempt at bashing. This is however, an attempt to save other people like me who aren’t looking for this kind of story.
Naruto is a villain in this. That’s not a matter of an opinion, he’s done a lot of f*** up stuff. Maybe you are into that, then go ahead and read, it’s pretty well written. However, if you were looking for a neutral good smart Naruto, or a hero Naruto, or something like that, then I suggest you search for another story.
Again, this is NOT BASHING.”

-Hammerfury (Guest)

…..The whole “One body at a time” in the descriptions didn’t, perhaps, tip you off a bit that he’s going to be involved in darker things? Really?

Well, it has been quite some time since the last time I did this, hasn’t it? I’ve been meaning to sit down another update for quite some time but between Chapters, Commentaries, various distractions, and not knowing what on earth to talk about I never really got around to it. 

Until this evening, that is. 

Gods, I don’t even know where I left off, where do I start? 

I guess by going back to find my last update- One moment please. 

Ah, yes, the one back in June. Well, the good news is that the issues I was having back then are nowhere near as prevalent now as they were back then- though you may have noticed that in the last seven months- so despite not having a second job- technically- things are fine and I’m still getting chapters out.

I’ve actually had the Patreon releases done early for the last two weeks, so things are going suspiciously smoothly on that front. 

I suppose on the topic of “how things are going” I should probably go over, well, how things are going. Pretty sure that’s the main purpose of these- after allowing me to ramble for a period of time, of course. That’s always going to be the primary function of anything I write- so let’s just jump it. 

First, we’ll talk about the website. You know, the one you’re reading this on. By now you’ve probably noticed the changes and, if you’re especially perceptive, you might realize this is the same setup I had back in March of 2019. 

This is not by accident. 

It’s not on purpose, either, on that note but it was quite inevitable. I’ve just had the plan I was on with this host downgraded- as you might have been able to tell by the sudden host branding that’s probably shown up now that I’m not on the business plan- which meant their offline team had to revert everything to back when I first added the plan to remove anything done with the extra features. 


Actually, they were doing that when I first started this so I was typing this up in a Google Doc rather than on the site itself. They’ve finished now but I figure I might as well finish it here and then just move it over. 

You may- or may not- be wondering why I chose to change the site to a lower plan and the answer to that is pretty simple- 

It’s a hell of a lot cheaper. 

I was paying way too much for the business plan and, let’s face it, there really aren’t a lot of you who stop by to check these out, are there? I don’t need to ask that, I have the analytics. I think there were a total of 65 visitors last month and considering the small fraction that went anywhere beyond the landing page there’s a good chance the majority of those were bots. 

With no one using the site there was little justification for spending so much so I’ve downgraded it. The posts should still be here and I can still post Commentaries – and maybe even future updates- but that’s all I really needed. Hell, I could probably do that for free if I spent an afternoon setting about learning how. 

I’ll add that to the list, actually, that’s not a bad idea. 

Back to the topic of old posts, however, they should still be there text-wise but I’ve been informed by the offline team that any of the hyperlinks including pictures won’t have survived the reversion. I’ll have to go in and fix that manually- if I can be bothered to. 

For the life of me I really can’t think of any pictures there that were desperately important besides perhaps some of the relationship graphs and maybe that Elemental Map I had been using for the story. If I do go back I’ll probably just do those, but I really should look into even cheaper- or free- options considering just how little use this site gets. 

So if you wanted to go back and see pictures of my trees or something I’m afraid you’re out of luck. 

You know, unless I post new ones, but that’s probably not too likely.

Moving on. 

Work has been…work…so that could probably be better. We have a handful of new guys for the first time in a while, it’s performance review season, and my metrics have been less than impressive as of late. All in all, it sounds like a good recipe for my ass getting let go so I’ve been just a bit stressed about that. 

What little good that’s come from that stress is that I’m looking into various certifications and licenses I can get to help increase potential job options and make myself a more attractive applicant. I have an AHA BLS course Tuesday evening and I’m going in for my travel ID Wednesday afternoon. My Level One Fingerprint Clearance card arrived yesterday, I have the info I need to apply for a Pharmacy Tech Trainee license, and if I have the spare cash- and time- I might go for at least an unarmed guard card on the twenty-sixth. We’ll see how that ends up playing out. 

Basically I’m scrambling for anything I can get my hands on to pad my resume and make me “qualified” for some of these positions. 

My Operations Manager says I shouldn’t worry but I really don’t like taking chances. I’d much rather have a backup ready to go in case things turn extra sour. 

Alright, what’s next? 

I’ve got a list of stuff I need to take care of but I don’t think there’s anything on there that would be of any real interest to any of you. I’ve made very little progress on my other writing projects, unfortunately, but I do want to be able to dedicate more time to them here soon. 

The biggest problem I keep running into is that by the time I get home I’m too tired to write and on my days off I want to do just about anything other than work. 

Well, specifically on my days off I just want to sleep for a couple days straight in hopes of actually managing to wake up energized and refreshed one of these days- fat chance of that ever happening. 

On that note, I am off an extra day this week because  Ivolunteered one of my off days last week- one of the many reasons I continue to be utterly exhausted no matter how early I go to bed or how long I let myself sleep in for- so I might be able to force myself to sleep into at least the early afternoon on one of them.

Oh, who am I kidding? I can rarely manage to sleep past 11, my body wants me up by 10 so it can complain about being tired. 

There’s probably more I should bring up but I failed to write it down first so it’s already escaped my feeble memory. 

I guess on a bit of a more positive note I bought myself a fountain pen which has proven to be terribly addictive. If you’ve never used one I’d really recommend it. I picked one up for about $20 and then grabbed a bottle of Japanese ink for $22. I foresee the purchase of far too much ink in my future and probably a few more pens so I don’t have to clean out or waste any inks. 

And with that we’ll call it an update, I suppose. I think three pages is probably plenty for now. 

Until I next have your attention, 

The following are the recorded responses of Eyazahrid to the feedback he received on the above listed chapter and the story in general for the week following. This document is to serve as a replacement to the traditional Author’s Note at the beginning and ending of chapters and will be kept separate from both the above listed chapter and any future chapters unless deemed sufficiently important.

“heya! thanks for the chapter!

I will be honest… I kinda think Asuma is a super d*** in this story. He feels threatened when the Wolves are not technically under his control so he ‘asks’/threatens them to leave. When Naruto willing agrees to leave now Asuma is PO he has no legal or technically right on what the Wolves will be doing outside of his walls.

Yeah a spy. Good luck with that. as much as you hate that Naruto has his own army none of them will spy for you A-hole.

I love the Kurenai/Anko/Naruto mini lemon shown! i think Kurenai is hot and i could see why Naruto would feel attracted to her enough to do casual one night stands!”


You’re welcome. I’m sorry to hear he comes off as a dick, that really wasn’t my intention for his character in the slightest and I hate that most of my readers hold that opinion of him.

I’m assuming “PO” is short for “Pissed Off”, in which case I’d like to note he isn’t angry that he’ll not know what’s going on with the Wolves once they’re gone from Konoha but realized that not having an eye on them while they’re away is probably just as dangerous as keeping them in Konoha.

Kurenai is indeed quite attractive.

“Honestly thought you wrote Mai out of this story but looks like she is making a comeback, wouldn’t have minded if you did to be honest after the drama s*** ages ago.”


She’s his second in command, Mai still has a role to fill in the story.

“This was an interesting chapter to be sure. Tad ironic that Kurenai sleeps with him considering their lack of a relationship was a huge reason why he eventually became Tsukiyomi. I’m sure you’re nearly done and i’m curious if a meeting with Ino and/or Sakura is in order along with his mother and Naruko. This is about to get fun”


The original Kurenai arc ended up being scrapped quite some time ago, which may have made things a bit more smooth on that front.

He’s already told Naruko he’ll be meeting with her and Sakura before he leaves. There’s a descent chance he’ll visit with the Yamanaka too. The one least likely to see him again before he leaves is of course Kushina.

“this was a good chapter. like this ending better with your supporters even tho i is not one. makes it shorter just in case there is an omake or even a sneak peek for the next chapter in the story.”


Don’t think I’ve ever done something like that but I’ll keep it in mind for the future.

“After reading this I flashed back to chapters 19 and 20 where Kurenai found Anko in Naruto’s bed and talked about wanting to be like an older sister to him and Anko was inviting Kurenai to join her and him. Seems Anko wins again and seems like Kurenai’s issue with men is resolved at least in Naruto’s case. I wonder how that will affect Kurenai’s future interaction now that she’s joined them. Cause while she’s not a wolf she’s also not simply an outsider. I am loving the Tsume/Mai relationship, but I’m curious how the wolves leaving Konoha will affect that. I’m also curiouos if Kakashi will start training Sakura seriously because of their shared interest, she might even earn the effort of him remembering her name! I am very curious as to who the hell Asuma could use as a spy since after Kiri Naruto is going to be extremely careful about who he lets in and everyone who is already in wouldn’t betray him for the likes of Asuma, hell his own ANBU are starting to turn against him. I
noticed that we’ve seen a lot of Guren in this story and I loved that scene in chapter 71 where she was flirting with Shikamaru and the wolves looked at him like he was insane for not wanting to play with the “deadly, attractive, enemy kunoichi” I wonder if there’s a plan there or if you just like her character and are using her more often as a result. Overall I just love this story and can’t wait for more.”


It shows up fine in my email but it took a superb amount of effort not to reformat your review to look better here on the website. The price I must pay to retain the integrity of a quote.

Anko always wins.

Kurenai’s arc, unfortunately, ended up being cut from the story when there was a large outcry for more focus on Naruto and I never tried to work it back in.

Kakashi might start training her a bit more, even if just out of sheer boredom.

Guren- like all the women who have been influenced by the mindset of Orochimaru- is very fun to write. She also happens to be one of the most competent Shinobi under Orochimaru’s command which makes her the perfect choice for him to use as an agent for the sake of the Wolves. The fact that Orochimaru knows she gets along well with Naruto is a huge plus on that front, too. Orochimaru is much more inclined to use a competent person he knows won’t annoy Naruto than risk it with someone else.

“Amazing as always, though I do hope to get a lemon soon!”


I’m afraid I have no plans to include lemons within Sealkeeper. Taking into accounts previous lemon attempts and just how long the story has gone on without them I think it would be more than a little jarring and out of place to suddenly include one of my awful attempts at writing a lemon.

And visiting us from Chapter 57;

“Is anyone ever gonna mention shadow clones to Naruto? And how they can lighten the burden of paper work/training/being in two places at once?”


“Ever”? Good sir, you’re not even halfway through the story yet. Hardly the time to be asking if somethings going to happen when there’s a good chance it already has.

The following are the recorded responses of Eyazahrid to the feedback he received on the above listed chapter and the story in general for the week following. This document is to serve as a replacement to the traditional Author’s Note at the beginning and ending of chapters and will be kept separate from both the above listed chapter and any future chapters unless deemed sufficiently important.

“Nice little chapter and some nice background to make things fun. I can’t help but wonder when you’ll get to him talking to his old teammates”


He’s already spoken to Naruko about it, but he did tell her he’d say goodbye to the team so there should be a team meeting sometime before he leaves.

“I love the DDlg relationship between Naruto and Anko you got going on”


I have no idea what “DDlg” is supposed to be but anything with Anko has to be good.

“So many things going on at once. I don’t know if it was intentional but the influx of information and limited amount of callbacks puts us (or at least me) in the same state as Naruto. Things get forgotten, the passage of time gets distorted and projects kinda get left to boil over. Saw the scene in kiri and was like, “Deep cover wolves… WAIT THE KIRI CANNIBALS!” Completely forgot that there are “Were” wolves in kiri. Not born under the moons light, but worship it all the same. Can’t wait to see more.”

-Axius W. Xanxus

I would hesitate to call them “Wolves”. While they are indeed derivative of the Man-Eater sect of the Wolves their ties are solely to the Man-Eaters and not the House of Wolves itself.

“damn, I am all for watching Juugo go and have a ragtag family in yuki no kuni, in fact I just want a separate fic detailing his escapades in there, building the railroads and heedless of the world as others try to take over it/defend it”

-Wyvern Yellow

It is certainly a tempting prospect.

“I gotta admit I’m digging the Jugo sidestory right now.”


I’m glad. I quite like the side story and it serves as an important tool when I need to focus on something to pass time in the story.

“I can not wait for juugo to become a railway magnate. I feel so proud if him.”


Chances are he’ll get there before long at this rate.

“As much as I like this story I feel like I am always disappointed when there is a section about Juugo and the trains. Those sections don’t ever really seem to have much going on to advance the story for how much they are covered and it has been going on for enough time that I’ve actually forgot the purpose of his mission. I know this is kind of a ridiculous review because this story’s pace is slow in general (I don’t mean this as an insult) and has always had a lot of talking, planning, and thinking but these sections I find to be less interesting than others. As always though I enjoyed the new chapter and I look forward to the next.”


I’m sorry you feel that way, the Juugo side story seems to be a rather big hit with a lot of my readers (see above for examples) and is used both as an intermission to help me pass the time without jarring jumps and as a way for me to take small breaks from the complications that are the House of Wolves.

“The one thing that I notice is that the list is starting to get very long and it takes up more room than it should. Have you thought about dedicating a single chapter to the patrons and then updating it ever two weeks?”

-Wrath of The Sun Deity

As public releases are twice a month, the list only makes an apperance every two weeks, though I doubt that’s what you havew in mind.

I have made a poll for Patrons to see how they feel about about the list and will endeavor to respect their opinion on the matter as the presentation of the list at the end of public chapters is one of the benefits they receive as Patrons.

“God who is jugo? I did skip entire story involved him after… what chapter? Is he the guy that search for artifacts?

And why is this chapter only cover two conversation scenes between Naruto and kakashi ,two for Naruto and anko and one for Anko Kurenai…

So does this mean there will be at least 2 more chapter before the wolves move out? 3 for settling in new base not including snake lady and situation in Konoha; Asuma reaction ,his sister or yugao’s team… I guess?

Anyway nice update will wait for more.”

-Marvelous Pathetic

Juugo is the original source of Orochimaru’s Ten no Juin and was introduced in Shippuden when Sasuke was building his team. He’s the orange haired one who was good with animals and ended up using curtains as clothing.

In Sealkeeper he was sent to Yuki no Kuni by Jirobo (The Overseer in charge of locating suitable gifts for Naruto) to complete a mission and has been working on the railways since his arrival.

The chapter was made up of eight scenes.

Two or three is correct, I have a few more things to cover before they depart.

“Zabuza isn’t one of the original Seven Swordsmen, Juzo Biwa had the Kubikiribocho before him.”


As soon as I said he was, he was. Anything I write is truth, regardless of cannon, because this is my story.

The following are the recorded responses of Eyazahrid to the feedback he received on the above listed chapter and the story in general for the week following. This document is to serve as a replacement to the traditional Author’s Note at the beginning and ending of chapters and will be kept separate from both the above listed chapter and any future chapters unless deemed sufficiently important.

“I wonder who else will enter Naruto’s web… and whether Asuma realizes the crap he stepped into when he tried to kick Naruto out… his Damiyo is gonna be PISSED.”


Neither Naruto nor Asuma really wants Iroh to know so the real question is “Who’s going to be the one to tell him?”

“The way you write kakashi is definitely my favorite”

-Grounded Forever

I’m glad you like him, he’s quite fun to write.

“The chapter was great, Shizune and Tsunades talk was interesting, espcially how Shizune reacted to meeting her in the workshop. Ibikis and Naruto talk was also good what he gets out of it is still in the open. Didn’t expect Orochimaru to prepare such a through out way of transporting Akishi and her follow children, I really expected him to dumb her in a carriage without all the planning involved.

The best is simply your way of portraying Kakashi and how infuriating he can be to others, I always like this parts the most.”


While Orochimaru isn’t exactly fond of Akishi- purely because Naruto has expressed his current distaste for her and her siblings- she also knows that Naruto has given the Ak’Gyun a task to complete. Even if he really doesn’t expect her to be able to accomplish it Orochimaru will still recognize her service to Naruto and will do what she can to help make it happen.

Of course, there’s also the fact that the last thing she wants is an upset Naruto and he’s sure to be displeased if Akishi was to be exposed so quickly and bring him undue attention.

Kakashi is an infuriating kind of guy, it just comes naturally to him.

“I don’t say this enough but Kakashi is such a character in this story. I love it”


He is, indeed, a character. Were he the one talking he would no doubt mention your incredible skill in observation. Glad you like him.

“Yo can you do a temari/Naruto more”


As the two have been physically separated by quite a difference they haven’t exactly had a chance to spend any time together. That may change soon, so we’ll see how things go. As usual- no promises. My muse is a fickle thing.

“Man the lad is plucking some prime cuts before he dips.”


Naturally. He’s a Wolf, did you really expect him to leave such juicy steaks alone?

“Nice chapter, I am curious, im sure you have a rough storyline planned out, how many more chapters can we expect? Are we already past the halfway point? (sure hope we are NOT!) What do you guesstimate how many chapters and words this story may reach?”


I do have a rough outline planned out and yes, the last ten to twenty chapters have accomplished just about nothing from it. We should be past the halfway point, but I can’t really say for certain. Not really planning for it to pass 1.5 million at the max, but I also wasn’t expecting 100,000 and we’ve seen how that went…..

I can’t see the story having more than 250 chapters but, again, nothing ever goes the way I plan it.

“Ohh so Inu-oji is going to get his own Dog squad, lol”


I suppose that’s one way to look at it, assuming he ever actually makes use of them.

“Still quite the pleasure. I would’ve thought that Ibiki would have known more though.”

-Senyor Fier Mensheir

Asuma has been keeping this very close to his chest. Only he, Hiruzen, Danzou, and his ANBU guard are aware, to the best of his knowledge.

While not necessarily about chapter 128 this was nonetheless in the pile of reviews that accumulated during that period so we have a guest apperance from a chapter 10 review;

“Your evil”


Thank you.

The following are the recorded responses of Eyazahrid to the feedback he received on the above listed chapter and the story in general for the week following. This document is to serve as a replacement to the traditional Author’s Note at the beginning and ending of chapters and will be kept separate from both the above listed chapter and any future chapters unless deemed sufficiently important.

“Somehow I don’t think even Remy would be able to help her cook.”


Well, at least she didn’t accidently poison him….

“I really don’t know if you’re going to publish a chapter before the end of the year, so I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance.
I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely going to celebrate that this year is over.
Keep writing.
Blessings and good health to you and your loved ones.”


Hey, I don’t think I’m that bad at getting chapters out.

The same to your and your loved ones.

“Akishi’s cooking was funny and the look at her personality was nice , also Naruto’s conversation with Kakashi was interesting
and Mai as heir was predictable before the relationship drama with Mai, Tsume and Naruto.

I can only hope Mai and Tsume have less/no screen time after this drama, because its getting annoying (after 15 chapter?) and Mai is still irresolute about her feelings for Naruto

Ok, maybe I’m still angry about MaiXTsume (and Tsume’s bad character in this story)

whatever, stay healthy”


Mai knows exactly how she feels about Naruto, she just doesn’t know how to deal with it. It’s a pity people dislike Tsume so much, I quite like her.

“What would Naruto transition into then? He’s paving the way for his wolves. Maybe a daimyo like position for him and Mai acting as the Kage. Makes some sense. I guess then the Uzumaki would live on within the wolves. Accidents do happen.”


His sister still is the Uzumaki heiress, the clan will continue through her. I had a bit more complicated way of that happening but, well, I ended up cutting that from the plans to keep things from getting too convoluted.

“Ahh my favorite fic gets another update. I’ve got to say I really liked Ahkshi(?)’s agreement with orochi it was nice and well gave a wonderful look at thier personalities. Is naruto planning another splinter organization or something?

Can’t wait for more plz stay safe an keep up the amazing work!”


Naruto doesn’t really plan them, they just sort of form around him.

“I ***new it, God, I already picked up on his behavior way back, even before the MaixTsume arc, considering I ***feel how he feels sometimes. Like ***man, do you ever just want to build everything you ever wanted and just suddenly disappear afterwards, its like your purpose is already finished so theres no point in continuing



Ah, it’s good knowing I managed to keep his character at least semi-consistent. Thank you.

“Well I guess with him having been homeless for a while in what was probably years ago both in story and in real life he was probably used to or at least familiar with less than good meals…
Nothing more to ad though did akishi not follow Naruto’s order to tell orochimaru that he was displeased? Bad idea…
Overall a pretty nice chapter!”


When you’re hungry you eat, Naruto’s not all that picky. Of course, he would rather not eat garbage so it’s a good thing his children arrived in time to save him from suffering too much.

“Fishy rabbit rice. Yum.”


I’ll have to disagree with you there.

“”He had more important things to worry about than reality” sums up this fic quite well.”


An astute observation.

The following are the recorded responses of Eyazahrid to the feedback he received on the above listed chapter and the story in general for the week following. This document is to serve as a replacement to the traditional Author’s Note at the beginning and ending of chapters and will be kept separate from both the above listed chapter and any future chapters unless deemed sufficiently important.

“The chapter was great, Akishis task while funny can only end up in disaster. The part of the Anbu was interesting with the whole team introduced now and I must say I mostly forgot about Yugao after her giant mess up with Kiri. Not in the sense that I forgot her role, but after it she just didn’t seem important to the story anymore, as she didn’t play any kind of role in it anymore, with the exception of being the leader of Anbu. Looking forward to what new role you will give her.”


Don’t expect it to be a large one. I wasn’t going to be able to just cut her from the story considering her ties- broken or not- to Naruto but she’s really not going to be able to play a major part in the story after what she did.

“really like yugao plz dont throw her out”


She’s not going to be thrown out but there really isn’t anything she can do to fully recover from her actions. As much as I like her, she’s not going to be super involved in the story.

Snek gets no slack.


None whatsoever.

“Now I ain’t know THE Bob Ross is endorsing this endeavor.”


Are you calling Bob Ross a liar?

“Por Yugao, things are really not breaking her way. Hope she can turn it around.

Still rather weirded out by the snake people. I did like the recruiting of Tsunade :)”


Just a snake person- for now. Bwahahahaha…..Yeah, we’ll see how this goes.

“Looool poor yugao just managed to not fall completely into depression but it looks like her luck just ran out since she now knows just how bad she hurt naruto by betraying him and also since he is going away, damn at this point I am pretty damn sure she would just go and beat the s*** out of asuma do causing all this, pft I really hope naruto seduces kurenai too so he gets ntred xD
Oh an naruto is gonna take away one of the first times of an immortal snake…kinda.”


While I’m not saying the two won’t share a bed, it’s not something I have specifically planned. If things end up developing that way it happens, if not they won’t.

“I can’t wait to see how Yugao reacts with this information. As for Anko and Kakashi, I could easily see Anko going with him cause well… she’s Anko, and Naruto asking Kakashi to stay behind as a set of eyes and ears. I also want Naruto to tell Kushina the truth during their family dinner. Who he is, what he is, everything. As a last chance for her to make an attempt to bond she’ll have to be willing to accept the truth and his own decisions. Hell she could accept it and be another set of eyes and ears in the village. I also want to see Mai move on from Naruto, I feel that while they were good together they’re the kind of couple that happen as a way for them to grow and evolve to who they truly are before going on to find their true partners. Though while I easily see Mai/Tsume, I don’t really see Naruto settling down with any one person, it’s not who he is, and Mai deserves to be someone’s #1. I don’t know if even half of these things will be in the next chapter but I can’t wait.



Aw, you see how awkward things look when you sign them yourself? Damnit, now the whole site is ruined.

Naruto will most certainly not be able to settle down with only one person, even if he wanted to and Mai absolutely deserves to be someone’s number one- but do you really think Mai would be able to let Naruto go completely?

Of course, the solution there would simply be for Naruto to be Mai’s number two……

“Idk if it was intentional, but did Akishi’s mention of turning a race against a would be hordes have anything to do with Kaguya and Hagoromo…etc?”


What? Me? Seed a tie-in to existing cannon? You must have me confused with a more competent writer.

“Akishi’s tirade about brother against brother, sage against demon and would be Godess against a species reminds me of Asura vs Indra, the Sage of 6 paths against the 10tails and Kaguya against humanity (or maybe the toad clan since they also had something against her and set her sons up to fight her)
Overall a very nice chapter”


Huh, what a strange…coincidence.

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“I never considered it but will Naruto make a new identity for the high priest or become high priest as tsukuyomi?
I think tsukuyomi’s right hand serving a different deity (same for the high priest) could lead to complications…

Do we now what juugo’s mission is and why he was chosen or is this a future plot point?

Kushina is only a bit taller? I thought this Naruto was short (or at least Canon sized)

A very nice chapter, that laid ground for a few interesting points in the next.”


If Naruto says that he serves a deity I have no doubts that the Wolves will accept it without question. There’s nothing that says one god cannot serve another. Hinata no Mikoto is a perfect example of that for them already.

“No, the real tricky part was going to be somehow managing to climb up high enough through the ranks that he was able to obtain what he’d been sent here for.” He’s been sent to obtain something here by Jirobu. It has been quite a while since Jirobu made an appearance (chapter 115), but I will say it’s directly related to what Jugo is currently working on.

Naruto was established as being taller in one of the first chapters, if I recall. I do believe I said only Shino was taller. While he gets a lot of his physical traits from his mother, the angular shape of his face and his height he gets from his father.

“Mai returns! is it bad that I want her to feel guilty for basically running off for a Holliday? not that she didn’t deserve one but still… Her constantly stating how loyal she is but turning around and questioning her love for Naruto the next is bothersome. She loves him, time for her to accept it and move on.”


Can’t really blame you, I’ve always been a fan of Angst/hurt/guilt in stories -When it’s not the main character, that is- so no, it’s not bad at all.

Her loyalty to her lord and love for Naruto are two completely separate things. As much as she does love him, she’s recently come to feel as though he’s keeping things from her and doubts her future in the House of Wolves. She also knows that if it’s true she’s partly at fault for it due to keeping the events in Kiri a secret from him.



Yes, I’ve ben quite enjoying writing Juugo scenes.

“Hello my name is Mr./Mrs. Not Important

Me and my fellow South Africans need your help. We don’t want donations or any money we didn’t earn. We need everyone’s help by spreading the news that South African farmers are being murdered in gruesome ways and farms are being torched for no good reason. This is a national emergency because they provide us with food and work. It has come to our attention that this is not common knowledge outside of South Africa. If you contact us we will try to send you evidence of our state of emergency.

Please help us spread the word.

This is not a prank”


I have absolutely no idea what would prompt someone to comment this but I also can’t say I particularly believe your Bio stating you’re a 7’2″ 17 year old whose been in a coma for 3 years with a 195 IQ and have only managed to reach 9th grade being homeschooled. Oh, yeah, and your girlfriends died in a car accident.

Best of luck with whatever your trying to accomplish, but I think we’ll just be moving on.

A lot of reviews on this Chapter ended up being about the quality of my posted chapter – even after I replaced the chapter with a further edited version- and everyone seemed rather confused as to why my edit was not up to the regular standards. I guess the note that I had just finished editing the chapter while sitting in my worktruck went unnoticed. Apparently doing the edit on one’s phone is ill-advisable.

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“Poor Naruto, I hope you decide away where his work load burden is lessened, he seems so worked down these days and its highkey Sad AF”


It was rather unfortunate that everything ended up happening at the same time for him, but he should have much more time to focus on other things soon enough.

“I wonder when the IRG will get a better name. Perhaps the two strays could put in more work and become a part of some medic branch of the wolves?”


Technically Shizune and Rusty are the medic branch.

…..And now, trying to come up with a name to suggest for a Shizune Team I’ve realized that Tonton has ceased to exist. If I find them again, maybe we’ll have a Team Tonton serving as the Wolves’ medics.

“Naruto sounds like he is too young for this crap… lol.”


Quite. Maybe he should have considered that before becoming a father so young. Always remember to wrap it, kids.

“Awesome chapter. The continued lack of sleep for Naruto is both funny and depressing.”


Fatherhood does that, so does pretending to be two separate high-ranking individuals within an organization during a missive transitional period while your primary assistant is on holiday. Really, a collection of poor choices hitting at once. At this rate he’s going to need a vacation- like that will ever happen.

“Naruto can’t even track what happened on which day? Very good example of how burned out he is!

Ha! Naruto wants to kill a God so the gods decide not to let him nap!

Another great chapter, though I really hope Naruto doesn’t fall unconscious out of nowhere any time soon though I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened…”


Between that and the fact that Mai would usually be the one to keep track of that sort of thing, I’d say.

An interesting way to look at it I suppose.

I think that last suggestion is unlikely as he doesn’t have any clones out and about at the moment…I think….

…Actually, there might be one from when he went to go have breakfast with Orochimaru. Forgot about that.

“:What fool pays for this s***? Lol
Horrible and bizarre content”

-From: Guest

No one pays for it, Sealkeeper content is completely free. There are, however, ninety generous individuals who receiver earlier releases in thanks for their support. I suppose that as “Horrible and bizarre” the content is there will still be people who enjoy it.

“If your gonna give me filler…like give it to me in a hige chapter or just summarize everything…the first 80 chapters were full of action on and off the field amd character development..Naruto even stopped training.. he’s now just an overglorified pencil pusher amd worst part is the huge waste that is the sealkeeper..this story has just become bland…like pick the action up and do something. I don’t need to know his daily proceedings over a whole 5 chapters..the f***”

-6lakH2O SA

Ah, yes, the first 80 chapters in which there were some that Naruto either didn’t feature in or completely dominated despite there not being a single piece of diologe. Those “full of action” chapters, yes?

I’ve said it before, but this is not an action story. It’s a story about Naruto and what he does. To that end you’ll see- surprise surprise- the things he’s doing. Even if you don’t think him reaching out to various factions in preparation for his upcoming exodus is important I would much rather go through it than throw in a sentence in a chapter saying “Naruto made all the proper arrangements and knew everything would proceed smoothly as they left Konoha.”

I know my writing isn’t the greatest, but that would be far worse.

“he really need stop plotting and planning for time so that he and wolves figure out their paperwork ,structural systems and such so when they decided to expand they have systems already inlace to work from leading to more effective and adaptable system .
If Puppeteer Red sands at this rate might choose leave Akatsuki for opportunity work need Puppeteer projects that Naruto keep coming up with .Pretty sure right that man his alley of enjoyment plus he leave legacy make some most break through new research into artificial limbs ,puppetry and possible invention of golems and other artificial contructs .”


They’re currently in the process of reworking everything, unfortunately everything else decided to happen at the same time.

With how integrated Sasori and Deidara have become with the Suna Siblings, I think it’s pretty likely that Naruto will make use of such resources. They don’t exactly have a choice, at this point.

“Roygun:You guys remember when Naruto was an actual shinobi doing shinobi stuff, fighting and generally having an exciting time?

Yeah me neither, it’s been quite a while.

Now we have this shell of person constantly bogged down by paperwork and the pressures of running a dysfunctional organisation that doesn’t even know how to delegate work and responsibilities properly and evenly leaving our boy to pick up the slack at such a young age too.

Makes me sad, reminds me of how canon Naruto turned out in Boruto becoming a Hokage who can barely make time for his family.

As if that wasn’t enough now he has to deal with Snake people, packing up the Wolves and leaving Konoha, having his identity exposed because of a little slip-up he did to Haku that came back and bit him in the a** and those are just the recent events. There are still a myriad of issues that haven’t been mentioned for a while now which will definitely show up later.

No wonder he acts so mature and calls his subordinates his children, I wouldn’t even be surprised if stress overwhelms him one day but me and I am sure many other people hope to see the return of the badass shinobi Naruto and not this corporate pencil pusher shell of a main character.”


Ah, yes, all…five?…outings. This is not an action story, I mentioned such pretty early into it, and as such it’s not always going to have action. Right now Naruto- while he’d like to be perusing a more proper Shinobi lifestyle- has other priorities to attend to and he’ll always put his children before his personal dreams.

Seeing as this Naruto is addressing his workload now, he’ll have much more time for his family soon enough. Despite this, he’s not exactly going to be throwing himself headfirst into being a Shinobi when he doesn’t have a village generating missions anymore.

He will, however, continue to act in the best interest of his children- preferably in ways that allow him to get out and stretch his legs.

The following are the recorded responses of Eyazahrid to the feedback he received on the above listed chapter and the story in general for the week following. This document is to serve as a replacement to the traditional Author’s Note at the beginning and ending of chapters and will be kept separate from both the above listed chapter and any future chapters unless deemed sufficiently important.

“Sooo… we get Gaara Isobu moments now? Yeah we should get Gaara Isobu moments now.”

-Axius W. Xanzux

I’ll see what I can do.

“Wonder if they’ll end up making sand people to fill the village?”


That’s not a bad idea, actually. I wonder if- Oh, no, that’s not a good train of thoughts to follow.

“The ending of the chapter was so adorable.”


Glad you liked it.

“Encroaching on a million words and Naruto is not even fourteen yet. This must be a record of some sort.”


….He might be fourteen by now, I took a while figuring out how long has passed but I can’t remember where I wrote that down. Probably in one of these commentaries.

“Great chapter nothing to add though I am curious, with Mai having the title of Amaterasu, would Au be insulted?”


He wouldn’t be too pleased, no, but not for the reasons you’re probably thinking. I’d really like to add more to this but this isn’t exactly the place to start spewing Aū lore…..I think.