2021.03.04 Update

I keep putting off a new update because I can never come up with anything important enough to write about but I’ve realized that not only do I have something I probably should have brought up two weeks ago but that every other time I didn’t think I had anything to talk about I still managed to ramble on forever.

Also, were it not for the single update I did back in January, this would be the first update of 2021. Two updates now and it’s March, I really need to be doing this more often. Even just a monthly recap would be better than my current non-existent schedule.

But enough about me not keeping you all updated and informed on the subject that is Eyazahrid, let’s get into what’s been going on starting with the largest item and then moving into rambling;

I’ve been fired.

Ayup, it finally happened. I’ve known it was in the cards for some time now- which I why I started to offer early chapters on Patreon – but I somehow managed to hold on for just over a year before it happened. It was for the same reason I suspected it would happen, too – lack of sales.

I’ll try not to go too into detail because thinking about the spesifics still puts me in a bad mood but esencially with the amount of appointements I was completing and the work I was doing my very low percentage of sales was impacting the office averages by quite a bit.

Still a little salty that Sales were so damn important when my job was installing and repairing systems that we didn’t get credit for upselling and we could only get sales for separate products but as Sales goals were going to be increasing dramatically over this year anyway I suppose it was inevitable.

What I’m most upset over, without a doubt, is not the fact that I was released for not making quota- as much as it sucks I understand- or even how I kept getting promises of help and training that never came through as they progressed me through the disciplinary stages but simply the fact that I was accused of not trying to sell anything.

I was at every appointment trying to find some sort of problem or some element of my customer’s daily lives that I could improve with the products I had. I just about always managed to generate interest in our products but could never get the sale to close while I was present.

It would be quite a bit easier if I was capable of lying to those same customers but my integrity would never allow me to do so.

It’s probably a god thing, too, because I can’t lie for shit. Closest I can get is omission which is more or less just me not talking.

Always fun sitting there and being lectured about contractors managing to sell jobs at residences you couldn’t close at when you’d just spent the day assuring customers that the product they’d bought isn’t a piece of shit and they just weren’t properly taught how to utilize it or admitting that no, the product they had been sold would not perform the function they had been promised it would.

We won’t waste time on the fact that some of those products are probably from when I got the customer interested in a certain product and they wanted to hold off before buying it.

But we’ve already exceeded my safe salt levels for this post so lets’ move onto other things.

Following a lack of employment, that would naturally mean my current search for a new job. No luck so far, not even an interview secured, but I have three more applications I had been intending to post this morning after my work on 135-B. I ended up going to sleep instead as it was nearing six in the morning but I’ll try to get those in this afternoon.

One of those jobs is for the railroads where employment can be finicky depending on needs and where I’m probably going to be one of many thousands to apply, another is a four to six month contract going to patient homes and taking pictures of their eyes for optometrists (it’s 1099 with pay based on appointment completion but promises enough daily work that I could probably save up enough to pay off at least one of my cards before having to find a new job), and the last one is a position as an unarmed security guard.

That last one probably carries with it the most job security (which is some fantastic wordplay, thank you) but as much as customers at my last job tended to make the assumption that I had a military background I know those jobs highly favor applicants who have a genuine military or law enforcement background.

Failing those two, I may try my hand at either Corrections officer- for which there seem to be quite a few openings around here- or maybe applying for a position with Border Patrol. Doubt I could pass the physical for either in all honesty as I still have fatigue problems from medical issues when I was twelve but if they’re willing to take me I just need a paycheck.

Trying desperately to avoid fast food considering how much time I’ve already put into that particular industry. An easy job where I’m stuck making food in the back doesn’t sound too bad on its own- I really want to avoid a cashier position so I can avoid customers- but with management experience and food safety certifications I know my work ethic is probably going to have me taking on additional responsibilities until I eventually end up as a manager again.

I really don’t want to get into that stress though I 100% know I’ll end up justifying it to myself as more money for me to put towards paying down some of my debts. Let it not be said that I don’t know myself. I may hate the bastard but I’m very familiar with how he thinks and acts.

Might have to go fast food though, if only to pay my rent and keep my car, because while I do have the fallback of running food deliveries for Doordash if I absolutely have to generate cash for bills I tend to need something a bit more structured to keep me working.

Don’t get me wrong, I have excellent work ethic I simply tend to lack motivation to get started. Having a specific schedule that I have to follow always helps get me moving.

And yes, I’m completely ignoring wha tthat might say when it comes to mental health. If I don’t get diagnosed with it I don’t have it, bugger off.

I’m not too worried about employment as I do have that Doordash to fall back on and I can probably swing fast food work but even getting my vacation time payout from my last employer I don’t have much in my accounts and it’s definitely not going to last beyond this month.

What I really need to do is miraculously develop drawing talent and animation skill so I can start producing lewd content to sell. That would be a dream job. I should really start getting some practice in, at least then I would be making use of that Drawing Pad I splurged on before I was let go.

Bad timing, that, but I suppose I wouldn’t have it otherwise.

Speaking of bad timing, I had been intending to get a consultation for Lasik so I wouldn’t have to keep using these damned glasses- the frames of which have recently broken and are being held together by electrical tape- and I was going to put that rumored $1400 stimulus towards it but I suppose I’ll have to hold off on that until I have a job and then I’ll need time off from that job in order to get it done and recover from it before returning to work.

Time off which, naturally, will take time to acquire and will have to be approved. Gotta love employment.

Let’s see, what’s next?

Ah, not a huge thing by any means but I have come to the conclusion that my body- while normally completely unable to wake without the presence of the sun- is somehow more inclined to nights. I’ve spent the last week and a half going to bed sometime in the early morning and waking up between ten and two. Beyond this telling me that I should probably look for work with a similar schedule due to the convenience- and the fact that usually people don’t like being on nights so it should be harder for employers to fill such positions- it has also allowed me to discover that sitting at the kitchen table at two am with a cup of coffee is far more productive then sitting in my bedroom- erm, ‘office’- trying to get myself to write while the sun’s up.

Maybe Au is displeased with me?

Favor or lack thereof aside I’ve recently found myself struggling with an old addiction- Fanfiction. I’ve avoided reading it for quite some time but I ended up checking out a story posted by someone I followed….at some point….and clicked on a suggested story at the bottom of the app and then another one and…well…yeah….

I’ve pulled up lists of Fics on my PC and have easily gone through a few million words since I’ve been released from my position. Works great as a distraction but hasn’t been the best for productivity as evident by the fact that I’ve been getting the past two chapters out on Saturdays rather than in the middle of the week.


Been getting better at resisting it again but the urge to read is hard to resist. I’ve always preferred reading anyway and writing simply followed naturally.

I am pleased to say I’ve managed to avoid Naruto Fics. As much as I’d like to see the state of the fandom I don’t want to be influenced it while I work on Sealkeeper. The last thing I need is sudden inspiration nagging me to make some major change to the story or a hundred reviews telling me I’ve stolen something from someone.

Oh, before I forget I’m sure you’re all aware that Sealkeeper recently broke one million published words. I was contemplating creating a club for fanfic writers with a million words- not sure if I should distinguish between a million total or having a story with over a million- but I have absolutely no idea how to set about doing it. I think it would be more preferable to create a community of writers and perhaps just give other writers with one million plus words special recognition but, again, no idea how to bring that together.

I know there are already Discord servers where some prominent Fanfiction writers communicate so maybe its’ a bad idea to try for my own but I really would like to be able to help aid and encourage the next generation of fanfiction writers as they develop their skills and eventually move on to original works.

Speaking of which, I really should use this free time to be working on some of my side projects, especially a book of my own. It would be nice to publish one, especially if I managed to make some money off of it. Writing is a lot more fun then dealing with customers, after all.

Back to the communities if anyone has suggestions feel free to comment them here, mention them in the Discord, PM me, reach out to me by email (Eyazahrid@Eyazahrid.net), or join the forum. Yeah, I ended up making one of Fanfiction.net because it was easier than trying to incorporate it into this site. Pretty sure no one ever used either.

Which reminds me, I really should put in some more work on this site. It was reverted to an earlier version after I dropped to a lower, cheaper, site plan. There are so few people who actually visit that the amount I was paying for services simply wasn’t worth it.

Not sure there’s anythign else to really cover in this update- and if there is I’m sure it will come to me a few hours after I post this- so I’ll just end this here and let you get on with your days.

Until I next have your attention,


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