Commentaries – Sealkeeper 126

The following are the recorded responses of Eyazahrid to the feedback he received on the above listed chapter and the story in general for the week following. This document is to serve as a replacement to the traditional Author’s Note at the beginning and ending of chapters and will be kept separate from both the above listed chapter and any future chapters unless deemed sufficiently important.

“The chapter was great, Akishis task while funny can only end up in disaster. The part of the Anbu was interesting with the whole team introduced now and I must say I mostly forgot about Yugao after her giant mess up with Kiri. Not in the sense that I forgot her role, but after it she just didn’t seem important to the story anymore, as she didn’t play any kind of role in it anymore, with the exception of being the leader of Anbu. Looking forward to what new role you will give her.”


Don’t expect it to be a large one. I wasn’t going to be able to just cut her from the story considering her ties- broken or not- to Naruto but she’s really not going to be able to play a major part in the story after what she did.

“really like yugao plz dont throw her out”


She’s not going to be thrown out but there really isn’t anything she can do to fully recover from her actions. As much as I like her, she’s not going to be super involved in the story.

Snek gets no slack.


None whatsoever.

“Now I ain’t know THE Bob Ross is endorsing this endeavor.”


Are you calling Bob Ross a liar?

“Por Yugao, things are really not breaking her way. Hope she can turn it around.

Still rather weirded out by the snake people. I did like the recruiting of Tsunade :)”


Just a snake person- for now. Bwahahahaha…..Yeah, we’ll see how this goes.

“Looool poor yugao just managed to not fall completely into depression but it looks like her luck just ran out since she now knows just how bad she hurt naruto by betraying him and also since he is going away, damn at this point I am pretty damn sure she would just go and beat the s*** out of asuma do causing all this, pft I really hope naruto seduces kurenai too so he gets ntred xD
Oh an naruto is gonna take away one of the first times of an immortal snake…kinda.”


While I’m not saying the two won’t share a bed, it’s not something I have specifically planned. If things end up developing that way it happens, if not they won’t.

“I can’t wait to see how Yugao reacts with this information. As for Anko and Kakashi, I could easily see Anko going with him cause well… she’s Anko, and Naruto asking Kakashi to stay behind as a set of eyes and ears. I also want Naruto to tell Kushina the truth during their family dinner. Who he is, what he is, everything. As a last chance for her to make an attempt to bond she’ll have to be willing to accept the truth and his own decisions. Hell she could accept it and be another set of eyes and ears in the village. I also want to see Mai move on from Naruto, I feel that while they were good together they’re the kind of couple that happen as a way for them to grow and evolve to who they truly are before going on to find their true partners. Though while I easily see Mai/Tsume, I don’t really see Naruto settling down with any one person, it’s not who he is, and Mai deserves to be someone’s #1. I don’t know if even half of these things will be in the next chapter but I can’t wait.



Aw, you see how awkward things look when you sign them yourself? Damnit, now the whole site is ruined.

Naruto will most certainly not be able to settle down with only one person, even if he wanted to and Mai absolutely deserves to be someone’s number one- but do you really think Mai would be able to let Naruto go completely?

Of course, the solution there would simply be for Naruto to be Mai’s number two……

“Idk if it was intentional, but did Akishi’s mention of turning a race against a would be hordes have anything to do with Kaguya and Hagoromo…etc?”


What? Me? Seed a tie-in to existing cannon? You must have me confused with a more competent writer.

“Akishi’s tirade about brother against brother, sage against demon and would be Godess against a species reminds me of Asura vs Indra, the Sage of 6 paths against the 10tails and Kaguya against humanity (or maybe the toad clan since they also had something against her and set her sons up to fight her)
Overall a very nice chapter”


Huh, what a strange…coincidence.

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