2020.04.24 Update

No, trust me, I’m as surprised as you are. I haven’t done one of these in…nearly four months it looks like. This will be the first update of 2020 and, to be perfectly honset, I’m only writing it right now because Menoly told me I wouldn’t be playing any games this evening.

I was already planning on doing one of these again at some point- which I decided yesterday as I wrote up the Commentary for 114- but when I got home today I figured I’d put it off a bit because I was tired.

Forgot that I wasn’t the one who gets to make those calls, so here I am. The other option was to start work on 116-B but I’m tired and writing Sealkeeper takes too much mental energy. This, on the other hand, is just me spewing out words as I monologue in my head so it takes relitively little processing power.

But back to the update, what am I going to be talking about? What was so important that I finally got around to doing one of these again? Well, I’ll let you know when I figure it out.

Generally I start writing these with one or two things in mind and then end up going on massive tangents.

So, starting with the first thing, let’s see where this leads.

If you’re part of my Discord then you’re probably aware that recently I sat down and planned out the rest of Sealkeeper. That’s right, everything that needs to happen between chapter 116 and the end of the story. Came out to about 60 scenes though they may end up split or combined depending on how things go.

Regardless of how many scenes actually become of it- and how many scenes I may come up with and add between them- those scenes mark everything I need to cover going forward. Hopefully that will mean future chapters will feel a little less floaty and far more substantial.

Another way to write that is that Sealkeeper finally has a finished plot after four years. I’ve had the general ending planned for at least three of those years, but you wouldn’t be completely incorrect.

While doing this I also opened up a channel on the Discord to get a feel for what it was people actually wanted to see. The results…well, some of them were to be expected and were already at least partially addressed with what I had planned out.

A lot of it, unfortunately, didn’t really fit into what I intend to do with the story. I’ll be making note of them and see about finding some way to incorporate them into an eventual rewrite but in the meantime I’m sure a lot of people are going to end up disappointed with what Sealkeeper has instore for them.

That says nothing of the pages of notes I have listing everything I’m removing from my plans. I have them down as a “Sealkeeper Changelog” and will add everything I planned out that day to it. You’ll probably be able to find it here the same day Sealkeeper finishes.

And with that coming up I need to start getting plans made for my next project. I have some ideas already and a name that I can’t explain my fondness for but I’ll leave that for a future update assuming I keep writing these.

I’d say that about does it for the matters of Sealkeeper so we’ll move onto the next thing topic I had ready-

Or maybe not. It seemed like a decent idea when I came up with it but reflecting upon it now I think we’ll pass on me talking about my cooking. Hell, probably better off brainstorming here about that new story.

Not that I’ll be doing so at the moment. The whiteboard’s only half-filled right now and I have absolutely no idea what the main plot would even be. As usual, I’ve envisioned things I want to see and now have to find a way to create a stroy around those elements.

Not the best method, perhaps, but it works…kind of.

…I’m sittign here trying to figure out what else to write about but nothign really sounds good. You don’t need to hear me talk about work or any of the other projects I should be devoting more time to instead of spending so much of it with Menoly .

Ah, no, there’s one more thing I can mention briefly before I call this finished. Even as i write this it seems to be lacking but I’ll go with it. As you know I have a Patreon and while those funds have gone to help me with unexpected costs in my life I’ve been trying not to touch them too much.

I’d much rather spend them on something worthwhile than on whatever stupid thing has caught my attention that day. Prefereably I’d like to do things for the community itself.

The first thing that comes to mind is something I’ve actually been waiting on for a while. Noah on the Discord has a friend who was doing a sketch of Isobu. It was my intention to propperly comission it but I haven’t heard anything on that front so far.

With thta more or less on hold, something else I’d like to do is create something everyone can make use of. Unfortunately I have no idea what that could be so I’ll have to change my angle a bit to something everyone can..have? It’s not really a benefit to them, though I suppose it could be considered a Patreon benefit. I know there are companies in China that do steel business cards and I’m tempted to design one more like a membership card and send them out to all my Patrons but I’m not sure how to go about that or how well it would go considering all the Corona issues sprouting up.

Ordering things from China? Yeah, even assuming their factories are still going and that they can ship them out I’m sure they’ll end up stuck at some port for a few months at this point. I still quite like the idea so I’ll keep it on the backburner. I could always have enamel pins or some sort of velcro patches made and sent out, but that doesn’t seem quite as cool.

Then again, what do I know ? You guys might really like that.

You know, all three of you actually reading this.

I’ll admit, if I don’t come up with something I might just use the funds to legally change my name. I’ve been meaning to do it for a while but it’s not cheap and I just haven’t had the time to actually go through with it. Now that Corona-Chan has everything shut down for the most part it doesn’t seem like I can even start the process until everything blows over.

I’ve already more or less decided what it’s going to be, though lately I’ve been toying with the idea of adding “Eyazahrid” as a second middle name. Meh, I’ll come up with something.

What else can I bring up today?

Oh, yeah, I’m thinking about writing down my thoughts for a new religion. I’ve realized lately that with how open and all-encompassing they are it’s probably more of a philosophy than any real religion but who knows, maybe I could start my own church and I’d live in a little apartment in the back of the chappel writing whenever I wasn’t performing the duties…that I’ll also be in charge of making up.

Seems like a pretty sweet gig, no?

Probably not very well paying, but again if I’m making everything up I suppose there’s nothing stopping me from holding a fulltime job and holding sermons on my days off. Might need to start with online sermons first, both because of Corona-chan and because building- or renting- something to be used as a church is more than a little out of budget at the moment.

There’s also that tiny problem of not having written any of it down yet and we know things always sound better in my head than on digital paper.

Streaming does move us to the next- and final- topic..streaming.

Yeah, real smooth that but it gets us straight to the point. It’s been a long, long time since I last streamed and I’ve been wondering recently if I should give it another shot. The issue with time comes back up because I should be using my time towards long put aside writing projects, my next story, and making sufficient progress in Sealkeeper. As it is I’m barely managing that last one.

On the other hand, myweak will usually ends up succumbing to temptation anyway and playing something on at least one of my days off so I suppose I might as well stream it- especially if that helps me keep the period of unproductivity to a specific planned time rather than when I really don’t have the time to spare.

Not sure what I’d stream either but that may end up being a problem for another day because I’ve rambled quite enough. Now I get to go back and edit everything so I can get my ass to bed.

Until I next have your attention,


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