Commentaries – Sealkeeper 114

The following are the recorded responses of Eyazahrid to the feedback he received on the above listed chapter and the story in general for the week following. This document is to serve as a replacement to the traditional Author’s Note at the beginning and ending of chapters and will be kept separate from both the above listed chapter and any future chapters unless deemed sufficiently important.

“Ayyyeee. Can’t wait to see what unfolds with the snakes. And boy the drama that’s gonna kick up from Haku’s visitation. Wonder if she’s gonna let the cat out of the bag of who Naruto actually is.”


Not immediately, but i can’t imagine she wouldn’t speak to Naruko about it at some point.

Good chapter. I’ve never been the biggest fan of Au and the pseudo snake summons that come from him, but turning it into a plot point rather than just a convenient summon is a positive in my book.

Haku is in Konoha now. Again, was never the biggest fan of her infatuation with Naruko (nor the returned feelings), but we’ll see if it can get some meaningful development outside of a crush treated with more seriousness than deserved.

Mai/Naruto/Tsume. If this is resolved with Tsume being the adult and getting the two emotionally stunted sides of her love triangle to act with some maturity than I will happily admit my reaction last chapter was in fact an overreaction. I’ve long since hoped to see Tsume make Naruto and Mai realize that they’re acting moronically (which I think I’ve mentioned before), and while I maintain that the tone of the ending of 113 was unnecessary, the results of the coming chapters may make the situation worth it overall.



I’m glad you approve. I probably have more lore prepared for Au and his children then I can comfortable fit into the story so its’ good t oknow it won’t go completely to waste.

I will say that relation is still quite one-sided and while I had plans in the work to develop it more I’ll probably keep it from coming into focus for the rest of the story due to the responses my attempts at writing relationships tend to garner.

That applies to other relationships throughout the story as well and when I eventually get around to rewriting and doing some proper editing some time in the future I’ll probably remove them all entirely.

“Now this was a great chapter and it’s funny how it would be easy for Naruto to start the Au faith (since he has at least 2 Religious cults) but won’t do so since he seems to have lost all faith in Au’s children and won’t summon any of them any time soon…

Happy that the commentaries will return!”


He does have a bit of background on that front, doesn’t he? I don’t plan on having the Wolves too intertwined with Au’s children, but the other cult may be put to use.

“Yay! The snakes are back. I hope that they find a way to contact Naruto since he threw the amulet away… maybe reaching out to the toads and then Jiraiya could make the connection work.”


It’s not thrown away, he’s simply stashed it away in a box. Even if he intends to never use it again it was a gift from Orochimaru and a priceless relic. He wouldn’t be so crass as to just toss it.

“so haku is at konoha and met her lover, damn why always make haku a girl if you planned to pair her with a girl?

Also some troubles for ashun.”


First- why ever not? I can’t think of any reason not to have given Haku a crush on Naruko. As for why she’s, well, a “she”; I’ve always prefered Haku as Zabuza’s daughter. Something about it just feels right.

“I feel as if your story doesnt have a main plot. Naruto only wants to do short term plans, but nothing that could warrant so many b-plots. I just think Naruto needs a goal. Maybe get every Bijuu, or conquering half the world, or reviving the glory of Au. All the b-plots just feel a bit annoying because they are hurdles to… what? What does Naruto want to do? Does he want to be another Danzo? Hiding in the Shadows? Does he want to conquer? If so, why? I just feel as if he needs a goal. I do still like the story, but I just think it needs a focus point. I do want to see more of Au, and I’m happy you’re gonna go further with that. Also, wasnt Naruto a fake High-Priest? He didnt learn all the proper rituals and he wasnt chosen to be one.

Hopefully you respond to this,



I’ve recently sat down and planned out the rest of Sealkeeper. It was something I announced in the Discord but I’ll try to have a post here later mentioning it as well.

As it is, his goal is to get the Wolves to a point where they wouldn’t need him to survive. He wants to make sure they’re so taken care fo and ready that were somethign to happen to him his spirit could rest easy knowign they would be fine.

You’ll probably be happy to know that I have pages just listing B and C plots that I’m removing from the story- something I determined while planning out the rest fo the story- so there should be less of that going forward.

He was chosen to be the High Priest by Au, you could say he was just never ordained due to Ashun’s laziness. Au is still very much awaiting that to change so his high Priest can begin the work he intends for him.

How much of that I’ll include, well, I’m trying to trim down B plots so it probably won’t be as elaborate as I originally planned. The Sealkeeper Changelog- which is currently just a Google Docs file- I plan to publish upon Sealkeeper’s conclusion.

I have responded to this, though I don’t know if you actually read these.

“Glad to see you expanding on the children of Au: summons and gods are such fascinating subjects that are barely explored in cannon.

Keep up the amazing work, and make sure to stay safe and healthy!”


I’m quite fond of them myself. I hope to be able to focus even more on a spiritual side of the Narutoverse in future stories.

I’ll do my best, thank you. Make sure to do the same.

“:Make him stronger already you f*** drama building psychopath”


This was left for me on chapter 10, so I’m not sure if it was legitimately for chapter ten or one of the many errors has when telling me what chapter a review is for. Both would be equally accurate, I suppose.

Building drama is my role as the story teller, so I thank you for recognizing it. Unfortunately you have the next part wrong. I’m not a Psychopath, though I’d be lying if I said i didn’t have some sociopathic tendencies.

“Oh yes! Your world building is awesome!”

-Senyor Fier Mensheir

Thank you, that’s probably my favorite part of writing.

“I’m honestly super duper interested in all of the snake stuff. I’ve been waiting since Naruto got the Amulet for all of that to be expanded on and honestly I’m in love. 10/10.”


Happy to hear it, I hope what I do with it doesn’t disappoint.

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