Commentaries – Sealkeeper 108

The following are the recorded responses of Eyazahrid to the feedback he received on the above listed chapter and the story in general for the week following. This document is to serve as a replacement to the traditional Author’s Note at the beginning and ending of chapters and will be kept separate from both the above listed chapter and any future chapters unless deemed sufficiently important.


“I’m just waiting for the next chapter. because I’ve REALLY been interested in his dual chakra networks”

Remember that, do you? It’s not next chapter but that is coming up soon, so stay tuned.


“God i love the Ninja in this. They are all uniquely unhinged, and it makes sense really, you don’t live there life style and maintain a healthy mindset.”

They’re pretty fun to write which means you liking them gives me an excuse to play with them more. Thanks.


“good chapter.

So yugao try to get naruto favors back, could be very difficult even impossible since killing his family is the worst thing you can do to him.”

Yes, it’s definitely going to be no walk in the park.

Fayth Mayonaka

“Thanks for the awesome birthday present of a new chapter of this story!”

Happy Birthday! You should have let me know sooner so I could have put something in a AN.


Daaamn Yugao is really miserable right now, she actually reminds me a lot of kushina right now, she will need to do a lot of stuff in favor of naruto if she wants to be forgiven, and I am not talking about just being his spy, she would need to also sabotage any and all plans against the wolves that she knows or even hears, maybe then will she regain his trust or he’ll even her chance to explain why she did it put of grief and didn’t really think it at all until it was already too late, so yeah now she is in the same boat as kushina Дand like kushina if she wants to be in his life again then they will have to offer everything they have and join his new family.

And it’s really funny to see what the big bad akatsuki guys are doing, one has already joined forces with naruto as his spy and the other two are on vacation with one of his girls their son and their family xD so yeah really amusing to say the least.”

She’s lost a lot recently and only has herself to blame for some of it. I suppose she is in quite a similar position as Kushina, though Kushina is slightly better off because Naruto simply doesn’t care about her or what she did anymore.

The wounds from his lost children are still quite fresh.

Akatsuki is great fun to write because they’re all considered to be dangerous, criminally insane, or both. When it’s my messed up Shinobi who have that opinion of them, well, I get to go all out. It’s brilliant.


“I’m curious, will you ever make Aū an, you know, God? A shrine for him would make sense. And when will Kushina, someone who is SO VITAL to the story that you have her name as a tag, actually have a scene with Naruto? But all that aside, good chapter”

He is a god, a very old god. A god so old he has been forgotten by the world and his following was wiped out long ago.

She was vital. Naruto would never have become Tsukuyomi without the mistakes she made. I tagged her because of the role she served in the beginning of the story and have thus far felt no need to remove it.


“Was Naruto actually making sound while going over the wall just so you could show us that scene with the anbu or has he been slacking/or is there some other factor that made this hard for him? earlier portrayals would suggest that scaling a wall with his chains without making a sound should be a peace of cake to him…

Overall a good chapter but there have been better ones (the leaving of wave seemed kinda lackluster, after the last few chapters I expected Hana to throw him some kind of party or at least make his people watch him leave and asuma is still operating on wrong/incomplete information, something I thought hiruzen or danzo would have addressed by now, I am indifferent/unconcerned with the yugao/kurenai talk but that’s just me not caring much about either of them…)

PS. (just realise that deidara captured the sanbi in canon, meaning that 2 of his targets (I write this under the assumption that pain gave specific objectives towards specific members) are part of the 10(13)tails of nope that he and sasori are currently avoiding… That makes me pity him somehow more than I do yugao…)

(i also think you addressed this before but can you remind me if pain will have a major problem with tsukuyomi calling himself a God? He did have a jashinist in akatsuki so maybe he is indifferent towards religion)”

He was going for speed, he only had a slight window to make it over. He also doesn’t have a way to muffle the noise. Normally he’d target something else but he had limited options in this case and had to settle for the metal guardrail.

Also, as he mentioned to Anko, he wasn’t that concerned with being caught, either. It simply would have been inconvenient.

Kisame mentions that they do have assigned Biju in one of the chapters, though I cant’ recall the number from the top of my head.

Only the Wolves and those who deal directly with- or against- them know of their views towards their leader, but I cant’ see Pein caring any less about the Wolves until he learns what Tsukuyomi has in his possession and even then the Biju he has would hold his attention much more firmly than the beliefs of a fanatical army.


“I think you need 10 years if you are planning to complete it”

Four years down, six to go.

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