2019.11.29 Update

Well, shit. Missing a Wednesday update and havign to make it up on Thursday is certainly nothing new- though it shouldn’t be a thing at all- but missing the Thursday update too is.

New low, anyone?

Well, at least I remembered it. I was getting in bed last night when I realized I hadn’t done this week’s update and not only did I still remember when I woke up but I started working on it before work.

And considering it took a good ten minutes and all the strength my laptop posesses I should probably didicate some of my time to figuring out what the hell is going wrong. It can’t be dying on me already- well, I hope not- because it’s only been a year and I use my gaming rig for all the heavy stuff.

Most of the heavy stuff.


I use it for games.

The laptop is used, well, for everythign else I do, including poorly thought out projects.

Huh, maybe I have managed to kill it.

But speaking of games and time, I have spent way too much of my time recently playing them. Warframe, in particular. Sure, I’m a bit ahead, but I got a lot less done this week and I know for a fact that next week I won’t be doing anything except playing Reach on PC.

Well, that and some TTRPG which is why I haven’t been streaming.

Knowing that, however, I should have dedicated more time to writing. I have far too many projects to be wasting time grinding in a game I know I won’t be touching for a while because of Halo.

I haven’t even opened that lemon I was working on since the first day and it was supposed to be a quick one.

And speaking of quick, I’m wrapping this up here so I can get ready for work.

Basically I’ve made no notable progress and I’m way behind on everything like usual.

Until I next have your attention,


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