2019.11.14 Update

And yet again I’ve managed to fail the simple task of writing an update on my day off. This time, however, it’s more negligence than forgetfullness. I finished my writing for the first half of 106 and had a few hours before I needed to go to bed. Dciding to take a break I took the rare oportunity to spend some time with Menoly.

Naturally, I got carried away shooting shit and didin’t have any time left.

So, instead I’m typing most of this up before work and will finish it when I get home because I need to trim my Bonsai and post some pictures with this update.

So, let’s jump into the things I can cover in this update.

We’re making regular progress with chapters, though not as mcuh as I would have liked. Which, of course, means I’m keeping up the the need but not really building much of a stockpile. Chapter 106 is halfway done and I hope to have it at least 3/4 of the way finished by my next weekend.

Of course I have a pile of other shit I need to get to as well, so let’s hope I can get through ti all. I also realize as I write this that I didn’t even touch the lemon I was working on over the weekend so I have no idea when that’s going to be anywhere close to done.

I really need tro sit down and type up a list fo all the shit I need to do but I really don’t like the idea of looking at it everyday and realizing I haven’t made any progress.

Eh, I’ll get to it….eventually. Writing it all down has been at the top of that non-existant list for months. A few more weeks won’t hurt. Probably.

What else do we have?

Ah, the Patreon is back up to where it used to be, so we’re getting close to that 10% mark. There were some declined payments back on the first that dropped us down to 7.2%. We’re back up to 8.4% and I’m really looking forward to announcing hitting the 10% milestone.

On the subject of Patreon- vaguly- I’m not fired yet, which is good. My sales still suck ass but I had a lucky reak last week that brings me up to like 20% of my required sales and we’re halfway through the month now. Not the best, but enough for me to continue collecting a paycheck for a while. I’m hoping to make it at least six months before I have to leave.

I usually prefer at least a year for my resume, but I’m not sure I’ll make it that long.

But finances aside- and that really needs to go on the list, mine are a mess right now- the Discord seems to be going pretty well.

In the sense that there’s regular usage of it and a constant stream of porn.

What more could we want?

Not sure if I mentioned tis last week, but there’s a seperate server for an RPG bot that basically serves as an idle MUD- and as I type thsi I have a feelign I did- that seems to be almost as popular as the fishing.

With all that covered I only need to post those pictures of my Bonsai- well, I think that’s it- so I’ll be back once I have those. And no, I’m not sure why I write it like this and don’t just act like it was all done at the same time. I’ll just say it’s a monologue style or something.

Aaaaaaaaand we’re back. I got home a lot later than I expected which is a shame because I was very close to having quite the early day and being abel to spend a significant amount of time writing.

It was about 1:30 when my boss- who had stopped to visit me on a job to see how I was doing- had to leave to take care of boss stuff but told me I was nearly done and that they didn’t really have anymore afternoon jobs.

Yeah, they did.

I guess I was the lucky last or something because despite all the jobs supposedly going to give our third-party contractors some work for the day- we call ’em “subs”- I managed to get stuck with a job by dispatch that took way longer than it should have. So my 2pm day turned to a 6:30 day and my writing time drastically shrunk.

But work aside, the Bonsai you’ve been waiting for;

The first two are just after watering them and the following three are after a much-needed prunning. I probably should have trimmed more from Glas- specifically near the base- but I think I’ll leave her for a bit to adjust before taking more of her leaves.

I’m really hoping Goch fills out more because she’s been putting all her effort upwards lately and getting too big for my windowsill. I was under the impression that she’d stop after the first pruning but apparently not.

Another fun thing I realized about them recently- I’ve apparently mixed them up. I was trying to figure out when the leaves would change color and learned that Goch is actually the flame tree, which sort of ruins my deliberate misnaming and what was supposed to be clashing pots.


My failures aside, I believe that covers everything for this week so I’m going to try to use the last hour I have this evening to get some progress made on the second half of 106.

Until I next have your attention,


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