2019.10.23 Update

Another week another update. Almost missed it because I weas busy chatting with Saint and Sheep. What started as me seeign if having a group of people to bounce ideas off of becamed, well, the same thing as the chat in my weekly stream, really.

Probably should have expected that.

There’s not too much t ocover in the way of new developments or progress at the moment. I’ve had some ideas recently I’m looking into but nothing solid enough to announce here. As for progress I’m about 30% done with 104, which isn’t nearly as far as I planned but I got, well, distracted. It’s a pretty common occurance and it’s a miravle it didn;’t happen sooner with how much I’ve been focusing on getting ahead with my writing.

Beign sick probably doesn’t help, nor does all the Vodka. Regardless I’m ahead of where i need to be but behind for where I’d like ot be.

Next I suppose you’re all waiting on Bonsai pictures so let’s get them up here.

Choch, getting a bit too large for her pot. I should probably trim her soon.
Glas, who has finally resumed growing. Definitely need to thin out her base.

And with the Bonsai having made their appearance, I think the only next logical step is to thank my fantastic Patreon supporters.

Most Generous Supporters

Michael Huber

Mackenzie Harmon

Richard Stieger

Generous Supporters

Patrick Gleese


The Kevin

Greater Supporters


magicheart 0

Oscar Perez

Christopher pearson



Reaper Death

Major Supporters


Thomas Li


Daniel Witry

Liam Kearney

Nick Payne


Janus – Who decided to plop down right between Supporter and Major Supporter. Well done. 


Kyle Sweeney

J. G.

tyrell daniels

Raymond Saragian

Sabyasachi Shivkumar



Theo McPherson

June Tai

james escobedo

Sebastiaan asselbergs

gary ross



Dalton Tuschl






Dylan Coltson

Ryszard Cichoń

Nik Shepherd

Dylan Coltson


Andrew Park-Diep

Marin Dimovski

46 of you glorious people, thank you all very much for your support. Next week 102 goes public and I’ll have all of your names at the end of that, too. I should probably figure out the formatting, but that sounds like a “then” problem.

We’re at 6.68% of goal which doesn’t sound like a whole lot but is absolutely incredible considering I only just launched Patreon this month.

That’s about all I have for you tonight but until I next have your attention,


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