2019.10.02 Update

Honestly I’m not even completely sure what I should be including in this update aside from a recap of the new update schedule and that Bonsai picture I promised last week.

Suppose I might as well start with that, actually.

There, not just a picture of both Bonsai but my sister’s cat is in the shot too. She calls him Tarzan for some unknown reason but I’ve taken to calling him Artyom, mainly because it annoys the hell out of her and also because for the longest time she swore up and down that he wasn’t a Russian Blue.

Hes’ a Russian Blue.

You know, in case you had any doubts.

But cats aside, there’s the latest picture of my Bonsai. You may note that Glas is no longer in her small blue pot and is, for some reason, in a large white pot.

The size was so she had more room, which should be obvious, but the color is a different story. As it so happens, the month of September is when local stores decide to start hauling out the Christmas shit for some inane reason lost to the sands of corporate time. What does that mean for the garden section at my nearest- well, no, but most conveniently located- store?

It means the already poor selection of pots becomes even smaller until you’re left with two options; brown plastic or white ceramic.

Plastic just seemed undignified so for now she’s going to be in the white pot.

She also, well, looks pretty pad. Something about her branches is off and I think I may need to trim her a bit. Might even have to remove the second trunk that I was hoping to twist around. A damn shame, that.

But if it keeps her alive I really can’t complain.

Well I can, it just doesn’t’ help much.

And would you look at that? We have content for the update.

Now that the Bonsai have been taken care of, we’ll do a quick recap on future updates.

Starting with Monday’s chapter 100, updates will now be every two weeks but will be increased to 10,000 words. Chapter 101 will be posted 2019.10.14 and 102 will be on 2019.10.28.

This change is partially to satisfy those who have complained about small chapters and partly to give myself a bit more flexibility. We’ll see how it goes.

That said, I have work in the morning so we’ll end this here.

Until I next have your attention,



  1. “Shorter” chapters left me wanting more. Longer chapters will leave me wanting them more often. You can’t win either way, until this is finally finished… At which point we’ll all eagerly pounce on you like starving cats, screeching “What are you making next? When it is coming out?”

    You signed yourself up for a hard, constantly nagged life, my friend.


    1. It’s always going to be a matter of balance. I want to maintain the consistency we’ve had going since February but if people want larger chapters I’ll do the only thing I really can do and widen the gap between updates. We’ll try it this way for a while and see how it goes, though I suspect I’ll be back to weekly by December. The only real way for me to manage longer chapters every week would be if I didn’t work a full time job but writing Fanfiction doesn’t exactly pay the bills.


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