2019.09.25 Update

Where do we begin in this update? Hell, what do I cover?

I guess we’ll start with a quick update about work and move down from there. So, I’m not fired yet, which is good, and the money is about the same as I was making previously so I don’t have to worry too much.

I have a bit more free time these days because of it, which is why chapter 100 isn’t just done but has 20% extra to it.

Yeah, that’s right. I have the chapter done early again and it’s larger than normal. As far as you should all be concerned my career choice was absolutely the right decision.

Could I stand to be doing something a little more….lucrative? Absolutely, the sooner I pay off my debts and can buy a house the better but I’m not likely to get something better than what I’ve found.

I just need to manage to keep it- and do well- over the next few years in order to be making enough to hopefully get a house. It would certainly be nice to be a home owner by 30, but we’ll see.

You know, unless one of these damn lottery tickets end up winning the jackpot or I find a way to make money from my writing, either works.

Still, if I can manage a chapter in two days- because I did absolutely jack-shit for writing on Monday- and it’s larger than normal imagine what I could do if I was able to dedicate four or five days a week to writing without having to worry about bills.

It’s a pipe dream, I know, but it’s hard not to think about it.

But work and…work….aside, there’s not a whole lot more to cover.

Bonsai are doing well, I just changed their soil about an hour ago. I would have pictures but they weren’t feeling very photo-ready after the re-potting so I’ll give them some time to adjust.

But we’ll have those pictures next week, it’s a promise.

We streamed yesterday and I finally got to play Borderlands 3 which has been sitting on my desk since release taunting me. I was as good at it as I am any other game so you can imagine how that went. Voice isn’t all the way back, either, so I couldn’t talk too much.

Still, it was good to start getting back into it. As I mentioned in the last update streams are moving to Tuesdays going forward because it gives me Monday to recover from work and I have Wednesday off in case the stream goes on longer than I anticipate.

Beyond that, I don’t think there’s anything else to really cover. Progress on my other writing projects are steady but slow and the side projects I’ve wanted to explore, well, they haven’t been touched.

I’ll have time eventually.

The only thing I’ll leave you with is the curious thought I had while writing this; can I make a living pimping out sex dolls? It might seem weird, it might seem impractical, but is it profitable? How the hell would you determine the need for such a market, anyway?

I’m probably going to spend the rest of the night thinking about it, so hopefully I’ve damned you to the same fate.

You’re welcome.

Until I next have your attention,


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