Commentaries – Sealkeeper Chapter 98

The First Son – Posted 2019.09.16

The following are the recorded responses of Eyazahrid to the feedback he received on the above listed chapter and the story in general for the week following. This document is to serve as a replacement to the traditional Author’s Note at the beginning and ending of chapters and will be kept separate from both the above listed chapter and any future chapters unless deemed sufficiently important.

The Serpents

DaDragon562 has posed the following comments and questions about Aū and his children.

“I’m curious if naruto ever actually used the amulet or how he knows about it if he hasn’t actually met the serpent god.

That bigass snake is one hell of a deterrent is right. Also a note of caution for Yagura if he can just flex his serpents body and crush kirigakure to dust

I am curious to see if the rest of the summons will be aware the so called serpent deity’s children have returned to the world”

Naruto’s only knowledge on the Amulet- including its existence- is from Orochimaru who, presumably, learned of it through the Snake Summons. Orochimaru is no expert on the item- or on the matter of Aū’s High-Priest- but learned enough to instruct Naruto on it’s basic use.

I hadn’t considered using Koshi like that, but it is an excellent idea.

Koshi, the First Son of Aū , has been between the summoning realm and the real world for longer than recorded history. The other summons are completely aware of his existence, though like the elder toad he typically stays in the summoning realm.

Aū’s grandchildren are the Snake Summons themselves and are likewise well known to the others.

On the Subject of Koshi, daniel2610994 commented “But damn that snake is so freaking old man, I bet it could easily battle any of the bijuu and win simply because it’s the son of a god hehe, that and it must be f* strong too after all the millenias it’s lived, and damn from what I understood of their conversation it’s father was an a* xD that and Manda will be on huge s*** if he ducks up and doesn’t answer the summon hehehe.”

Koshi’s only strength comes from his size, otherwise he is no different from a regular summon. Well, maybe a little different but until something comes up in the story I won’t be mentioning it here.

But yes, Manda is on some thin ice.

And, still talking about Koshi we have Wicked A.

“Millennia? The bijuu are 940(at least in Canon(the Sons of Kaguya defeated her 1000 years before naruto the lastare they as old here? That would make the great serpent sage also much older than gamamaru the great toad sage(BTW will you make gamamaru an manipulator? The way he interacted with Kaguya sons in canon was very suspicious to me)”

Koshi is really goddamned old. His father is much, much older. This will tie into a response I have for another comment and is related to the post I did a while ago; “Naruto: High-Priest of Aū” .

I have no idea what you’re talking about when it comes to Gamamaru because I gave up pat way into the Fourth Shinobi War and only have a vague understanding of what happened during and after.


I almost made this part of the last section but decided to tackle it by itself.


“I love how Naruto had no issue rebutting the children of Au regarding the favor he asked of Orochimaru and quickly reminded the snake of its place. Beyond that, the elder snake’s implication of just how important the position of high-priest means and how he laughed when Naruto mentioned his title of Tsukuyomi implies that Naruto may simply be a pawn in the eyes of the gods. I cannot wait to find out more as you further explain just what a high-priest of Au is and what is expected of them.”

Aū, as I’ve mentioned in “Naruto: High-Priest of Aū” predates the world itself. Au watched the common gods come into existence and squabble among themselves. Koshi’s amusement at Naruto’s chosen name is due more to Aū’s interactions with the deity Tsukuyomi than anything else.

This has not yet been covered in the story, but I wouldn’t quite call it a spoiler as it doesn’t have much of an impact on it at this time. In the future, however, it might be more important.

And yes, being the right hand of such a deity is not an insignificant position. In fact, one might argue that it would elevate Au’s High-Priest to a level of status comparable to the common gods…


I have to admit, I am somewhat concerned of the following comment from S1L3NTSH1NG4M1 as I have no idea what prompted it.

“I’m just waiting for zabuzas reaction when he realizes Tsukyomi is Naruto”

Zabuza doesn’t know Naruto, they’ve never met. Other than realizing how damn young he is, Tsukuyomi’s identity will hold no real significance to the man.

I have been thinking of ways to have Haku realize he’s Naruko’s brother because I think it would be amusing but nothing’s really developed on that front.


“Awesome chapter ! So close too 100 chapters !”

Quite right, ThePhenakism. Quite right indeed.


I suppose there is going to be a race between Zabuza and Naruto to see who get’s the information they need sooner. It shouldn’t be to hard for you to realize who would win, but you should also keep in mind that after Naruto receives his information he has a lot of work to do.

daniel2610994 had the comment of Naruto vs Zabuza for the race and we also have DaDragon562 proposing a race between Naruto and the ANBU Mei intends to have assassinate him. That second race will probably be a lot closer than the first.

As for slaughtering them in seconds, well, that’s pretty unlikely. In a straightforward fight, at least. Naruto is definitely not ANBU level, though he does have quite a lot of resources he can use to level the field a bit and steal away the advantage. How that fight would go- if it happens- would depend on the situation.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

Mei and Haku

Considering how many people were commenting about it- or at least how many times the same person did, I can’t be sure- I decided to give it a section all its own.

Naruto can’t be…involved….with every female character in the story. While I’ve enjoyed plenty of stories like that- I won’t hesitate to admit it- Sealkeeper isn’t going to be like that.

Well, I’m not planning on it and will try to avoid making that the case but I suppose it might still just happen that way.

I will say that of the two…Mei….is more likely.

Actually had to stop and think about that. On one hand he’s currently working directly against everything she’s trying to achieve, but compared to the fact that we already have Haku interested in Naruko I think it would be less difficult to overcome.

But, again, who knows what will actually happen? I sure as hell don’t so it’s entirely possible that Naruto will end up spending at least a night with each of them. Perhaps at the same time.

Fire and Ice? Oh, that’s tempting. We might have to make that a one-shot eventually if it doesn’t happen in Sealkeeper cannon.

I still have trouble wrapping my head around that concept but maybe by the time it’s done- and my one-shot ideas for it are exhausted- I’ll be used to it.


Arraia would like to know “Where’s the kyuubi ?”

Mito remains in the Shiki Fuin as she has the entirety of the story. Naruto has regained his ability to communicate with her on his side of the seal but is, at this time, unaware. Karura is able to speak with her at this time, which may become important soon.


Back in classic faction, we’re ending with a negative review. this one from a….wait for it….anonymous account.

Is anyone as surprised as I am?

Jokes aside, it’s a very high-quality response to the chapter and I’m afraid even copying it here might taint its feeling and somehow lessen its value. For the sake of sharing it with you all, I’ll do my best to transcribe it here.

“i have no idea why this is popular”

See? Perfection.

Two things for this one- though I could probably squeeze out at least six, I was a master of writing papers about nothing in Highschool- so I’ll get the smaller one out of the way first.

You’re leaving this on chapter one, the first 5k words out of the 646,478 total words of the story. Perhaps if you kept reading you might figure that out.

Second- I have no idea. Is Sealkeeper popular? As far as I’m aware it’s not, but I also don’t know why people like it. If I did, well, I would just write a couple books and hopefully retire. Still going to try that, actually, it’s just going to be slow because I have so damn many writing projects at the moment and writing my own book is like priority 5.

General Response and Closing

Overall the chapter was received well which I hope continues with tomorrow’s post. I didn’t get nearly as far into the scenes I had planned out as I had, well, planned so it might feel a bit filler but I think it has some important parts to it.

It also has Gaara playing in the snow, so, yeah. Trump card has been played.

That about does it for this week, reach out to me if I missed your question or comment and you really wanted a response.

Until I next have youir attention,


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