2019.09.18 Update

Alright, we’re doing this fast because Muse just returned to me about two hours ago and I was finally managing make some progress in chapter 99 despite attempting to write it for the majority of the day.

I might even manage to finish it tonight, which would be grand.

With that said, chapter 99 of Sealkeeper is at 83.2% as I write this and, well, that’s almost everything I have for this week.

No, seriously.

I’m still sick, though these three days off have really helped my recovery. Sealkeeper is still moving steadily along, which is good. There’s been a pause in streams first because of training and then because I was sick. I was going to stream Borderlands 3 last night but with no voice decided it was a bad idea even if it was really tempting.

There hasn’t been much progress on any side projects- though I’ll have some time this week if I finish the chapter tonight- but that’s not much of a surprise.

I was supposed to replant my Bonsai during my days off but have just been too out of it. Hopefully next week I can get them into some new soil.

Other than that, the only real thing to talk about is how my personal schedule is being modified now that I’ve received my regular work schedule.

Sundays are still reserved for Commentaries.

Mondays are new chapters.

Tuesdays will become our stream days, though depending on the timezone it may be very early Wednesday. I’ll work out the exact times when I next announce a stream. Well, I’ll try. I might announce a stream right when it happens in which case no, I probably haven’t worked out the times but I want to play now damnit.

Wednesdays will remain the Weekly Update and, hopefully, the day I finish the chapter for the following week. With our upcoming change to chapter updates it will be every second Wednesday that I plan to have chapters done by but we’ll see how things work out. If you don’t remember what’s happening with chapters after 100 you can check out the 2019.09.04 Update again or wait until the update after chapter 100 where I’ll give a recap.

It will also be in the AN- yes, we’ll have an AN for it- of chapter 100 considering how important it is.

That should cover this week- I know I’m skipping something in my rush- so I’m going to return to the chapter before Muse gets bored and finds something else to entertain herself with.

Until I next have your attention,


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