2019.09.11 Update

I suppose I’ll start this update with the fact that I’ve managed to catch something during last week’s training- on the last day- and brought it back with me to enjoy over the final week of hands-on training.

It. Sucks. Balls.

Ten hours in the sun climbing up and down ladders when you can hardly breath, are having trouble with your vision, and sweat from walking up the stairs when you get home is not a very good combination.

Boss-man came through for me before I left though, recommended a medicine that worked almost instantly to clear my body of absolutely everything it contained. It was….Lovely.

And by that I mean no, it was not.

I do feel a bit better though, so I cant’ say it didn’t work like he promised.

Managed to snag a day off, too, so hopefully I can use tomorrow to finally get over this.

I’m not that lucky, though, and it will be just my luck that the only opportunity I have to finish chapter 98 will be spent with me barely awake and unable to see my screen.

And why don’t I knock some out tonight? Because my dumbass wasted my freetime this morning- admittedly I wasn’t exactly awake- browsing the internet for things I cant’ afford. Didn’t get much writing done for tonight’s update or next week’s chapter so I have way too much to get done over the next twenty three hours.

Lets’ try to knock it out quickly, then, before I end up falling asleep.

First, if you didn’t read the 2019.09.04 update I would highly suggest doing so. After chapter 100 updates will be every two weeks, more details available in last week’s update.

Next, well, I went back through the update myself just now and it looks like the only thing I promised was to talk about Naruto and Yagura in either this update or a separate post.

And with that in mind I’m going to cut this here and type it up real quick.

I hope.

If we’re fortunate I’ll see you all in Monday with a completed chapter. I used to manage 5k a day and I did it sick once, too. Granted, it took excess of twelve hours but I should be able to manage.

Until I next have your attention,


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