Commentaries – Sealkeeper Chapter 93

Double – Posted 2019.08.12

The following are the recorded responses of Eyazahrid to the feedback he received on the above listed chapter and the story in general for the week following. This document is to serve as a replacement to the traditional Author’s Note at the beginning and ending of chapters and will be kept separate from both the above listed chapter and any future chapters unless deemed sufficiently important.

Orochimaru’s Body

Orochimaru has indeed taken over Sasuke’s body, much to the satisfaction of many, and it’s going to be fun writing everyone trying to get used to Orochimaru’s genderchange again. I have no idea how many times I was typing about Orochimaru in chapters 93 and 94 only to have to go back and change the pronouns I’d used.

I’ve also got some ideas developing for Orochimaru’s current and future bodies. I’ll try not to spoil them too much but if I do end up using them, well, CamTheThief is not going to be very happy with me.

Hanko and Other Obscurities

Sorry Seta88, I probably should have mentioned at the beginning that terms were covered at the bottom. Whenever I find something I’d like to use in the story but that I know not everyone will be familiar with- basically if I have to look it up to make sure I got it right I should probably explain it- I do try to make a note of it at the end of the chapter so you don’t have to go look it up.

Some time in the future I may start writing those words in Bold so that everyone knows, but I don’t add things like that too often. Next chapter mentions quite a few countries, some which aren’t used as frequently in Fanfiction, so I did make a quick little reference at the bottom of the chapter. Hopefully that’s sufficient.

I think the next time I introduce something like the Hanko I’ll try making it bold as a sign that I’ve covered it below and we’ll see how it goes. If I could get some feedback on whether that would be preferable, though, that would be best.

I have decided that I really don’t want to write anything above the chapter anymore because I don’t really like how it looks and I prefer letting you all jump straight into the story you’ve been waiting for.

The things I have to say are very rarely important enough to warrant delaying your chapter. Of course, if it’s something important I’ve either included it in a Weekly Update or have Tweeted it so it probably doesn’t need to be in the chapter anyway.

Then again, I think there are 30 or so individuals who actually come to the site and 84 people who might see my Tweet so it’s probably not the best idea to rely on that for important news.

I really like not having actual ANs, though, so that probably won’t change.


Yes, she’s back and rest assured she will not be having intercourse with her son. Her biological one, anyway.

One might consider that a spoiler, but you’ll see what happens in the first scene of tomorrow’s chapter anyway and it’s definitely not something important to the plot. At least, I son’t think it is. Certainly wasn’t planning on it but when do any of my plans work in the slightest?

Well, when they shouldn’t and I don’t expect them to and even then they usually don’t work the way I wanted them to.

Regardless, I never planned on her actually going through with such a thing. Her plan is simply to get him alone and drop his guard. You’ll see how that actually managed to play out tomorrow.


I think Mito is still everyone’s favorite Biju and people have been asking about her reappearance for a while now. We brought her back temporarily to learn that Naruto had more or less replaced her with Karura but haven’t really seen her beyond that.

I think you’ll all be pleased to here that both she and Karura will have a part to play during this Mizu no Kuni Resolution Arc.

I need a better name for that, actually. That sounds dumb.

I’ll think of something later, maybe along the lines of the “Priest” arc.

Regardless, I look forward to having Mito and Karura make more appearances soon. I’m hoping I don’t screw up too badly as I try to bring about the events I want but regardless it should be fun seeing how everything turns out.


Normally the following review really wouldn’t catch my attention but both because it was submitted twice for the same chapter and because I’ve sort of gotten into the habit of having at least one bad review on here each week- or, I think that’s what’s been going on. I should probably check the other Commentaries to confirm, I just don’t feel like it- so I might as well include this one.

It was, after all, the only negative comment I could find. Well, Comments, I suppose. They managed to leave two, which was curious. I wasn’t aware that you could leave two reviews on the same chapter.

Perhaps they deleted the first to write the second one or maybe is just being odd again. It still tells me a a good portion of reviews that talk about the most recent chapter are labeled as chapter one reviews when I get them in my inbox.

Regardless of that, I’ll post the two reviews below. The first one was;

“wow idk what I was expecting but I thought it would be better, this chapter just suck”

Which was very constructive. Three minutes later I received this one, which may have been an attempt to…expand…on their thoughts.

“last chapter was awesome and it kept me wanting more but this just straight up suck, this chapter was just boring and short”

Which, I guess, does provide some measure of insight. This chapter wasn’t as exciting as the last chapter, okay. That’s something I can work with. Won’t really change the coming chapters and my style hasn’t ever really been action-packed but I can understand that you really liked the last chapter.

The part the followed, however, is what caught my attention the most.



Not the first time I’ve heard this and probably won’t be the last but it is one of the things that drives me nuts. Perhaps its’ just a personal pet peeve. And why does it annoy me so much? Because with the exception of one or two chapter all of my chapters have been posted with the same minimum length.

5,000 words make up a chapter, I set that as my standard with chapter one and have continued with it for almost four years now. There have, of course, been times where I reach a part in a scene at 4,700 words that I think would be a fantastic ending- and you all know how much I love leaving you with a beautiful little cliffhanger- and so I cut it a bit short.

There have also been times I’ve posted a 20,999 word chapter {C65-ITP} but those are equally as rare. Well, I say rare but there was only one chapter that long, the next closest was 17k and I believe that was chapter 36 or so.

The point remains, my chapters are, for the most part, the same length.

Sometimes I regret not making them 2k words, as they were back with some of my earlier work, but 5k seemed like a good sized chapter that i would be able to get out pretty regularly. We’ve had some periods where that hasn’t been the case but I’ve put in a lot of work trying to ensure I provide a certain amount of content at regular intervals.

Having people claim otherwise is a quick way to put me in a sour mood.

And with that said, I do believe that should end my rant on the single word in their review that irritated me.

General Response and Closing

As mentioned above there was only one- I’m countining it as one considering they were from the same person and said pretty much the same thing- negative review and the majority of you seemed to really enjoy it, particularly how Ship Master Yokida and his crew came to realize who they were transporting.

I’ve always hated OCs as a reader but gods above do these throw-away OCs make my job easier.

The next chapter should be posted some twelve hours after I finish this- it’s about 5pm as I type this- because I need to get up early tomorrow to start my training for my new job.

I fully intend to type up chapters and a Weekly Update from my hotel room, so everything should proceed as normal for all of you as readers.

Until I next have your attention,



  1. {C65-ITP} What does that mean?
    As for throwaway OCs… Sometimes they can be more valuable than they seem. One of my favorite book series has a ‘throwaway’ ship captain, that ended up returning more than once. The character ended up providing the ‘everyman’ perspective, since the main cast really didn’t have any cause to interact with average people. Since this was the captain and they were stuck on the ship, it gave them a reason, and the character was less blase about their insanity and dark magics and what not, as normal people would be.

    A cheap, throwaway character that you never flesh out can still be valuable and useful, even without really having a background or too much importance to the story. They help alter perspectives and tone, just adding to the feeling of a lived in world. It SOUNDS obvious to say, but… Yes, there ARE people with no importance to the story in the world. There are people the main cast never thinks about, never meets, never affects in any way. Adding in throwaway OCs is a good way to remind people of that.

    Sidenote, one of my favorite Naruto fanfictions is actually a throwaway OC oneshot…. It’s a mother and her daughter, having a nice day…. Until one of the Bijuu Rasengans that Naruto threw and missed Madara with obliterated their entire town. Because yes, throwing SS rank ninjutsu around and not paying attention to how far they will go or where they are going does have consequences. Such is life, that’s just how the world works. And that’s WHY I like it, I’m a big fan of consequences and this shows those consequences.


  2. Damn it, Eya! If Orochimaru doesn’t get to be an adorable villainess again soon I’m going to riot! In saying that though if she takes over the body of any of the other adorable female characters you already have I am going to riot even more! Please don’t make me riot, Eya, please. (If it’s Mai I will lose my goddamn mind. 🙃) I’ll bitch a lot! We both know I will!


      1. My rants will return – this I swear. And if it’s Mai (or any of the other females for that matter) I’ll just start spamming guest reviews. I’ll flood the whole goddamn site if I have to. Belligerent and needlessly verbose reviews insulting you, your story, probably your forefathers… I don’t want to Eya, but to protect your characters and story from you I will.

        But seriously please no.


      2. When even the author acknowledges that they’re the greatest threat to their story… I need a drink. Maybe a church if I’m going to start praying. It’s never worked before but for Mai’s sake it’s worth a shot.


      3. Bad Eya. No going Old Testament god on your characters. Plagues, killing firstborns, destroying cities, and suffering in general are bad. Naruto gets the Wolves killed on occasion but he’s still nice to them. Hell he indulges them. Be like Naruto.


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