Commentaries – Sealkeeper Chapter 92

Danzō’s Lecture – Posted 2019.08.5

The following are the recorded responses of Eyazahrid to the feedback he received on the above listed chapter and the story in general for the week following. This document is to serve as a replacement to the traditional Author’s Note at the beginning and ending of chapters and will be kept separate from both the above listed chapter and any future chapters unless deemed sufficiently important.

Naruto’s Age

I’ll admit I’ve been a bad GM and haven’t really been keeping track of time in the story. I’m sure if I went back and read through the story again- which I do not have the time to do- I could probably come up with some sort of rough estimate. I could always just say something like ‘I’m pretty sure the Suna invasion was near the end of summer in cannon so we’re probably in the beginning of fall…’

Actually, I kind of like that.

Gives me all sorts of lovely opportunities to make titles like ‘The Fall of Mizu” or something equally dramatic. Well, I can do that anyway. I’ll come up with something clever eventually. Or I’ll steal something. You won’t know.

As to Naruto’s actual age, I do believe he’s thirteen at this point, though if we’re saying it’s the beginning of fall he’s not far off from becoming fourteen.

Update Frequency

I’m quite proud that I’ve managed consistent updates – It’s been approximately six months of them now – so I’m always pleased to hear that people have noticed and appreciate it.

As for ThePhenakism‘s comment that I must be putting a lot of time into this I unfortunately must admit that it’s not nearly as much as I should be. I had hoped that during my time between work I would be able to get a whole lot of work done but it seems that the more time I have available the less progress I make.


HollowedPerseus17 suggests that I make an updated flowchart and upon some consideration I realize they’re probably right. The last one I started in December or January and we’ve had quite a few chapters from there.

It is, however, going to be a major pain in the ass. Just the earlier one was a challenge due to the stupid nature of relationships and it only explored them from how they were related to Naruto. Trying to fit in everyone new? That’s one hell of a project.

Might be better off making a list of all their characters and listing their relations to other characters below their name.

Either way we’re probably in desperate need for a new one so I’ll add it to my mental to-do list. At the moment writing that to-do list down happens to be at the top of the list, as it has been for many, many months. We’ll see if I actually manage to accomplish anything on it.


It’s actually been a while since anyone mentioned Tsume- probably because she hasn’t made a recent appearance- so I was somewhat surprised to see someone ask about her.

That the question is about her relationship with Mai, however, does not surprise me.

At the moment their relationship is that of very good friends. They did sleep together once but they are neither lovers nor friends with benefits. This said, it is not entirely platonic and there are romantic feelings between them. Other than that one night, however, they have not been acted on.


While I thank you for your flattery, if my story was a woman she would be my daughter and no one would be coming anywhere near her while I still drew breath let alone be stealing her away through marriage.

I believe- though am not quite sure- that you inquired whether I had learned any politics or war strategy before writing this. The answer to that would be no, I’m just bullshitting my way through things and it seems to be working.

Fake it until you make it and all that.

Rogue Survivor

Thank you for continuing to point out typos from forty chapters ago, I appreciate your desire to help, but I assure you I really don’t concern myself with a misplaced letter from a chapter I wrote over a year ago.

As for calling me a “filthy casual” I am indeed. Were I a professional I would be getting paid for this. Most mournfully I am not.

Kishimoto Trash

At first I had been under the impression that the review of “Still Kishimoto trash had been left from a guest and AsashiTheKitsune‘s review of “Kishimoto trash still” was them leaving one with their account. As it so happens the first was left by GalenTheEternal which I’m glad I checked because I would have looked almost as foolish as they do posting my original response. I have a feeling it may be the same person seeking attention, otherwise I’m unaware of some sort of trend where that’s considered an intelligent thing to post on a story based on that artist’s work.

Still, this week [well, last week] it was left on chapter 92 so if it is two separate individuals than I at least can assume this one managed to go through the entire story before leaving it. In that case, I don’t really know what to tell you.

No, my story did not change from something based on Kishimoto’s work in the last 600,000+ words. It’s still a Naruto fanfiction. As for trash? That’s certainly dependent on personal taste but if you don’t like it you’re more than welcome to request a full refund of the absolutely nothing you’ve paid me for my work.

I know this is most likely a cry for attention but the idea stands. If you don’t like the story feel free to tell me why and leave for something else but reading through the entire thing only to complain when it still hasn’t turned into something you like is just inane.

That chocolate malt isn’t going to become strawberry if you complain about the flavor between each sip. Well, I don’t think it is. To be perfectly honest I’ve never actually tried it myself.

Regardless, Sealkeeper will remain Sealkeeper we’ll just have to find out what that’s going to mean by the time I finish it.

General Response and Closing

We received less feedback for this chapter but aside from the one person crying for attention (above) it seemed to be positive. It’s always great to see that people are enjoying my work and that I’m not sitting here wasting my time.

I will admit that I’m kind of disappointed on how everyone’s hating on Asuma but I also know that’s completely my fault. I didn’t want to make my readers hate him, he was just supposed to be a stubborn man doing what he thought was best for those he loved when pushed into a position he didn’t want.

Guess I didn’t quite hit the mark, yeah?

No, he’s not super strong or super smart, but his heart is in the right place even if his methods are poor. Hiruzen certainly didn’t do him too many favors either by more or less dumping the position onto him and figuring that he’d learn.

It more or less worked for Hiruzen, I suppose, but he has so much experience at this point I don’t think he really knows how to impart all of it to the next generation. Well, quickly, at any rate. I’m sure if Asuma spent a few years with Hiruzen advising him he’d probably be much better.

Unfortunately Asuma has been Hokage for a few months and the first things he has to deal with is the aftermath of the invasion, Iroh’s plans on taking advantage of the situation, and a relatively recent group that’s been running around the Elemental Nations like a pack of wild dogs doing whatever they like with minimal consequences.

He’s more than a little overwhelmed, even if he’stoo damn stubborn to admit it.

But, again, all of that’s my failure as an author to properly convey that idea. Instead I managed to create a villain which, I guess, is still useful but not what I had intended at all. Maybe I’ll miraculously pull off a Sasuke and manage to make at least some of you actually start to like him. That would be fun, but if you all start liking him again I might have to kill him.

It’s a difficult balance, but it’s certainly entertaining. As readers you may not realize it but writing is a subtle game played by the author against themselves. Of course, that also means that sometimes we can’t help but cheat.

I think that about does it for this week’s commentary. If I missed something you were really hoping for a response to let me know and I’ll either respond directly, add it to the update on Wednesday [2019.08.14], or make it part of the commentary for chapter 93.

Until I next have your attention,


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