Commentaries – Sealkeeper Chapter 91

Purple Pineapple – Posted 2019.07.29

The following are the recorded responses of Eyazahrid to the feedback he received on the above listed chapter and the story in general for the week following. This document is to serve as a replacement to the traditional Author’s Note at the beginning and ending of chapters and will be kept separate from both the above listed chapter and any future chapters unless deemed sufficiently important.

Rogue Survivor

While I appreciate the thought, I’m not going back 54 chapters to find the one typo you located among what I know is at least 5k words. Rest assured, if there’s a grammatical error our good Fuyuriku has caught it.


Boogeymen getting ready to boogey? I’m going to have to use “Boogey” in part of a chapter title now because of you. I’m indecisive if that’s a good thing or not.


If you’re looking forward to Asuma getting his ass chewed out, I think you’ll like chapter 92. Danzou goes on a very long rant about why antagonizing the Wolves is a very stupid thing to do.

I’m also pleased to hear that I’ve managed to deceive you, my “juggle” is really more of a “fumble” and any cohesion is an act of the gods. I have no idea what I’m doing but it’s working- I guess.


To the guest who has left the review “update” on the last two chapters, I’m not sure if that’s your way of saying you’re eager for more or if you simply haven’t recognized the update schedule. [It’s weekly, if it’s the latter.]


People keep telling me I should give Overlord a try but I’m barely managing to get the chapters out these days. The last thing I allowed myself to read- because I will go on a story-binge and get nothing done – was a 15k oneshot by LeQuin, who is one of my favorite fanfiction authors for a series of books/movies I never actually finished.

It’s amazing how much of cannon you can learn by reading hundreds of fanfictions, though.

Maybe when I’m on a more reliable schedule I’ll give Overlord a try, but that won’t be for a while yet.

Female Orochimaru

More readers are discovering the earlier Orochimaru and reading their reactions to her as she develops has been fairly entertaining. The results are mixed but I quite like XXxxxadisxxxXX ‘s comment of ” Oh god, female Orochimaru is f*** scary. “

I think that sums up her character quite nicely.

As for her being a “surprisingly adorable villainess”, Cam, I completely agree. I’m very proud of what I’ve created there.

Who Cares

If you’ve continued reading, I’m sure you’ll see that things happen just as you say they should. Orochimaru does indeed provide the Kage Bunshin to Naruto who uses it to be both Naruto and Tsukuyomi.

I just happen to not like the idea that the Jutsu he canonically steals from the scrolls of top-secret, forbidden jutsu of ultimate power is known by everyone and their nan. It’s a bit more obscure in my rendition.

And don’t worry about mentioning the wrong chapter, the system tells me what chapter you have open when you leave your review.


My thanks for your comment of “Still Kishimoto trash.”, it’s some really quality feedback. Of course you made it to the whopping first chapter so I probably shouldn’t be surprised. Now, I’m not sure if you mean “still” because you read the story before- and I’m too damn busy to check- or because you think Kishimoto’s work is trash and that my story doesn’t deviate enough from it on the first chapter.

If the latter, it really begs the question as to why you’re going through Naruto fanfiction or, at the very least, are not searching for Naruto stories with AU in the title. Your profile, it would seem, is not inaccurate. Common sense has indeed died.

Who Cares [Again]

While your view of the CRA would fit the purpose of manipulating the new clan, a law written for the village isn’t likely to be so obviously malicious. The actions you’re describing would be used on an individual basis by the council to suit their needs rather than something proposed to maintain dying clans.

As for training, if they’re trying to bring back an entire clan from the brink of destruction they aren’t going to want to risk any training accidents until they’re done with you. Naruto nearly kills himself training – in cannon – and while he’s certainly unique I just can’t see them taking such a risk when they’re already bending normal laws to accommodate your clan’s poor state.

DnD Boi

Yes, Min-Max jokes. I couldn’t resist.

General Response and Closing

Again, most of you seem satisfied by the chapter. I think we may loose a bit of steam with the next chapter because Danzou’s rant went on for a lot longer than I anticipated but with the Wolves currently on the march to Mizu no Kuni I figure we have some scenes we can get through to cover the passage of time.

Hopefully I’ve managed to pull it off.

Until I next have your attention,


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