Commentaries – Sealkeeper Chapter 87

Duty of the Eldest Posted 2019.07.01

The following are the recorded
responses of Eyazahrid to the feedback he received on the above
listed chapter and the story in general for the week following. This
document is to serve as a replacement to the traditional Author’s
Note at the beginning and ending of chapters and will be kept
separate from both the above listed chapter and any future chapters
unless deemed sufficiently important.

The Mizu Plot

No, this won’t be
dragged out much longer. Chapters 89 and 90 really get the ball
rolling for Mizu and it’s likely to be wrapped up by chapter 95. The
consequences of it, however, well, they may last quite some time.

As for Yugao’s
part in it I’m afraid she hasn’t quite reached her suffering quota
just yet. Sorry Cam.

Naruto’s Girls

As pointed out by
DaDragon562 Naruto has
not been with any girls his own age. That is deliberate. The only
women Naruto has been with have been older and they have always
approached him first. It will be some time until those his own age
have a chance of being with him.

And yes, Mai is a few years older than Naruto. It’s at least two, but
may be four. I’d have to go back to see what I wrote.

Mito and Karura

Ah, yes, Mito is definitely still a favorite. She may be making new
apperances very soon- you know, like possibly during the conclusion
of the Mizu arc- and while I still haven’t completely decided how
things between her and Naruto will work out they should be fun to

I have been meqaning to add more scenes with Karura but have sort fo
set them to the side to keep the chapters from beign even more bogged
down. As the Mizu situation is resolved both Mito and Karura should
be making more regular apperances.

Update Schedule

A starved fool, I
cannot release two chapters on the same day, especially when I’m
behind in chapters. When I win the lottery and can spend all day
writing that may be an option, but that doesn’t seem likely to


I suppose one could describe an amused Naruto as begin a “Smug
purple eyed read head”, but his amusement is tempered more with
fondness- like a parent- than any sort of gloating. Usually, anyway.

How many days does a bird take from Kiri to Konoha? I suppose it
depends on the bird. As Keigo is sending a box of masks he may have
used an African Swallow, but I understand they’re non-migratory.

More seriously, it should take a messenger bird a little over a day-
perhaps less in favorable winds- to make the journey. As Keigo is
including his report with the Masks, however, it’s traveling by

And yes, I suppose he could have sealed it in a scroll or something.
I didn’t think about that until I was writing this. We’ll just say
it’s more respectful this way.


glad you like it deeyaunclaudy
and no, I have never posted this story- or anything- on Wattpad. If
you do happen to run into it there, kindly let me know, won’t you?


Yes, Mai slept with Naruto’s clone. Mai does not have any idea that
Naruto can create Kage-Bunshin as she was absent when he managed to
accomplish it and it hasn’t come up in conversation.

Suffixes and

I normally love the reviews like
the one below because I get to rant for a bit on how stupid they are
but Open Office decided to crash on me as I was saving and I lost a
good chunk of the rant I had already written. Because I don’t have
time to rewrite it all again- I still need to work on the Update and
I have work in the morning- I’m not going to bother. I’ve done rants
like this before so you can go back and read those if you like. The
exact review is as follows;

you use Japanese Suffixes because a public school education is so
atrocious you don’t even realize how utterly wrong it is to mix
syntax and grammar from two fundamentally different languages? If you
went to a private school then your parents have grounds for a

my simple response is that it’s English, the most freeform language
of inconsistent rules that I know of. If I want to adopt a system
from another language that my English doesn’t have an exact
equivalent of then I’m going to do it. I seem to be conveying my
ideas well enough this way and that’s the entire point of language

appreciate grammar but I’m no grammar nut and I’m certainly not some
sort of language purist [that’s kind of hard to be when you speak
English, which has a habbit of stealing bits and pieces it likes from
other languages.] so I’ll continue to use whatever words, phrases,
and elements I see fit to convey my message.

is a tool, how I use it doesn’t mater so long as the task gets done.


do believe I can say, with much confidence, that OmegaRealism
was indeed just- and still is- looking for attention. Despite their
previous comment they seem to still be here- a fan, perhaps?- though
they seem to be a bit tuckered out. Their review of “boring,
you are boring, your writing is boring, you are trash and everything
you write is utter garbage and complete dog s*** trash” just
doesn’t seem nearly as creative- or long- as the last one.

assume they either didn’t see my response posted here or that they
did and are desperate for more attention.

waiting on that amazing story he can write, the anticipation is
killing me.

though, I feel a bit bad for the bloke. At first I was feeling bad
for his wife, but with this I realized if he has to come on here and
leave such pathetic cries for attention- or maybe it’s for
confidence?- than it’s more likely that she’s been crushing his
self-esteem and he’s desperate to regain it however he can.

the markings of a healthy relationship, mate. You should find
yourself some help.

you like it, I guess. Not sure what you’re into.

we’re not impressed. The least you could do is entertain us with more
creative insults.

Response and Closing

trend has continued with overall positive responses to my chapters.
I’m pleased to know you’re enjoying them so much and look forward to
how the next chapter is received. I’ll warn you here, it’s very

I next have your attention,


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  1. I am constantly disappointed by insults, yes… They’re never really very inventive, or even particularly applicable in many cases. Sometimes they’d even be more fitting if self directed. Frankly, the last person who actually caught me with a good zinger was my sister, and that’s partly a matter of sibling privilege.

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