2019.06.24 Update

So, as is becoming an alarming trend lately, I have not managed to catch up on my writing. We’re still ahead- thank the gods- but our five-chapter lead has been gone for some time now. In fact, I can’t even provide a teaser because the next chapter to tease isn’t done yet.

Worse, because I’m not even managing to keep up with Sealkeeper I can’t work on any of my other projects such as the Tatsuki “Oneshot” or The Warlock of Winterhold. Then again, I’m not even sure if Warlock will ever come into being because my notes are limited and my saves seem to have been messed up.

Unless I manage to recover them I’m better off just starting a new game, in which case I’ll probably stream it. That could be interesting, I suppose, letting you all see- and perhaps influence- what we do and then getting to read the story I spin from it.

I’ll have to keep that in mind.

I’ve mentioned this in a recent tweet, but I am going on vacation soon. I’ll be off for a week and only three days have been set aside to relax at a nearby casino, so the other four days will hopefully allow me to get some actual work done. Unlikely, but my fingers are crossed.

No, wait, nevermind that. If I’m going to have a stroke of good fortune let it be at the casino, please. Covcerign my stay would be awesome, paying of my car would be fantastic, and anythign beyond thet is, well, pretty damn unlikely.

Probably have better chances with the Lottery tickets I bought earlier.

My gambling aside- can anyone say ‘retire into obscurity and write without any worries’?- I do want to mention a few of the things I need to get done here. Mostly so I feel more obligated to get them done because you’re all expecting them.

Remember that forum I set up here on the site? [There should be a link to it somewhere above you] Yeah, it’s still empty. I’ve been meaning to go through my old ideas and post them there but haven’t gotten around to it.

I want to have at least three of them polished up and posted there before the end of my vacation.

We need to regain our lead, which means five chapters ahead and I need to post a chapter during my vacation- it will be from my hotel room or possibly from my phone as I lounge by the pool if I’ve already added it to the Doc manager of FF.net- so I have to get chapter 92 done by the timer I’m back- Wednesday- and I’ll have the rest of the week to finish up chapter 93.

other than those, the only other thing on my to-do list that may interest any of you would be that I’m going to post my last couple streams on Youtube. It’s really difficult and time-consuming. I totally don’t just name it, throw on some tags, and give it a basic description before walking away to do something else while it uploads for the next forty minutes.

Oh, wait, I do. Really no excuse for not having those up yet- really, I could be doing them now instead of talking about them- but I just haven’t gotten around to it. Mydia has been rather needy lately and my will is weak.

Of course, getting just those three tasks done- I make it sound simple, but that’s a good four chapters and my rate peaked at about 2.5 chapters a week – is going to be made more difficult by the next bit of news I have;

I finally got VR.

I’ve been debating getting a VR system for a while now and was mostly hesitating on the price- and because I know it will eat up my limited free time like little else- but I did finally give in. Menoly is going to immensely distracting over the week.

On one hand, that’s something that may impede my progress. On the other, it may serve as a good motivator to get the chapters done.

And speaking of chapters, 89 onward is going to bring a very rapid advance- and possibly conclusion- to the Rebellion Arc. I’m not entirely sure how that’s going to effect the rest of the story’s pacing- or plot- but I already see this part in my head so it’s going on paper.

Er, in a manner of speaking.

That’s about all I have for this week and I still need to write up that commentary- not much really stood out that I can recall, though I do have a pretty pad memory- aside from Cam’s series of reviews. I think those were more notable because she’s been absent lately and suddenly I have five reviews from her. I’ll have to pull up the other reviews for the chapter to see if there’s anything I actually need to address.

There probably is, I just hope I can get it done quickly. I have more stuff to do and need to be in bed soon for work tomorrow. I’d really appreciate it if the gods would like to favor me with a lottery win or a real good haul from my upcoming casino trip so that’s not as much of an issue.

You may consider invoking your gods to that effect, too, if you’d like to provide me with more time to write for you. Or, you know, click on an add before you go. I’ll take what I can get.

We’ll finish this up with some pictures of happy little trees- well, one of them is being as bit droopy lately- and I’ll see you all in eight hours or so with the next chapter. Ah, damn, I need a name for it still. Might save that for tomorrow right before I post.

Nothing like putting things off until the very last minute.

Here are those trees.

Until I next have your attention,



  1. I really love your bragging, and I wish you the best luck or lottery tickets or the casino, see you in Chapter 86


    1. I really love your fanfic, and I wish you the best luck or lottery tickets or the casino, see you in Chapter 86(Corrected)


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