June 16th Update

Normally I sit down after work to write up the commentaries, the update, and to do a quick proofread of Mondays’ chapter. Switching things up today I’m writing this during my break instead of working on chapter 89 because I’m not going to be conscious enough to do this once I get home.

As I type this I’m on 27 hours and I still have another 5 until my shift ends. When I get home it’s going to be a very brisk shower followed by me grabbing a blanket and a pillow before collapsing onto the floor for the next twelve hours.

I suppose I could have tried sleeping earlier, but I usually can’t sleep for just four hours and I’m too paranoid to risk it. I can’t stand being late and I was already late for the first time in over a year the other day because I managed to sleep through all my alarms.

So, with my lack of sleep already making standing an interesting challenge, there’s no way I’m going to be able to do this later. For that reason I’m also pushing the commentary for chapter 84 to tomorrow. I’ve already gone over chapter 85 so when I get up tomorrow I’ll type up the commentary and post both it and the chapter.

So far there’s been no luck in the job search but I did put in an application this morning so hopefully I hear from them soon. I’ll try calling them sometime tomorrow to increase my chances but that’s going to be interesting when I work during most of the business day.

Fingers are crossed, though, it seems like the job would be a good fit for me. You know, assuming I’m understanding the job listing correctly. I’ll have to make sure what I’m imagining is even vaguely close to reality before committing to it.

And if I don’t get it, well, I have a list of other jobs which all seem better than my current one. Hopefully I can be somewhere else no later than August.

Might have a paid vacation coming up, too, so getting it after that would definitely be preferably. I haven’t had a vacation in years and the chance to spend a week doing nothing but sleeping and catching up on my writing sounds fantastic.

I should probably see an optometrist, too, considering I’ve known that I’m nearsighted for over a year now and my vision plan kicked in months ago.

But that’s enough of my personal crap, let’s focus on what you’re really here for- Sealkeeper.

Chapter 89 is still only in it’s infant stages, so quite a lot of work to catch up still, but I did sit down and type up the plan for the next half dozen scenes and I think you’ll enjoy them.

I haven’t had any time for my other projects, which is a shame, but with the completion of chapter 88 I do have a new teaser for you.

“Hinata, Cuddles, and Naughty Misunderstandings.”

Nice and short but I’m sure it will keep you busy wondering what’s going to happen.

Haven’t taken any recent pictures of my Bonsai so I don’t have any of those to share but they are doing well still, which is good.

Break’s just about over so we’ll end this here. I’ll see you all tomorrow for the next chapter.

Until I next have your attention,


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