June 10th Update

This has not been a good week for Sealkeeper. Chapter 88 is now two weeks overdue and is sitting at a mere 66% completion. Over the last week, I think I managed a whopping 300 words. Between being sick and being at work I haven’t had much free time and the one day I did have a generous amount of spare time I ended up spending it all playing the League of Maidens alpha which you can blame on Nssheepster.

There isn’t even all that much to do in the game at this point, they’re just making sure the functions are, well, functioning, so I don’t know how I wasted so much time in the game. I didn’t even mess around with the fun little extras, either, all my time was spent in missions and freeroam.

I was at least smart enough to avoid the temptation of making use of their pose mode because I’d probably still be playing with it.

If you want pictures, though, just let me know. I can always post a few of my darling Faewyn here.

And speaking of pictures, we do have some Bonsai pictures again because I got around to changing out the soil finally. Better yet, they’re both in pots now!

Miracle, isn’t it?

She needs a trim, I suspect, because the lower branches aren’t getting much light so they’re slowly withering away. I’ll need to get to that soon.

Other than that, she’s doing pretty well. Still need more vertical growth so the limbs can drape without falling out of the pot but we’ll just have to wait for that. I probably should choose one of the ‘trunks’ (Don’t think they’re quite far enough along to be called such) to keep and snip away the other so they don’t compete but the idea of having two trunks sort of twisting together as they grow really appeals to me.

I’ll just have to keep my eye on her in the meantime. Pleasing my sense of aesthetics takes second place to making sure she doesn’t die.

And see? I wasn’t lying. Shes’ been potted finally. It’s a bit bigger than I wanted and quite a bit deeper- this is probably going to ruin the roots- but there wasn’t a wide selection at the store I stopped in at so this was the best I could do.

Shes’ a little low, too, but that’s probably my fault. just like all those leaves that have fallen into her new pot. Not sure if I knocked those off during the re-potting or if she’s just not liking her elevation but she seems to be doing okay overall so I’m not too worried.

I have a bunch more seeds, so I should probably plant those eventually but I think we’ll wait until these two are a bit more grown and I know I can keep them alive for a decent amount of time. These two recently hit their six month mark, so maybe after a year I’ll start some more.

Unfortunately those pictures will be your only goodies this week because I haven’t even finished the chapter you’re supposed to be getting a teaser on.


I actually got up from my desk in hopes of finding my cat so I could share a picture of her but I have no idea where she’s off to. Better luck next time I suppose.

Not much else to cover here, I guess. I have recently updated my resume and I’m going to start submitting it to some hiring sites to see what responses I get. If we’re really fortunate I can find something that pays the same – or maybe even more- as my current job while dropping me back down to 40 hours a week. That would free up at least ten hours for me- possibly twenty if I didn’t feel the need to get there two hours early most days- and that could go a long ways in making sure chapters are done on time and that I have the opportunity to work on other projects.

Fingers are crossed, but even a general search for jobs in my area looks promising. I can make more an hour sitting behind a desk at a highschool than helping manage the restaurant, so why stress myself for less pay?

Hopefully we’ll have an update on that front by next week. I’ll just have to make sure I use my paid vacation time before I quit.

I really need that vacation.

Until I next have your attention,


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