Commentaries – Sealkeeper Chapter 81

The Most Essential Iryō-Ninjutsu

The following are the recorded
responses of Eyazahrid to the feedback he received on the above
listed chapter and the story in general for the week following. This
document is to serve as a replacement to the traditional Author’s
Note at the beginning and ending of chapters and will be kept
separate from both the above listed chapter and any future chapters
unless deemed sufficiently important.

Tsume and the Inuzuka

I’ve been hearing a lot that because
Mai got with Tsume for a night that she’s been compromised and is now
at risk of siding with the Inuzuka rather than the Wolves. What I
think many people have forgotten – which is probably because it
hasn’t been mentioned since chapter thirty-something – is that the
Inuzuka are not just some random group the House of Wolves has allied

The Inuzuka are part of the pack.

As far as the Wolves are concerned, at
least. Not all Inuzuka may feel the same way, thinking of the House
of Wolves as allies or friends, but those like Hana
do. She’s the daughter of the head and heiress to the clan and serves
as an essential linchpin for the relationship between them.

The Wolves have
already wholeheartedly accepted her as one of their own back in Nami
no Kuni so as long as she continues to hold the respect of her clan
the two groups will not be separating.

Also of note is
that Hana doesn’t recognize Tsume as the single alpha of the pack,
believing that Tsukiyomi and Tsume both control the combined pack
with Mai who has the favor of both.

– and I think Hana mentioned this in her thoughts at some point –
it’s like Mai being either a mamma’s girl or a daddy’s girl.
Regardless of her favorite, she’s their

Perhaps I haven’t
shown enough- or any – interactions between other Inuzuka and the
Wolves to properly convey this, but the groups will not be

Well, unless
inspiration strikes me again. We’ll see.

Lazy Argument

have been helpfully informed that “”If
you don’t like it don’t read” is one of the laziest arguments
ever.” in a review tied to chapter 1. While I’m not completely
certain why I’m being told this, I’m going to assume it’s in
reference to my AN where I say “If you don’t like the story, well,
I’m not exactly charging you to read it, am I?”.

could argue what I believe the differences between these are, waxing
on how my reminder that I’m providing free entertainment and that if
you don’t care for it after giving it a try you haven’t lost anything
is different from telling those who don’t like it to piss off, but
instead I’ll take this opportunity to address the “If you don’t
like it, don’t read” “argument”.

I have no idea how that’s an argument, it seems like sound advice to
me. I can’t fathom doing something you don’t like if there’s no
benefit for doing it. I work because I need to pay my bills, but
otherwise I most certainly would not. I don’t watch movies I don’t
want to watch, I don’t listen to music I don’t care for, and I don’t
spend time with those I dislike- outside of work, anyway.

someone would not just waste their time like that- and gods above I
wish I had that kind of time I could just throw away like that –
but then complain about it I have no idea. It isn’t uncommon for
people to tell me they’ve lost interest in my story, which I
completely understand, and most of them are more apologetic about
leaving than angry that my writing didn’t fit what they were looking

shouldn’t be, I’ve stopped reading stories that I had really enjoyed
at first because they went in directions I didn’t care for after a

people do leave, however, I try to wish them luck in finding
something more suited to their tastes. This is easier when they send
me a PM about their imminent departure, but I try to respond to
reviews saying the same. Not sure how successful I’ve been in that.

said, threats to leave don’t bother me and I usually won’t respond to
them. I have my story and if you don’t like it I guess that’s just
one less person I’m entertaining for free.

putting it like that makes me sound kind of dumb, I should really be
charging for this. Damn shame I can’t, would be a way better job than
my current one.

same reviewer also mentioned that the fact that I have chapters done
has no bearing on the story itself and it doesn’t matter how long ago
I wrote them if they’re bad.

correct, but not at all the point.

chapters are done, which means if you suggest something it will not
be immediately addressed. By some miracle I’ve managed to pull my
shit together and stick to a strict(ish) schedule but the absolute
earliest you’ll see something you mentioned in your review is in
another month when the chapter I wrote right after reading your
review is posted.

that I still haven’t changed something over two chapters is pretty
useless because if I did make a change – to plot or writing style –
it’s still two weeks away. I also do not have the time to go back and
rewrite the five reserve chapters I keep ready to go, so you get
what’s already been made. If I realize I’ve made a mistake- which I’m
sure will be pointed out to me if I don’t – it’s correction is a
month away for my readers.

are good I’ve already incorporated the correction into the current
chapter I’m working on.

my mistake was not enough action. I’m not an action writer throwing
around fights scenes and explosive confrontations as my characters
race against the clock.

I like the
technicals of world-building and the drama that can be made between
characters. More than any of that, I like causing emotional suffering
in those characters. Overall, I’d say I’ve done a very good job at
reigning it in for this story.

If you’re tired of
the world-building I can understand that, it’s not everyone’s cup of
tea, but it’s something that gets focused on because it is one of my
favorite aspects of fanfiction.

And plot? Well,
that’s something I haven’t had since chapter one. I’m making this up
as I go along so I really don’t have anything to keep me from getting
distracted. I’ll try to remain more structured in my next story. But,
if you remind me, do try to keep in mind that it will be another
month before I’ve gotten back to whatever passes for a plot in this

I’ve probably been
going on a tangent for three chapters by the time you’ve said

Kind of like all
my writing, actually.

We’ll just go
ahead and end this here, then, before it happens again.


Something else
that hasn’t been mentioned recently has to do with the father of
Naruto and Naruko – Namikaze Minato. It’s true that Kushina never
told them any more than that he died on the night of the Kyuubi’s
rampage, but the Daimyo of Hi no Kuni informed Naruto back when Nami
no Kuni first gained the support of Hi no Kuni.

Naruto knows.

Seeing as there
hasn’t been any backlash from him knowing thus far, it’s unlikely to
suddenly happen.

Should Naruko be
told there may be something, but it’s unlikely.

I just can’t see
her blowing up negatively about it. Rather, I can easily picture her
bouncing around in excitement at being related to a famous Hokage.

As for Naruko
believing Kakashi might be her father no, shes’ not an idiot. A
little dense in a cannon-esque way, perhaps, but not an idiot.

She doesn’t know
who her father is, doesn’t know how old Kakashi actually is, and not
only does her brother act in a very similar manner and seem close to
the man but Kakashi himself called Naruto a Hatake.

Now, Kushina did
tell her children that their father was dead, but from Naruko’s
perspective Kakashi is the kind of person you wouldn’t admit to
sleeping with so there’s no way anyone would tell their children that
he’s their father.

So, in the end,
Naruko dose have reasons to come to that conclusion. Is it anything
solid? No, not really. That’s why she asked.
She didn’t just immediately assume her far-fetched conclusion was
correct, she worried about the possibility for a while and waited for
a chance to confirm her suspicion before actually acting on it.

In that sense, she did not remain very true to cannon Naruto, who she
more or less replaces in this story.

Still, I did have
her panic about it because I found it humorous. Sort of like when I
had Anko and the Gals panic about the possibility of Naruto being
gay. I thought it was funny so it ended up in the story.


There weren’t many
specifics brought up for me to address this week but if I missed
something you said and you’d like to know my thoughts on the matter
feel free to send me a PM on or reach out to me via
Twitter. You can also discuss it with me live during one of my
streams, should you be so inclined.

For the most part,
the feedback for chapter 81 was positive, focused around the ending.
I’m pleased to hear that so many of you enjoyed it and look forward
to seeing how the next chapter is received.

Until I next have
your attention,


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