April 8th Update

I just finished chapter 78 a few minutes ago- though I suppose there’s one more scene I could add- at 110%. It’s a little behind my goal of having it done on the fifth, which means it’s going to be an absolute bitch to get chapter 79 done by the ninth. In fact, it probably won’t happen, but I’ll still do my damnedest to make it so.

I’ll blame most of my lack of progress on Friday, when I had a whole bunch of time but Muse had wanted some quiet time for her own projects. Didn’t get much done that day and I was banking on getting most of the work done then.

Despite the setback, I’ll be posting chapter 75 in about eight hours. This one should be fun but I’m really looking forward to the responses for chapter 76. Together, well, I’m expecting a virtual mob.

I was going to add more but I’m exhausted and need to get to bed, so we’ll probably just end this here for today. Next time I’ll add another picture of my Bonsai, it’s been doing very well with the new soil.

Oh, before I forget, I did try Risk of Rain 2 recently- only for about an hour and a half, so you can’t blame the lack of progress on Menoly- and when I’ve caught back up I’ll probably be getting back on. I’m thinking I may end up streaming it, so keep an eye out for an announcement sometime in the next few days.

There will definitely be a tweet about it, but depending on when I do it I may mention it in an update too.

Ah, another thing I almost forgot. According to the stats I have here behind the scenes, two people ended up clicking on adds- or one person twice- which gave value to all the other views for April 6th. It wasn’t much, but every bit helps so who ever you are you have my gratitude.

There, that should be everything. I’ll see you all in chapter 75 and again in my next update.

Until I next have your attention,


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