March 29th Update

Chapter 76 is done- and I cant’t wait to see how everyone reacts to 75 and 76, Kukukukukuku- so I should be starting 77 later today.

Or tomorrow when I work 4 hours after the meeting we have. Lovely.

This laptop I got back in November really has made it much easier for me to find time to write and is probably the biggest factor in providing you all with regular updates.

But you didn’t come here for updates on my writing- well, actually you probably did- because what you really care about are random thing’s I’ve thrown in here

Other than the fact that on March 25th we got an absurd amount of views- and I don’t know how or why, unfortunately, so I can’t do it again yet- there hasn’t been all that much going on with the site and I just spoke about Asuma a few days ago.

In fact, that was probably the 25th. It may be related, but who knows. Didn’t actually get any feedback from “On Godaime Asuma” either, as I recall, so I have no idea what people actually thought about it.

Well, if those views are anything to go by it was received well, but I’m also pretty damn sure most of the views were just to the home page so may be not.

Regardless, let’s get into the things you really want to see.

Like my Bonsai again.

Was changing the soil yesterday because it’s been like three months and i decided to make use of the Christmas gift I received from my sister. That should be the Jacaranda Mimosifolia based on the marker, but I’m pretty damn sure it’s actually Delonix Regia.

Despite being the smaller of the two, it’s roots were much longer and I think I lost a fourth of them in the old soil.


Seems to be okay though- I suppose we’ll know for sure in a week or so- which is good because it’s my favorite of the two.

You’d probably prefer pictures of my cat, but I’m saving those as a last resort because despite having very little story-related for the update I do have more I can ramble about-

Like the results from last nights tweets.

Fifteen or so games over a period of almost three hours and I managed a single kill because I got the last shot in.

We got our asses whooped.

Which was to be expected. I’d never played before and my BR experience is three matches of Fortnite when it first came out. XExplodedKarrotX was with me the whole time and we had two other coworkers jump in with us.

Together, I think we got some 4 kills.

Yeah, we’re not the greatest. Didn’t help that it was like three matches in that I figured out running. Turns out the left analog stick on my Dualshock is damaged so I could move but it wouldn’t continue running. Luckily I had a spare controller, which helped a lot.

Overall, I’d say Apex isn’t a bad game. It felt a lot better then Fortnite and went very smoothly, but I’m not sure how I feel about either dying instantly to someone who got a gun first or spending twelve minutes without seeing anyone just for them to flank you.

Didn’t get much combat experience last night.

Did catch plenty of bullets to the side of my skull.

Did boot it back up earlier to play with randoms.

Performed a lot better, actually, when the jumpmaster actually directed us to our chosen location and not into a swarm of three squads away from all the loot.

That match didn’t last long.

They didnt’ have mics, either, so I am seeing a direct coralation there.

I’ll probably get back on for a bit (Playstation, if you missed it) and then move on t oeither my Season 16 Necromancer in Diablo or boot up a ‘Shits ‘n’ Giggles’ Skyrim game. [You know, one I’m not making notes with for my eventual story].

Will probably just go around slaughtering everyone and everything with a character named “Death”. Then again, I have been meanign to get back into ESO and I did just purchase Risk of Rain 2, so maybe one of those.

Huh, Melony is getting quite a bit of attention today.

I’ll try to spend time with Muse -my third mistress- starting chapter 77 later today but I’m not sure how likely that is. Have to get to bed early so I can be up for our meeting tomorrow. Well, I call it a ‘meeting’ but its’ actually two hours of training for the entire store.


Ending this here so I can get back to killing things, but I’ll see you all next time.

Until I next have your attention,


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