2/6 Update

Still making progress with chapter 68, now somewhere between 36 and 72% done from a pure word-based standpoint. Nowhere near where I hoped to be for scenes but I may end up splitting it into two chapters if I can’t fit it all into one.

Npcfan hasn’t had free time yet so 67 is still pending and I have a three day weekend – though I probably won’t get too much done today considering I’ve managed a whole 458 words finished my 5pm and am sitting here with a coffee and cheesecake typing this instead of the chapter- so we may have 68 finished before 67 is posted.

As I said a few days ago 67 will be posted by February eleventh if I still haven’t heard from ncpfan, so you can mark that down on your calendars. If 68 is already finished- and I had better have it done by then with three whole days off work- then I’ll post that a week later.

Of course, I just gave Stardew Valley a try and the part of me that’s been missing since I lost the Harvest Moon I had back on the DS has awakened. I’ll try not to get too sucked in.

Yeah, like any of you have any doubt how that will turn out.

I’ll apologize in advance, for the spirit is weak.

We’ll keep this brief and end it here so you can get back to your days and I can get back to my farm- I mean, the chapter.

Until I next have your attention,


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