2/3 – 2/4 Update

So, the chapter’s been done since January 28th but ncpfan is currently busy with some things in his personal life and as such hasn’t had a chance to look things over. I’d prefer to have them look it over before posting, but I also know you’re all eagerly awaiting the next chapter. Today marks one week since I sent it and if I don’t hear back from him in another week I’ll just post it for you all to enjoy.

On the plus side, I do have between twenty to thirty percent of the next chapter done already. Who knows, maybe I’ll have that one ready to go before i hear from ncpfan and you can have two chapters back to back.

Fingers are crossed.

Twitter updates start with the posting of the next chapter, so follow me @Eyazahrid and check back regularly to stay in the loop.

Until I next have your attention


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